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Someday, Half of This Will All Be Eva's

6/19/2008 6:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria are putting the finishing touches on their $7 million, 10,000-square foot home in San Antonio, Texas.

No word on where Mario Lopez will sleep.


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william richard bradford    

she DEFINITELY needs to tie this
frog down now with a couple of kids;

as when it's all said in done after the 3 year honeymoon,
she'll get this house and a paycheck for a few years;

in her entire so called " career "
she MIGHT make $10 million;

the playing frenchman will
make over $120 million.

seal the deal dear NOW .......

start producing backcurt player while
he's still attracted and interested in you.

as we KNOW, pro athletes
can NOT be monogamous....

2316 days ago


#43 It's a hoax -I was being Sarcastic!

2316 days ago

name withheld    

Agreed. I agree with pimp. I'm gettin the eff outta here.

2316 days ago

name withheld    

You are probably one of those types that had a paid off vehicle, but then went and traded it in for a nice new hybrid and is now paying a car payment for 5 or 6 years. Way to go.

Thanks for the tip. I'll need it after I go broke trying to survive in MI. I bought one car and they can shove this SUV up Kwames ass.

2316 days ago


Mik, sorry, my bad.

2316 days ago

miss sheree    

$7MM for 10K sq ft in TEXAS?

I think they were scammed.....I have seen mini-mc-mansions in TX at 5000 to 6000 sq ft for under a million easy.

2316 days ago


Two people need a 10,000 sq. ft. home? Obviously they are not "green". Have you noticed that Hollywood wants the rest of us to be aware of global warming but they still want to live in these mansions? The "Stars" waste so much of our energy but they run their big mouths on how WE can change. Julia Roberts, Al Gore, and George Clooney are great examples. They want to be "green" and then they all fly in private jets, fill up their in-ground pools, own 3 homes, etc.and then use more energy in a week then we use in a life time. Hello???

2316 days ago


$5 says they don't even live there yet. they probably just come in at various times during the projects to make sure they're up to standard. and when you're as rich as these two, your servants are of that grade where they do their job in such a way that you don't know they exisist.

2316 days ago


You should live behind where they're building it...ALL THE NOISE!! Very sweet couple, though. Only nice things can be said about this wonderful couple.

2316 days ago


You people who don't know anything about them should just keep your mouth shut!

2316 days ago


another thing, the home is probably more energy effencient then most aparments! go look up building an eco-friendly home and you can have all that space and still be nice to the planet.

2316 days ago

Vix aka Team Aniston    

#23 Has it right. Texas is FULL of itself. Yeah, it's big alright; big azzes, big mouths, big liars, big corrupt corporations. Essentially, nothing good comes from Texas.

#29 There's no "ignorance" on those who see greed for what it is. Too many live for the "envy factor" It is what it is.

2316 days ago


uhhhh nothing's good in TX??? Where the hell do you live?? I live in SA and it's amazzinnnggg :) you're missing out haterrr.

2316 days ago

BOEING 787    

WEST COAST JETS is right, where the hell will the money come from once Parkers
career is over and Eva's show is over, you cant keep all of that in just residuals and
royalties, this is a disaster waiting to happen, good chance in five years they will
foreclose, entitlement, over ambition, misleading information, will get to them.

2316 days ago


yes we do live in homes that would go for a lot more in California and that is why we have seen our home building go through the roof and quite a few are being sold to people from the west coast who have sold houses there and built mansions here and still we do have the heat here and the Spurs of course! And please do not correct Terry H he can say what ever he wants maybe he will stay away... but we welcome ALL our friends!

2316 days ago
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