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Nobody Hoses Moses!

6/21/2008 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlton HestonThou shall not break the Eighth Commandment against Charlton Heston!

Sharon Walker, who was accused of stealing $158,000 from Charton Heston (who passed away in April), pleaded no contest to two counts of grand theft and one count of tax evasion. Walker was an account manager at business management firm who had access to Heston and another man's financial information.

She was sentenced to more than five years in prison, and ordered to repay around 80 grand in back taxes.


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nice try noobz

can't beat me

2315 days ago


ahh so close

2315 days ago


His neck looks like a vayjay!

2315 days ago


its zingzong

2315 days ago



2315 days ago

Bob Abouey    

Get your stinkin' paws off me, you damn dirty thief!

2315 days ago


I must say this is the lowest. You can not find anything with which to attack Heston, so you show a pic of him mid-Alzhiemers. Have you people no shame? Is there nothing too low for you to try? My own parent died with Alzhiemers and I hope that someday you will learn to show the dignity (to all hurting people) that these patients must master as they deal with confusion and pain. You guys -- do better. Be a leader. Have a heart.

2315 days ago


Taking advantage of someone who is sick is not right. I hope she goes to the slammer for a long time. we love Mr. Heston and he will be missed but his work will live on for all to enjoy.
Thank you Mr Heston you are one of the real great actors of all time and may you rest in peace knowing we love you.

2315 days ago

pattie in cali    

this is sad, poor guy, shame on you walker,

2315 days ago


Thank you for using the correct past tense of "plead", TMZ. As you wrote, it is "pleaded".

2315 days ago

midwest gal    

Charlton Heston was one gorgeous man when he was a movie star.

Why on earth show a picture of him in his last stages of Alzheimer's??

It speaks more of your lack of taste & basic human decency.

This gal should go to jail for stealing. Doesn't matter who it is from.

2314 days ago

I call Shotgun    

I could not agree with you more #12 midwestgal. Chuck was *THE* man. May God bless his soul and his memory.

2314 days ago


Charlton Heston is the true movie star with class. i wish we could have cloned him.
now what are we left with ,nothing but lame want a be actors with no talent.

2314 days ago


Wow, only stole 158,00 and got over 5 years in jail, and Mr. Snipes evaded millions in taxes and he is still walking free??? I guess celebs are above the law. Where can I get on a show and become a celeb so I don't have to pay child support anymore and get away with it and committ crimes and drive drunk and only get one day in jail. Oh, I have had a DUI and got lcoked up for 3 months. Huh. Where's the justice in that.

2314 days ago

Victoria Secret    

There were few men like CH in the world, never mind the US. He was so much more than Mr. Rifleman, he was a civil rights activist, a man's man, and someone should be honored. A woman robbing from him deserves the book to be thrown at her. There were few that walked the life of Heston and few that ever will.

2314 days ago
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