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SJP to Son: You'll Smoke It, Too!

6/21/2008 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family that smokes together, bequeaths the habit to kids together.

Mr. SJP -- Matthew Broderick -- says he still falls off the wagon and will go on a week-long smoking binge from time to time. Matthew even threw his wife under the bus and revealed that SJP is actually worse with the sticks than he is. Matty told New York magazine that his 5-year-old son has the "gene of a smoker".

Whenever he and Sarah Jessica inhale, little Wilkie becomes a curious bee and is always asking what they're doing and why people smoke.

Paula and Boytoy -- Lil' Pitchy

It lasted longer than anyone ever thought: Paula Abdul and J.T. Torregiani, her restaurateur man of over a year, have called it quits, citing their hectic work schedules.

The duo reportedly broke up two months ago and J.T has moved out of Paula's manse according to Us. Last year the "Idol" co-host said she finally found a man that was a "positive force" in her life and had even caught baby fever, saying she wanted an offspring within the next two years.

The clock's tickin', but maybe Simon and Randy can make a small donation.

Archuleta's Dad Cramping His Style

It doesn't get any cooler than going on tour with the American Idol gang and having your dad along for the ride.

David Archuleta's stage dad wouldn't miss an opportunity to cramp his 17-year-old son style -- so Jeff's going on the bus with David. Towards the end of last season, David's father wasn't allowed back stage due to his unruly interference, but has somehow managed to squeeze his way back into his son's spotlight. David's pop has his own bunk and will apparently split the parental supervision duties with David's mom from time to time.

Looks like the other guys won't be having any groupies on the bus for their own rides (via People).

Party Favors: Hillary Clinton Hooking Up with Barack

It's only been two weeks since Hil walked off the political stage, but she is getting back on the road, and will campaign with Obama next Friday according to Us. Maybe she really is throwing her full support behind him.


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In the last paragraph, I meant on American Idol (sorry everyone)

2317 days ago


To the total MORON who refuses to educate herself regarding Obama...ROTFLMAO You must be one of those. The facts, which shoot your credibility all to smithereens, PROVE that Obama is not a muslim and yes he places his hand over his heart.
You know it's perfectly fine if someone does not support Obama or McCain or Hillary for that matter but at least don't insult the intelligence of those who read these blogs by lying. It shows a lack of class and that your apparently one of the uneducated out there...or your racist and I really could care which you suffer from but for someone like you to even attempt to lie when it's so easy these days to find the truth? Makes me wonder if your thankful that breathing is an automatic response....

2317 days ago


The fall you took must have totally destroyed your intelligence.

You are the one that is lying!!!!!


People go to HELL for talking that smack your slinging.

BRING IT BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2317 days ago


These two Deanna's are confusing me. Can anyone tell me who is who. Or is the first one talking to herself????
I'm confused!
The first Deanna sounds like her name is really Shani'qua LaCrecia Jackson.

2317 days ago


Who the hell let a mormon dad on the tour bus with the idols? Sick, sick, sick! They should ditch him at a rest stop.

2317 days ago


#17 The 1st Deanna
Your credibility is the one that is "shot". Obama IS a Muslim and he does not salute our flag. I'm surprised you do not know this, everyone else knows. How can he place his hand over his heart when he does not have one.

2317 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Every time I come on here and read these makes me less and less inclined to even bother with this site anymore... all the ignorant racsist sh*t people will spew hiding behind a keyboard!! It makes me very ill and I feel dirty for reading it. And I AM WHITE! All I wanted to say was that I could only stomach about 10 minutes of Paula's reality show to see what an absolutely crazy loon she is...I'm surpriesed someone made it for a year with her crazy drama!!

2316 days ago

Make It Right!!    

And smokers are not evil people...they are people solely with an addiction to nicotine and other chemicals put into cigarettes. Jennifer Aniston chain smokes Marlboro Reds and she's everybody's favorite girl next door. Don't wish people dead...karma is a biotch!!

2316 days ago

Make It Right!!    

OOOOOh, and I am so evil...I don't care to own an American Flag and never put one up, not even on the Holidays when you are supposed to! OOOOOHHHH! That makes me such a terrible person!! Forget the work I do, the family I raise, the charity work I do and commit money to...I don't own an American Flag so I must be the Devil incarnate!!! It's just a silly hardly show a person's true patriot spirit in their heart based on whether they wave one or not. Isn't the KKK into waving the flag?? If that is what a real American is, I'm glad I'm not one!!

2316 days ago


To your ad here-

You don't get addicted to cigarettes unless you are stupid enough to start smoking. I don't think addiction to nicotine is a new discovery. People KNOW when they try cigarettes that they are addicting so the 'poor people have a horrible addiction and can't help it' defense doesn't fly.

2315 days ago

Dani from Cali    

This is in response to #12 Cynic
I have great great great grandparents that were children of slaves. These so called slaves gave birth to soldiers whom fought
in all American Wars (including conflicts) after the Civil War. Some of my uncles couldn't even vote in their home state after returning from creating and/or defending DEMOCRACY in other countries. But you my friend have just made two misstatements:he Obama is not a muslim. Ask his white family that raised him. He and Michelle have saluted the American flag, I have seen it with my own eyes. And even if he did...that still won't disqualify him. As long as he is committed to uplifting the United States Of America with an ounce more dignity, compassion and integrity than the last admistration: I could care less!!

2277 days ago
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