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Philly's Crazaziest -- I Got Teed Up on Dr. Phil!

6/20/2008 8:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

That anchorvixen from Philadelphia is clawing back at the station that fired her -- and Alycia Lane says she was basically set up by her bosses to get the chop by weeping on Dr. Phil's show.

In a suit filed in Philly Common Pleas Court, the newsmess says that her bosses at CBS3 sent her to Dr. Phil to talk about her failed relationships.

After she got all weepy at the taping, she begged producers not to air parts of her segment. When they did anyway, the appearance made her "tabloid fodder" and started her down a slippery wreckalicious slope -- which ended in her getting fired.

Of course, there was that whole sending pictures to married sports guy Rich Eisen and getting arrested in New York for slapping up a cop. The station says it hasn't seen the suit yet.

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No Avatar

joseph paul franklin    

just say NO to the
FIRST people !

2280 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Honey, your a slut because your a slut--not because CBS wanted to exploit your sluttiness. Lets face facts--your next paycheck is coming from you posing nude for Playboy. THen you can give Rob Lowe a call and offer to be his kid's nanny. Its a win-win situation! I'll tell ya what.

2280 days ago


This woman is a skank plain and simple. She emailed naked shots to a MARRIED CO-WORKER and assumed her body woudl be her ticket to fame. Now she sees that all we really think she a low class, exhibitionist hussy. So her plans backfired on her and now she wants to sue for easy money. The judge and everyone else will see right through her. Then she can go work at Burker King....

2280 days ago


Man... I would like to do this Babe....!

2280 days ago


family must be soo proud!! Her 15 min. aren't up yet? Maybe she should get together with the Spizter girl and they could do a porn tape.

2280 days ago



2280 days ago


I think comment 2 said it the best! She has a job waiting for her...................Rob Lowe's nanny! Sounds like they are from the same "mold"!

2280 days ago


Clearly - she doesn't think SHE should be responsible for HER own actions. It is always someone else's fault. Give me a break! She is a journalist and has plenty of TV experience, yet she 'didn't know' what to expect from the Dr. Phil show. She is just sad that her cry baby routine didn't work with the public. If it had, she would have been okay with everything. She is just trying another angle. Don't buy into this!

2280 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Isiah Washington was fired for using an anti-gay slur.

This woman assaulted an NYPD cop, called her a "dyke," and got arrested. She brought nothing but negative attention to her network. Of course she deserved to be fired. Her lawsuit will be dismissed and her boyfriend will probably dump her. Karma, baby.

2280 days ago


Actually, I heard that the shots she sent to her "married co-worker" were not naked, but her at the beach with friends that he also knew. They weren't sexual in any way - just vacation pics. I think this girl is getting a bad rap. Sure, she might be a little cuckoo at times, but aren't we all??

2280 days ago


Going on Dr Phil's is no worth it . 15 minutes of fame can get you in more trouble .

Look at the celebrities , they're PRIME examples .

2280 days ago


#9 Whatever!

A woman doesn't send a man bikini shots for no reason, even if there are others in the periphery. She knew what time it was and so did he. Her campaign to look innocent only makes her look worse. She got busted. Her behavior in NYC -slapping a cop and calling her names was far worse in my view, and that just showed everyone what she was really made of: not much!

She lost her job because she refused to behave in a civil way. She had a good gig, and SHE blew that. No one but her. And until she admits that to herself, her life won't get better.

2280 days ago


I watch the CBS news station in Philly that fired her. What you failed to also mention is her co-anchor, Larry Mente, has also been taken off the air and is under investigation because she alledges someone was reading her personal emails at the station. She is an embarrassment and deserved to be fired. The station turned a cheek to her emailing her scantly clad pics to a married man, the altercation in NYC was the final blow and deservedly so. I never heard any backlash from her being on Dr Phil and showing vulnerability when she broke down on the show. She's just trying to blame everyone but herself for her actions. Finally looks are not going to save her!

2280 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

I live in the area where Alicia was a news anchor. She brought all of this upon herself. She was on the air for a few years after the Dr. Phil show without incident. It was when she started sending pictures of herself to a pro athelete in a bikini, and punching people out that the station got rid of her. Now the saga continues, with her co-anchor suspended for allegedly snooping through her e-mails.

2280 days ago


Alycia, you look so pretty all the time. Don't listen to these people. What you think about yourself is all that matters~ :0) Booker, we misssss you. I don't listen to Q102 anymore, sucks without you :)


2280 days ago
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