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Brit Leaving L.A. to Play O.B.?

6/18/2008 7:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We told you that Britney Spears is ditching Hollywood – and now it looks like she'll be ditching L.A. for a while.

Not for too long, y'all – just to take care of Jamie Lynn while she gives birth to her baby in Louisiana. Just yesterday, People reports, her court-appointed attorney revealed that she would be "out of state" for several days, though he didn't say why.

Meanwhile, as TMZ reported yesterday, Brit's looking at some serious real estate in the Valley.

LiLo Pulls a Heigl Out of Emmys

Lindsay Lohan doesn't want an Emmy, either –- but she won't dump all over the writers like Katherine Heigl.

LiLo, according to the L.A. Times, is pulling herself out of consideration for this year's Emmys based on her appearances on "Ugly Betty", hoping to help her chances next season. Apparently, she's going to be in five episodes playing a high-school pal of Betty's. "We made a decision to wait," said a rep.

Sulu Beaming Up to the Altar

One of the first gay Californians to get his marriage license on? None other than "Star Trek's" George Takei.

The 71-year-old thesp (really, he's 71?) got his license to wed from the City of West Hollywood with longtime partner Brad Altman, People reports. "We are first and foremost beyond delighted," says Takei. "It's a landmark day."

Sulu and Altman plan to marry in September, with some of the Starship Enterprise's hands on deck.

Party Favors: Borat's Gay Alter-Ego Coming, Finally ... Dept. of Awkward Moments: Boomer Disses Linemen?

Sacha Baron Cohen's latest foray into embarrassing unsuspecting Americans with European oddness will unfurl next May with "Bruno," the gay Teutonic fashionista, says Variety. ... We're told that a weirdly eclectic bunch of celebs showed up to a Samsung event a couple nights ago – including Boomer Esiason, Kerry Rhodes, Michael Strahan, LeToya Luckett, Carlos Santana ... and Regis Philbin.


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Well, Lisa, apparently you are well acquainted with Deity, as I see you evoke the names of both God and Jesus, although I don't see very much reverence there. I do find it sad that the only time some people use the name of God or Jesus is when cursing or using slang. I don't know if you believe in God or not. That's between you and Him. I just wish more people would think before they speak, myself included. It would certainly help us avoid alot of regret later.

2297 days ago


Regarding Lohan and Heigl pulling names from Emmy contention-what a joke. Do they think the public is completely retarded? This is all about not wanting to look like a fool when they either don't get nominated (Lohan) or don't win (Heigl).

2297 days ago


I response to Not Perfect, Just Trying To Do Right. No I don't believe in God. So that entire response was pointless. Why reply without commenting on the thing I was talking about. What are your opinions on people who hate TMZ yet still visit there site? Do you have an opinion on that or are you just the 'using the lords name in vain' police?

2297 days ago

pattie in cali    

go away lohos you guys make me sick. you have made hollywood, trashwood. the mom the kids, are just nasty.

2297 days ago


No LisaJane, I dont really have an opinion one way or the other about it. I am not the LNIV police, just an average guy who is trying to do right. Sorry if I offended you. I was simply trying to stand up for what I believe in. People used to be allowed to defend their faith in this country.

2297 days ago


18. Good for you LisaJane! You can be sure that God Squadder wants this nation (and blog) to inhabited by members of her faith only! Here's her video from YouTube!:

Posted at 11:24AM on Jun 18th 2008 by Good for you!

Good for you! Ah, no, I'm not a "her" last time I checked, and that blog or video is not me. You have me mistaken for someone else. Please check your facts before you post. Thanks.

2297 days ago


Not Perfect, Just Trying To Do Right: "just an average guy who is trying to do right" sorry but I disagree with that statement. You are not doing "right" as your simply expressing your own opinions. You are not an "average" guy either, You are a Christian and contary to popular belief the average human is not a Christian/Catholic. "Sorry if I offended you" - No offense taken, I enjoy a good debate. "People used to be allowed to defend their faith in this country" - Firstly let me remind you that you are not in a country, you are on the WORLD WIDE web (I'm persuming you're American) and secondly if you have right to "defend you faith" then I have an equal right defend my lack of faith (which some might argue is a form of faith, i.e. my faith is in Science)
BTW I didn't click on that link and wasn't going to either. Glad I didn't now.

2297 days ago

Big Bear    

Why would Jamie want airhead Britney anywhere near her child?? Britney is a long long way from being a decent mother. Britney might spend time with her kids but she is very emotionally detached. The kids play and Britney talks on the phone. Jamie never married so the world will soon have another "bastard" child.

2297 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

MR. Not Perfect, I will apologize for the gender mistake, but nothing else! While I'm sure you'd probably enjoy creating a discourse on religion, I will not bite. I prefer to practice My Freedom FROM Religion! And that's that!
As for the video, it was from a tv show called Trading Spouses and was about a crazed, obese extremely religious lady who spent time with a family of atheists and freaked out BIGTIME! The title is God Warrior and it is on YouTube. Anyone curious can avoid the link and look it up on YT for themselves if they wish. It is not a spam or dangerous link of any kind and anyone posting a spammish link deserves to be kicked off of the site! Still, Good for You, LisaJane! Not that you needed any help, as you seem very capable of defending your valid points!

2297 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

I REALLY hope Jamie Lynn names her baby Britney. I was named after my aunt (no, her name was not tmz sucks).

Big Bear, I feel sorry for you - you sound like you were raised in a cave with no cubs to play with and no mamma or pappa bears around.

2297 days ago


Lindsay. Skanking around and abusing substances is NOT a talent.
No need to worry about an Emmy.

2297 days ago


Christ Almighty and Holy Crap!

Which bird brain was under the impression that Lohan deserves an emmy?????

The woman is a cheap hoebag whose acting "talents" consist of faking sobriety when she is using.
Her next movie will flop like all the others in recent memory.

2297 days ago


Good for brit brit now on to some more important issue's like Gas/oil prices ETC those should be talked about not what celebrity is doing what to who and who's dating who I dont care..... It's their live's leave them to it

2297 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

love you george tekai! best wishes to you & brad. ignore the loser haters an fatties who try to demean you and only end up demeaning themselves. i wish you many happy years of marriage.

2297 days ago


The last eight years have really turned me off on organized religion and all its hypocrisy.

Pious Christians are truly the most despicable people - idiots who will fall for anything and whose own sexual hangups cause them to point the finger at others, instead of themselves.

2297 days ago
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