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Charlie and Denise: Pleased As Punch

6/20/2008 8:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Was one of them not really listening? Both Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards were both "pleased" with the outcome of today's impromptu court hearing.

In a statement to TMZ, Charlie's rep says "Charlie was very grateful and more than pleased with the court for how they dealt with the custody issues regarding his two children this morning."

As she walked out of court this morning, Denise told us she was "pleased" with the judge's decision and her attorney told us "it was in the children's best interests."


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He's just another Idiot    

Denise says in interviews that she is doing the reality show "because my Mother wanted me to do the show". I bet her dead Mother is rolling over in her grave that her bitchy daughter is swearing every other word and acting like a demented, lying whore. No mother would approve of Denise's personality and attitude. Also, in interviews, she says that she is a working mother and has to work. So, what are you doing with Charlie's child custody money and your alimony? Have to work ????? I don't think so. You just want the attention. You are as nutty as a fruitcake if you think people really believe anything you say.

2323 days ago


Denise is obsessed with Charlie still. I can't believe she can't leave him alone. She is one very disgusting person!! Get a life Denise!!

2323 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Several years ago Denise was on Two and a Half Men. I didn't know who she was at the time but thought she was the worse actress I had ever seen. Charlie was nice to put her on his show. Denise is such a gold digger, she will probably try to move into Hugh Hefner's house with his other three whores.

2323 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Charlie is happily married, has the #2 TV show in America and delushional Denise can't stand his happiness. It's so apparent that she is jealous. Your plan for marrying him for fame, money, alimony and child support didn't pan out so well, did it Denise? I feel sorry for her father and those little girls. Slutty women like her never learn.

2323 days ago


It was not smart of Charlie Sheen to attack the mother of his children in an "apology" for the inappropriate voice mail he left her. He should have just apologized for the racist words and said nothing more. He has well-known anger issues and I think that is a primary reason he does not have custody of the children. What the heck was Brooke Mueller thinking when she married this loser? What woman in her right mind would marry a guy embroiled in a battle like this? Charlie Sheen, get a grip on your issues and take a parenting class!

2323 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

#61 Charlie Sheen made the Voice Mail to Denise THREE years ago. She released it now to make him look bad. She's a jealous, nasty witch.

2323 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Is That really the best picture of Charlie Sheen they could find?

2323 days ago


Two vile pigs.

2323 days ago

um.shut up    

hey this is a comment about "whatado"'s comment that denise is a white trash whore...
well sorry "whatado" shae has more dough than you do
so white trash whore i think not.
stop smoking so much pot.
and understand
that rich and famous always have the upper hand.

just look at miss. paris hilton for example ;)

2323 days ago


Can't these two just get along for the sake of their daughters? I have a low opinion of both Charlie & Denise - he is a whore monger (despite being newly wed) and she is a filthy talking fake trying to change her image. The public's opinion of Denise is right on based on her behavior on her reality show.

2323 days ago

Pamela Anderson    

Hey, you 2 loosers, will you stop already...... I need air time and you 2 are taking all of the lime light... think green and not mean, cleanup your community, get a real job

2322 days ago


Carlos is...happy??? Really??? The last time I checked, Denise Richards is the one that was happy, and he wasn't. That's the truth. But I guess the little d*ckhead can't admit that a woman kicked his ass, yet again, in a court of law, so he chooses to release some bogus statement to the press claiming otherwise. PATHETIC!!!

In any case, it's totally disgusting that this little d*ckhead is using the court system to try to bully Denise Richards. GET OVER IT, CARLOS!!! SHE DUMPED YOUR WORTHLESS, INTERNET PORN-LOVING, SKANKY HOOKER-BANGING, DRUG-SNORTING, PATHETIC, SORRY ASS!!! Stop wasting taxpayer money by clogging up the court system with this worthless crap!!!

2322 days ago


Umm..yea I agree with others on that, she was a lot better off with "winning" the public over before she came out with her show. I like her and thought Charlie was the one that was crazay! But damn, after watching her show she is a crazy lady with a mouth! It is soooo obvious that she would be hard to deal with or be Married to. I don't believe for a second that she was all..."Oh Charlie lies and did this and that to me". I think that poor guy got the rap sheet of her lies. So Denise...Your stupid, you never should have done this show...It's totally back fired on you wanting to "look" good. It has made the world see how you really are. But I guess it worked out swell for Charlie! It's funny! it really is doing the complete opposite of what she wanted it to do! I could seriously see her standing over the bed of Charlie and his new wife all crazed out and hair all teased up and having a butcher knife in her hand! Move far far away guys! LOL!

2322 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Give me a break...I just lost my mom as well and that is no excuse for anyone to act out the way Denise Richards is! To release a tape from 3 years ago?? That is just sheer vindictiveness and she is a woman obsessed! When I'm done with a guy, everything about him is 'deleted' from my numbers, e-mails, texts, messages...everything! If you are done, you're done and you move on! You don't hang onto this stuff unless you are obsessed and deranged and out for REVENGE. She needs therapy bad! But, Charlie is no saint either and he has no business being married and Brooke Mueller is a fame whore too for putting herself in the middle of this mess. They all deserve each other. It is really too bad there are children involved. Did you notice how even Martin Sheen is no longer publicly speaking out in his son's defense? It is time the two of these people got over it and moved on civilly...but if Kim and Alex are still at and they've been divorced longer, I don't see it happening for Denise and Charlie either. Too bad they can't all be like The Rock and his ex-wife.

2322 days ago

Make It Right!!    

I've got it! Isn't of there being a ban against GAY marriages, we should have A BAN AGAINST CELEBRITY MARRIAGES!!

2322 days ago
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