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Duff, Dumb and Blah

6/18/2008 1:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clinton isn't the only Hilary that has thrown in the towel!

While normally well put together, Hilary Duff emerged at a L.A. hot dog stand on Tuesday -- looking like Jessica Simpson's haggard body double in "Dukes of Hazzard 2: The Morning After."

Hil's frump hair and raggedy outfit are so yesterday.


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Mk # 57, you said it best! Hillary seems level-headed, and that is pretty hard in the entertainment industry.

Irene Gracie, you work out 5-6 days a week, and have to constantly come on here and talk about how great you look-yet you say we need to get better self-images and self-esteem. Go away, I feel sorry for your poor children.

2318 days ago

nira k    

Is this TMZ or the Jerry Springer Show.

2318 days ago


She looks incredibly normal and incredibly tired from a long weekend, but she's out bright and early having breakfast with her mom, so that seems even more normal.

2318 days ago


wow, she looks healthy... she usually looks like an anorexic rag doll.
I think she looks really good!

2318 days ago

Make It Right!!    

I am definitely not one to be into the tween queens and celebutantes and the wannabe reality stars...but of all of them, Hilary Duff is the only one who seems to really be a true class act and who is not abandoning her young fan base while still navigating her career very carefully into the world of grown-up film roles (didn't want to use the term adult film) and not get caught in any foto scandals, or e-mail/internet scandal, no sex video emerged and she handled herself very maturely in her relationship with Joel Madden. He, however, has serious issues with wanting a punk rep but a need to date really young girls...and get them pregnant...but apparently won't marry them as they aren't "Christian" WTF????? If wearing a bad outfit one day is the worst thing this young tween sensation has ever done up to now...good for her. I hope she keeps it up. She may be the only level-headed young celebrity since the Olsen twins grew up and made an empire together.

2318 days ago


Leave her the hell alone. She's one of the few Hollywood types that I admire. I think she's gorgeous.

2318 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

my goodness, everyone - i never said being a size 0 made me "special." i always marvel at the vitriole that comes out of your mouths (or should i say keyboards?) - on one hand, you are all allowed to slam me and my looks. but when i do the same thing (and call out your own insecurities) you all think you "have my number." ha! yep, i'm happy, confident, good looking (which isn't a selfish thing to say; i do look good), live in a nice home, great kids, great husband, blah, blah, blah. little miss duff needs to get off her duff and work out if she wishes to remain in the public eye without being made fun of. i didn't create those rules; but check out any issue of people, us weekly, vogue, vanity fair, etc. - no out of shape fatties in there. sorry that so upsets you. and if you don't like what i'm saying, SO WHAT! just be aware that your name calling will NEVER bother me. and dallas, you are one of the worse TMZ offenders with your hate-filled rants against anyone you deem worthy of your scorn. other than when i see you pathetic attempts to post semi-literate rants on TMZ, honey, i do not give a thought about you. write whatever you want about me - you just give your energy to me! so thank you! betcha you didn't realize that every time you and your boring cohorts mention my little old name, you are actually giving away your energy and power to me. so thank you again!

and yes, ttfn! or should i say see you next tuesday?

2317 days ago


I don't assume to know you or anything about you irene gracey (although I do find the fact that you feel the need to post your clothing size after your name purely ridiculous) but doesn't the fact that you reply to the people who's opinions you claim to "not care about" say the exact opposite? If you don't care, why defend yourself or throw your apprently "perfect life" in other people's faces? If your aim is to make others jealous, then I must say it isn't working, at least not from my perspective (which you are more than welcome to disagree with). I doubt many good wives and mothers spend their days spewing filth across celebrity gossip message boards.

I always thought that slight imperfections are signs of a life well-lived. Wrinkles, a bit of extra flesh, etc ... Now you can go overboard, and when it starts to affect your health, then sure, action needs to be taken. There is no written celebrity gospel that states those in the public light have to be in perfect shape and the epitome of all that is fashionable and thin. I always thought movies stars were to be judged for their acting abilities and not their appearance. What about those who gain weight for specific roles? Nobody ever seems to trash them, its their job to act, not visually please everybody.

2317 days ago


What happend???? Did she party too much the day before?

2317 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

laura dear, please go back and reread my comment - that i only think about people when i am reading their comments while browsing tmz. outside of this forum, i do not care about any of you, but you care enough about me to offer up your musings. interesting that you don't like that i post my size - why do you care? you could put laura, queen of the universe or whatever - i don't care what your screen name is. and who said i have no wrinkles? oh, that's right - you did! but when they get deep enough i plan to do something about it. if you like a face full of lines, that's fine. i don't and i plan to look as good as i can for as long as i can. nothing shallow about carinig about yourself. hilary duff should try it some time.

have a good weekend.

2317 days ago

derek martin    

I don't think she's obligated to look perfect every time she leaves her house. Everybody has to start looking at people as people and not things-- but i guess that would be too much to ask...

2314 days ago


i dont think hilary looks fat.
when she lost all that weight and was really skinny everyone overreacted and said she was anorexic.
but now everyone's saying she's fat. and she's not.
what the hell.
and she is going to a hot dog stand.
so she doesnt need to get dressed up.

2276 days ago


TMZ, why can't you and the paps leave Hilary Duff alone. She needs her privacy. I don't care who you are, you are invading her rights.

2267 days ago
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