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Doesn't Jamie Lynn Know "No Glove, No Love?"

6/20/2008 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even Kenny G's sexually aware pre-teen kid and his buddies know more about contraception than Jamie Lynn -- if you're gonna get it on, at least wear a jimmy hat!


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you can still get pregnant doesn't matter if you use protection or not i've seen it happen dummy

2323 days ago


I don't know? Does half of hollywood use condoms? there is always some unplanned pregnancy, but your stupid ass is going to rest sole responsibility on a 16 year old? ok idiots...

jessica simpson is actually the product of a failed condom. but hey, your assumptions are always correct, huh

2323 days ago


#1, you seriously need to kill yourself, because you are a complete idiot. It DOES matter if you use protection and if you use it CORRECTLY you probably wont get pregnant. Guess what? I'm not married, 20, choose to have sex, and I use pills AND condoms. I know that my boyfriend of 3 years is clean but I don't want to get pregnant. Am I some sort of genius? It would seem so because so many idiot rednecks are getting knocked up. Jaime Lynn will be a horrible mother and the father is a complete waste of space. Idiots shouldn't breed!

2323 days ago


Lilith, your attitude makes me very glad you don't want children. You'd be awful with a young, sensitive being that is growing, learning, making mistakes, etc. "kill yourself" isn't very maternal. Keep gettin' those refills.

2323 days ago


yeh lilith, i've got 15 baby mommas and even i wouldn't want you to reproduce. if yer ever low on money i will use my drug money to refill your rxes.

2323 days ago


#3 get your head checked out i think you got dropped on the head as a baby

2323 days ago


#3, you are making blanket statements without even knowing the couple personally. How dumb/ignorant are you? Wow, someone needs to kill themself now? Not only are you dumb and ignorant, but also emotionally unstable

2323 days ago


Thats awesome! LOL....good for you kiddo to know you better wrap it up. Yes condoms DO work if properly used.

2323 days ago


lilith, condoms and bc? yeah ok. more like you've had a few abortions by the time you were 20 and thats why you use so much protection.damn flake

2323 days ago

Lara Kate    

Great to see Kenny, the kids and his beautiful wife! What a great looking family!

2323 days ago

Whino is SKUGLY!    

nothing pisses me off more than a hypocrite...........Not all birth control is effective, even the pill. Only abstinance is the key...which lilith doesn't practice. 99% of women who use birth control do not get pregnant...but that still leaves 1% and that 1% is still a number. Still a chance that something can happen. You people need to get a grip and stop putting judgement on people. Condoms aren't always effective either...ya know they can break! You Freakin Retards...Stop judging her. She is a successful actress..and just starting out. It's not like she threw her baby in a dumpster!

Everyone bow down to lilith for being a saint.

2323 days ago


Seems like a cool guy and the one kid was hilarious!

2323 days ago


she should have been on baby borrowers or borrowed brit brits kids!

2323 days ago

Baby Riot    

You're right... every clueless teen should watch the baby borrowers! It was on bbc, but now coming to america on nbc. It's fantastic television.

2322 days ago

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