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Someday, Half of This Will All Be Eva's

6/19/2008 6:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria are putting the finishing touches on their $7 million, 10,000-square foot home in San Antonio, Texas.

No word on where Mario Lopez will sleep.


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As for all the great things about Texas kay in texas and another great thing about Texans is we have always been individuals and count on no one but ourselves... look at our power grid.

2255 days ago


WoW . . . . 10,000-Sq. Ft. house for $7,000,000 ??

Could not find that deal in California where I'm from.

A 10,000-Sq. Ft. house in Cali would easily be in the $15-$20 million range - And, that's for the "House."

Then, there's the "Land" - Depending on how many "acres" & whether it's landscaped with manicured lawns & tightly trimmed hedges, infinity/ edgeless pools, etc.

Looks like they're gonna have a "Natural Lagoon-type" pool too. Beautiful !!


2255 days ago


No - House's like these do "Not" have several different people coming in & out all day long . . . . i.e. Estate Managers (Butler), Gardeners, Housekeepers, Maintenance workers, etc...

Why ?? . . . . These houses have a "Service Entrance" which all workers must enter & exit through only.

There's usually only one (1) "Service Entrance" door which workers must enter & exit through so the residents do not hear multiple doors opening & closing throughout several different parts of the house all day long & the employees are usually confined to that one part of the house next to the "Service Entrance" door.


2255 days ago


She married a 24 year old with a $150.00 million dollar fortune (he just signed a !00.00million dollar contract this year). She is seven years older than he is. Yep, Eva is one smart cookie!

2254 days ago


WOW!! They aren't feelig the recession, are they??

2254 days ago


Most of you are posting here are jealous because you can't afford a house like this. This couple works for their money and they will do with it as they please. And Texas is a great place to live, just like one post stated, we don't rush celebs here like in LA or anywhere else. Where do people get the most help and support in a disaster?....TEXAS, everything is bigger and better in TEXAS. TEXANS come together in time of need for anyone and everyone.

GOD BLESS TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2254 days ago



2254 days ago

Use your head    

What a waste! There are people in the world who are dying everyday because they can't even get a clean drink of water. This kind of excess disgusts me. Who needs a house like that?

2254 days ago

A San Antonian    

#63...It's in Anaqua Springs of Boerne Stage Road.

2254 days ago


This home is being built in the Anaqua Springs neighborhood which is about 7 miles northwest of The Dominion. Anaqua Springs is the new Dominion except bigger and homes will have larger lots.

To answer a few random questions and claims made so far.

Eva loves San Antonio. She moved her parents to San Antonio before ever meeting Tony or landing the Desperate Housewives role. She built them a house in Timberwood Park which is just north of Stone Oak.

Tony loves San Antonio as well which is why he moved his mother here and is building this house.

It is true that 7 million for a 10,000 square foot home is more than it should be, in SA, as most 10,000 or plus square foot homes go for between 3-6 million on average. The reason this home is costing so much is because of the land it sits on. That house plus the 1-4 acres it sits on is why it's 7 million. Also, they probably added a bunch of expensive features and amenities to it.

For instance, this 19,000 square foot home in Boerne (SA suburb) is 5.5 million dollars.

This 19,000 square foot home in the wealthy Dominion neighborhood in San Antonio is 6 million.

2254 days ago


beautiful! kudos! have all your service people come on the same day and then you'll have 6 days of peace and quiet if you like! enjoy!

2253 days ago

Vix aka Team Aniston    

TMZ, don't allow PR Agencies or their "surrogates" to pollute this website with their SPIN aka BS. Your fan base is far to savy to swallow that BS. This forum should be for fans or otherwise, you know celebrities's "bead and butter"

#69, save the PR efforts for those who commission your sevices; otherwise save it.

Eva is an opportunist, many are in Hell-A. Eva probably is some Scientology reruitment agent. Personally, I feel she needs to get over herself. She used to cute, personable, adorable and likeable, but since seeing her out and about with those Scientology NutCases, well one can only deduce she's one of them! Birds of a Feather, Flock together.

2253 days ago


Number 71,

First off, I'm not in real estate, just trying to show examples of pricing.

Second, she's totally into Scientology, so much so she's almost always at a local San Antonio Catholic church service whenever she's in town. But surely your iron clad logic that anyone ever seen in public with someone who is into Scientology must be into Scientology as well. But what then when said person is seen in public with someone who isn't in Scientology? What about when she's in public with someone who is Jewish? Is she then Jewish by proxy the way you label her a Scientologist by proxy?

And really, do you harbor that much hate and spite for people who take it upon their selves to believe whatever it is they believe whether it's a crazy cult like Scientology or another crazy cult like Christianity?

2253 days ago


I live in San Antonio. Our housing market has been amazing over the past several yrs and it doesn't look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. There are a lot of people from other states (mainly CA and AZ) who purchase homes here and make money by renting them out. Many people are also starting to realize what a great city this is and relocating here as well. No housing issues here yet!

2250 days ago


tony parker should hook up with kim kardanisan. she more beautiful than eva! Eva is a ugly stuck up person> she doesnt wave to her fans after we support her skinny person. sorry tony its the truth. she's think she all pretty and she ain't> ulgy ass mexican.

1414 days ago
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