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Fiddy's Ex Got Served!

6/20/2008 3:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

50 Cent's ex Shaniqua Tompkins got a restraining order this morning against the rapper -- but she was also served with a real doozy of a lawsuit.

The rapper's lawyers brought the legal hammer down on Tompkins, slapping her with a $20 million defamation suit in Connecticut court for accusing Fiddy -- over and over again -- of burning down his own house, and trying to kill her and his own son. Not only that, 50 wants the court to force Shaniqua to let him visit 11-year-old Marquise, in accordance with an earlier order.

The parties will be in New York in July to sort it all out. The arson investigation in the Dix Hills fire is ongoing.


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Give me a break
you can take the skank off the street
but you cant take the steet out the skank

2314 days ago


beat you all and I didnt even try!

2314 days ago


I was waiting for this. You can't just go around saying that someone tried to kill you without any proof; I'm surprised this defamation claim didn't come earlier.

2314 days ago


I just want every body to know, I often say really retarded things, but you need to know how I feel about this woman. I love her, almost as much as I love 50's music. I know, I'm such a tool! That's why God has left me alone in this world, to wait for Shaniqua!

2314 days ago


OK/ as much time as this broad spends in court she could work a full-time job plus overtime.

MOVE ON- psycho i know thy name * shaniqua *

i don't understand why she don't just get a job. HMMM haven't heard from the next man since he ain't got nowhere to sleep. oh wait. he must not be able to hang at granny's house with all them extra people.

GET A JOB. it won't hurt. promise.

2314 days ago


This is too funny!!!! He should win the case pretty easily, it was on video. This is something straight out of 48 Laws of Power.

2314 days ago


First of all I think that it is absolutley RIDICULOUS that he doesn't know his sons shoe size and is not an active Parent!! He DID NOT burn that house down he is too cool he had one of his soldiers do it and they'll never pin point it to him!! DUH!!! It is messed up how she supported him for all those years and now that he is PAID he is suing her?!?!?!? I have lost ALL respect for 50 cent and to me he is just another dead beat dad...atleast where I come from the dead beat dads are almost 100% of the time BROKE A$$ bustas LOL

2314 days ago


I love it!!50 should just get custody and have nannies raise his kid,like all celebrities do.All shaniqua does is sits around waiting for 50 to give her money,hey bitch go make your own money.That goes for all of these "independent women" on here defending her too.

2314 days ago


These two and all of the non-acrimonious divorces in Hollywood are ridiculous! They are only hurting these poor kids and creating a vicios cycle of poor relationship skills. By the time FIddy gets done paying lawyers he should just stand up and be a man and give her the house and reasonable child support. He needs to be a role model for all men out there who are dead beats. As for her, she needs to keep her mouth shut and take the high road. I definitely think fiddy has enough reason and the means to set fire to this house not with his own match, but I'm sure someone in his entourage could do it.

Enough with the egos gentlemen. I long for the days when men were men and women were women. It won't hurt any of us to be a little nicer to each other.

2314 days ago

La Mom    

#5 Cmy, because this isn't about a job. For a long time this sub-culture of hip-hop pimpin’ daddy's and baby making mamas and thieves and killers has glorified irresponsibility in exchange for quick cash. Get a job? Go to school and learn a trade? Are you kidding me? That would require Shiniqua to break a sweat. Why on earth is anyone going to waste their day on a real job for a salary, when being a babymama pays sooo much more with little to no effort. This s about a lifestyle she chose, society didn't do it to her. And she's failing miserably at her efforts for fame to say the least.

I also agree, I am surprised a lawsuit didn't come sooner for this. 50 is doing the right thing and using the system to put a stop to what is clearly an attempt to defame him. He's probably going to WIN it too. I still can't stand his music though, if that's what you call it.

2314 days ago


Now that I have heard her side I feel bad for talking cr@p about her. 50 needs to step up and be a dad. As far as money she supported him until he made it big, she wasn't a groupie that came later trying to get a piece of the rich celebrity. He owes her.

2314 days ago


#10 I agree with most of what you say, but do you know for sure she doesn't or has never worked? I think the child is 10 years old so it appears they dated long before fiddy was rich. There is not one person on this string who wouldn't want a reasonable amount of money in line with what the father makes or whomever is in a better position to care for the child. Isn't it a little ironic the very thing they are fighting over burns to the ground within days of altercations and increasingly heated battles? I do.

The one thing I do not agree with is lawyers. Why would you rather give a lawyer money than your own child...I mean please charging Shaniqua rent? He despicable.

2314 days ago


the women needs a support bra oon ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

2314 days ago

mizz P    

let me explain something real quick....just because ya like mr. FIDDY's music and him as an artist does not mean you know him as curtis jackson the person....personally i felt were she was coming from, and regardless of what you bustaz say on here, the truth will come might buy you power but truth prevails over all....but i think its really pathetic for fiddy not to have enough respect for his son or his mother to create this big fiasco just to prove a point....he is getting really ridiculous and with all the money he has needs to find something else to do with his time than throw is money and power around in peoples faces....Try actually being useful FIDDY!!!!!

2314 days ago

Shaniqua Tompkins Is a bitch    

God someone need to kill this crazy bitch she just mad that 50 dont wont her ugly ass no more. All she wont is his money can anyone tell me if her other kids baby father have money like 50. I dont thing so that bitch need to start having safe sex and let 50 be a father to his son.

2314 days ago
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