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Beach Bods: The Dudes

6/20/2008 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's official! Summer is finally here, and the guys are already hitting the beaches. Luckily some have also been hitting the gym. Some of them ... not so much.


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Blinded by the light    

Yeah!! I win.

2254 days ago

nikkis mom    

It is so amazing that TMZ will show the HOT bodies of the men and show every pimple, stretch mark and cellulite on the women; BUT - we forgot that Harvey loves the MEN! HOW SEXIST!!! (and to everyone - if that is all you transpire in life is to be first - GOOD LUCK WHEN YOU GROW UP)

2254 days ago


froglady is singing my tune. I was just about to post the same exact thing! The next TMZ article will be of fat women in their bathing suits so everyone can mock them. I don't even know why I come to this site anymore. Boredom at work I guess.

2254 days ago

Chevy Girl    

Cisco Adler??? Don't even get me started on him. He is just plain NASTY!!!!! Hugh and Leo are getting a bit pudgy. Hugh I can forgive since he is older. But Leo, come on dude, start doing some sit-ups!

2254 days ago


nothing just to say live happy happ p p p py

2254 days ago


Harvey plays for the other team?

2254 days ago

Blinded by the light    

Hey froglady: KMA! Why don't you learn to lighten up a little and try to have fun once in a while. We don't transpire in life be first on's just a little fun thing to do when you are first. And I am grown up so GOOD LUCK TO YOU WHEN YOU FINALLY PULL THAT STICK OUT!

2254 days ago


Ummmm Sam,

I think most people are with froglady on this see, we all like to have fun, it's just that when we want to post something, we expect people to actually have a comment on the topic at hand. It's very disappointing to start reading comments and all people have to say is..."First", or "yeah, I win". I think the overall feeling on this subject is POST OR GET OFF THE POT. And when we we mean post, we mean post something meaningful or relevant.

2254 days ago

Blinded by the light    

So the article is about hot bodies.........oh ok....Mario Lopez has a hot body. Is that better? Since this article is about hot bodies, is it RELEVANT to the story when people (including froglady) comment on how Harvey loves men or how he plays for the other team? His love for men is not the topic here is it?

2254 days ago

Shirlaine D.    

I Don't Care About Fat women!!!! Jessseeee!! matthewwww! Mariooooo!!!!

Ps: Oh No... Damn Hot... Oh No, Damn Hot... That All I Can just Say When I am watching This List...
It's a Rollercoster. Someone In TMZ is A Torturer. It Just Can Be A Man So, I Declare: Hand This swindler Over To The Crowd! (lol)

2254 days ago

nikkis mom    

Sam - you are unbelievable! The only reason people object to HOT BODIES is that for the last few weeks, TMZ has made fun of the woman stars when they are shown with imperfections. These pictures are usually taken when the celeb is snapped by the pap when they don't know it. I got mad because I have a sister that is disfugured and nobody has the right to put down someone for something that they cannot control. Acne,cellulite and stretch marks are 3 things that TMZ has made fun of this week alone. I am with froglady and the rest because they are looking at things right. Normal people are not perfect.
No it does not matter that Harvey Levin is gay but he has things that are wrong with him. His TMZ has the nerve to point out what is wrong with the public because they are in the public eye. Well, Harvey Levin is in the public eye and although he and his boyfriend are quite open about being gay, they both have things wrong with them --age, shortness, etc.
I do not care if you weant to be first but if that is the only thing in life that you are first at. I bet Mommy is proud. You deserve an award!!!

2254 days ago

Blinded by the light    

OH MY GOD!!!! I didn't know saying "Yeah I'm first" was going to start such frickin controversy. I understood froglady's point when I first read it AND I totally agree with it. The only thing that irritated me about her remark was her stab about me writing that I was first. And yes my mommy is very proud if me!

2254 days ago

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