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Canadian Star: You Papped My Cherry!

6/18/2008 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just because you're a big TV star in Canada, doesn't mean anyone stateside will know what all the fuss is aboot.

Check out this piece from TMZ TV -- and check local listings for show times.


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I'm Canadian, I love hockey, and I've never heard of this guy??? Let's stop pretending that he's famous in Canada.

2288 days ago

Beaver canoe    

I, too am Canadian and have no clue who this is.

2288 days ago

O.T Fella    

His name is Dillon Casey, and the only reason I know that is because I went to high school with him. He's not a big name at all, but I'm pumped as hell to see him on here.

2288 days ago


I think he's cute. Yet another example of a sweet, genuine Canadian.

2288 days ago


As a Canookian, I had no idea who he was. Plus MVP got cancelled after its first year. How aboot that?
Slow news day guys?

2288 days ago


I'm from Canada and I have no clue who this fool is either.

2288 days ago


Leslie Nielson, Dan Akroyd, Brendan Fraser, Donald Sutherland, Keifer Sutherland, Leslie Neilson, Eugene Levy, Howie Mandel, Jennifer Tilley, John Candy, Jim Carey, Keanu Reeves, Shania Twain, Martin Short, Jason Priestley, Matthew Perry, Michael J. Fox, Mike Myers, etc. THESE Canadian people I've heard of. No clue who this Canadian guy is, so please stop acting like we care here in Canada, although I'm sure he's a very nice guy. And I may say eh a lot, but I sure don't say aboot (so I'd appreciate it if Americans would stop asking me to say "oot and aboot the hoose") We don't ALL talk like that, thanks!

2288 days ago


I'm Canadian and have no idea who this guy is!

2288 days ago


I'm with my fellow hosers, here...I have no idea who he is either. I've also never said 'aboot'.

2288 days ago


You followed WHO out of the airport?
It's aboot time you did some fact checking TMZ,
if I was this bad at my job I would have been canned by now.
Just goes to show that Americans really don't have a clue what
goes on outside their borders.

2288 days ago


He F@cks beavers and chews on maple bark!

2288 days ago

Kathy in Canada    

Never heard of the guy... barely recall hearing the title of the show. But good on him! G'O Canada!

2288 days ago

Barney Canucklehead    

Who? This guy is famous in his own mind, eh! Burp

2288 days ago


Aboot...where do you 'Mericans get your ears. I have never said aboot and don't know anyone who has. And oh yeah we don't have Canadian bacon's called back bacon. I alos have no idea who this guy is. It's kind of like when someone says, "Oh you're from Toronto, I know this guy from Toronto, his names Tom, do you know him?" We are a country of 20 something million people we don't all know each other. Maybe if your educational system concentrated on actual education instead of indoctrination into the Cult of the United States ( my nieces are being destroyed by your system) you might know that. Get over your selves....

2288 days ago

Fernando Valenzuela    

"you Canadians are all the same with your beady little eyes and flapping heads"

2288 days ago
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