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Big Sis Brit to the Rescue

6/19/2008 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Lynn Spears is no longer an unwed pregnant teen -- she's now an unwed teen mother of a baby girl, y'all!

JL walked into the Mississippi Southwest Regional Medical Center around 4:30 A.M. this morning ... and popped out the 6 lb 10 oz pup just a few hours later. We're told Jamie Lynn was "extremely nervous" before Jamie Lynn & Britney: Click to watchthe birth, and started to panic about going into labor. But our spies tell us big sister Brit, who had flown in the day before, "made a big difference" and helped a ton -- giving her advice, support and encouragement.

We also hear JL's bro Brian was on family patrol, calling everyone with the news. As for a name -- the kids didn't narrow it down til the very last second. People says lil' Spears' will be called Maddie Briann.

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Pump It Up

The stars may not be pumping their own gas, but they've sure been pumping iron. Get pumped people!
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Tori Spelling: R.I.Pug

Tori Spelling just got a baby –- but lost her dog.

The reality sublebrity's pug Mimi LaRue died Tuesday after 77, er, 11 years. "I'm devastated," says Tori, who gave birth to a baby girl, Stella, earlier this month. "She was a star and a true lady, and she will be missed greatly."

The poor pooch had suffered from medical problems in her hips and neck for years, says Tori.
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The New Popwreck Palace?

TMZ has obtained the first photos of the ginormous Calabasas mansion where Britney Spears is hoping to shack up ... and it's frickin ridiculous!
Launch photos
As TMZ first reported, Britney has been "looking like crazy" to move out of her Hollywood Hills home and into the calmer, quieter Valley.

Check out the crib Brit Brit is trying to lock down -- appropriately called "Chateau Suenos" or "House of Dreams" -- and it's a house made for MTV.

Pampered Celebs

Celebs in Hollywood really know how to kick up their feet and relax. Must be nice ...
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K-Fed's Sin City Booty Call?

How do you follow up being married to a chick who spent time on a 5150 hold? By hooking up with a girl who comes with her very own mug shot!
K-Fed: Click to watch
To find out more about K-Fed's mystery girl, watch the piece from TMZ TV. Check local listings for show times.


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TMZ you stink. Its hard enough to be an unwed pregnant teen in the media without people like you making fun of her. Why cant you people be legitimate newsreporters and put a good spin on things, instead of a negative one. You could make a difference in the world, but you stoop to making fun of people. Bullies!

2296 days ago


I agree they don't need to make fun of Jamie Lynn for being an un-wed teen mom.

2296 days ago


Jamie Lynn Spears has a brand new bastard girl to carry on the family tradition.

2296 days ago


I find it highly offensive that you refer to Jamie Lynn Spear's baby as a pup. I understand that you like to use cute, funny language in your posts. But this is a baby. Not a pup.

2296 days ago


I cannot understand why the press continues to glorify unwed pregnant young girls. Thing are bad enough in this country without makng our teens think that it is o.k. for actresses to get pregnant so it is o.k. for them. So sad!

2296 days ago

Courtney Simpson    

OMG!!!! It is so werd lil miss jaie lynn spears (JL) the goody to shoe is unmarrided having a baby!!! it is so sad : (
At least her family is sticking with her through thick or thin!!! that is so great! : )

2296 days ago


Thank goodness Jamie Lynn isn't pregnant anymore

2296 days ago

Jimmy Wilson    

Jamie was not nervous when she was having intercourse!!

2296 days ago


Congrat Jamie Lynn!!!

2296 days ago


wow, tmz employees need a life. these stories suck

2296 days ago



2296 days ago

Harley fulton    

I can picture jamie lynn having intercourse and REALLY liking it!! mmmm Can you??

2296 days ago


A PUP!! The kid took responsibility and had the child!! You people would drop a baby in a dumpster and you are the one's criticizing her!! My sister had a child at 15, stuck through it and now is a CPA!! You can at least send her a gift basket of hope, not a waterfall of shame!! If you guys at TMZ had half the courage she has, you wouldn't be chasing celeberties, but making a difference in the world. She even went back home to her family unlike her sister, she is showing something that you guys don't have, family values!! Go hug a tree!!

2296 days ago


Now children. Let's all be civil now. If Jamie was not famous we wouldn't care one hoot.

2296 days ago


It's always interesting to watch dip-head ignoramuses label a little baby the "bastard" word online. There is no such thing as a "bastard." Every person on the planet has a father. Got that yet, or is that fact leaking out of your beer-sot brain? Furthermore, when a child is born, the kid is here, whether or not you like it -- in your face. For all you know, that child will far surpass you in every aspect, including intelligence, kindness, and contribution to the world. At the very least, you can count on that child surpassing you in compassion for its fellow human beings. So, figure this out: You take delight in calling the child a "bastard," but I delight in calling you moronic people "scuzbuckets." Take THAT word and choke on it.

2295 days ago
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