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Charlie and Denise: Pleased As Punch

6/20/2008 8:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Was one of them not really listening? Both Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards were both "pleased" with the outcome of today's impromptu court hearing.

In a statement to TMZ, Charlie's rep says "Charlie was very grateful and more than pleased with the court for how they dealt with the custody issues regarding his two children this morning."

As she walked out of court this morning, Denise told us she was "pleased" with the judge's decision and her attorney told us "it was in the children's best interests."


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if denise needs a job...she can go back whoring...i hear heidi fleiss is hiring, cause thats all this crazy whore can do is prostitute herself out like the two bit tramp she what a useless woman..shes the kind you screw then toss to the curb where she was hooking...sorry charlie, you dont marry these kinds of women...just screw em and hope she aint got AIDS.

2284 days ago


oh i know what "i was very pleased with the outcome " means !! here we go people ready?? it means MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS TMZ AND IT SHOULD GO TO EVERYONE THAT DOESNT KNOW HOW TO DO JUST THAT!

2284 days ago


i always felt like denise came off as the poor little help me sort of gal, but after watching her show she has a mouth and i am sure she has used it towards charlie more than once, i always liked her and i am glad the show is on tv , NOW all the world can see and hear her gutter mouth, is she with her kids much , NOOOO, all she wants to do is date some one with a big__________ and she has too many animals around that she don't take care of , cannot be good with kids around if they are not trained right. I don't rally like her as much after watching her show.

2284 days ago


Charlie, you're an ok guy but I'll never forgive you for dumping that succubus on the rest of us and our airwaves.

2284 days ago


Could there be two more self-absorbed people that could give a rats a*s about their children?

2284 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a crack head, rat.

2284 days ago

BOEING 787    

Denice and Charlie are like adolescent children in need of Ridlin, we don't need
children or adult children in a permanent state of adolescence raising kids.

2284 days ago

Tmz is lame    

I used to have mixed feelings about Denise Richards, until I watched her new show on E!. Now, I think she is just a normal, fun and good-hearted Mother who is doing the best she can to raise two young children and deal w/ the death of her Mother as best she can.

Perhaps those of you who feel you are in a position to JUDGE her, should take a little time to see what she is about.

I will continue to watch her show and enjoy what seems to be a normal woman, trying to make it through a tough time in her life.

All my best to DR.

2284 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Oh MY GOD!!! I thought Charlie promised to never utter that woman's name again since he got married and now, first thing he does is have her back in court!! When is it ever going to end between these two? Bitterness eats away a person's soul! Denise, you need to get over yourself bragged that he married you as you were a Bond girl (albeit the worst ever!) and in Playboy!! If you didn't want a horn dog, shouldn't have used sex to land him!! Both need to grow up and get over it or else shut up and get back together like Pam and Tommy Lee!!

2284 days ago


Bet Heather Locklear is laughing her head off at this b ----!. Richie sure stays out of the fray ... imagine he is grateful he got away from this psycho dame.

2284 days ago

Make It Right!!    

And no sympathy to the new bride either...she was been all too happy to jump right into the middle of the muck! Why on earth would Denise be e-mailing Brooke about sperm? Why would Denise have any contact with Brooke at all if Brooke weren't putting herself there? Any sane woman, seeing these two fight publicly like this...would RUN AWAY from the situation...probably why both Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin don't seem to have real partners still after all these years of their fighting over the kid!!!

2284 days ago


I am really shocked by her vulgar language. I knew she was a skank but had no idea she had such a gutter mouth. She uses the F word every time she opens her mouth. No wonder she cannot hang on to a man, that mouth will run them off. I feel sorry for her dad too, looks like he is stuck doing all the grunt work, but then he may like it due to losing his wife of so many years.

Denise really needs to curb the language.

2284 days ago


Poor, poor kids.

2284 days ago


I seriously doubt that the war is over between Denise and Charlie.
They both have a lot of baggage, that spilled out into their marriage, and it is no surprise that it has spilled over, after the divorce. I just wish they would stop focusing on themselves, and think about Sam and Lola.

2284 days ago


Funny how those who cry out that those who make unfavorable comments about her are accused of "judging" her. OF COURSE WE ARE, you dolts. A few of you JUDGE her to be nice and normal, - while the majority of us DO NOT. So, get off the self-righteous "high-horse" you rode in on and be honest for a change. If you have an opinion on ANYTING, you're "judging".

Pssssst! - It's OK.

2284 days ago
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