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Amy Winehouse Officially Diseased

6/22/2008 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy WinehouseHuge shocker -- crack, cigarette and who-knows-what-else smoking trainwreck Amy Winehouse has a lung disease.

Winey's father, Mitch, spilled the beans on her hospitalization, admitting the 24-year-old has contracted emphysema -- the same disease Johnny Carson died from when he 79.

Mitch told the Daily Mail, "With smoking crack cocaine and the cigarettes her lungs are all gunked up ... She's got 70 per cent lung capacity."

Amy has been in the hospital since collapsing in her London home last week.


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She's a poor excuse for a human being......Hope we don;t have to look at her or hear her music ever again.....

2279 days ago


The racist skank should be in prison.

2279 days ago


Smoking causes emphysema....I still think its HIV.

2279 days ago

Are you kidding me?    

DJ...just curious to know why you are judging someone on their looks alone? All you talked about was what she looks like. Does what one looks like make them have disease? Or could it be (in this case) making stupid choices?
I hope you find happiness because when you truly do you won't judge on someones appearance.

2279 days ago


i feel sorry for her and her family because this young women is only 24 and the rest of her life is not looking good! to bad

2279 days ago


They tried to make her go to rehab but she said, no, no, no. I don't feel bad for her. She's an adult making her own decisions.

2279 days ago

Inside Out    

i dont know what's sadder, drug addiction or the world's fascination with it. all you people who comment negatively are pathetic. this site is pathetic. this is the only and last time i ever visit it.

2279 days ago


It's only about as fun as COPD-manageable, but if you live long enough it will kill you! She got it early in life, so I have no doubt this is what will kill, her if it is her fate to go biologically! Of course a lot of people living recklessly go of car wrecks, DRUGS, or suicide...

2279 days ago


My prayers go out to Amy Winehouses's parents..regardless of what she has done or not done with her life, they love her unconditionally..

It is sad, that such a beautiful talent like Amy has is going to be lost..I'm 74 years old and I think her singing is wondrful..

2279 days ago

Rush Limpbaugh    

Maybe after she dies she'll finally get the respect for the talented artist she is and then she'll be worshiped like the drugged up, deceased and turned God artists, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, etc., etc. It's really sad that her life is a mess but even sadder how no one really gives a f**k about her, she's a human for God's sake. We'd spend all of our resources rescuing a cat in drain hole but we can't save Amy Winehouse. Try to find your hearts people, it's that useless muscle beating in your chest!

2279 days ago


If her lungs don't kill her the use of drugs probably will.


John Belushi
River Phoenix
Kurt Cobain
Judy Garland
Heath Ledger
Marilyn Monroe
Anna Nicole Smith

Just to name a few of far too many.

2279 days ago


Wow, some of you are extremly rude! My grandfather died of emphyema on December 18th of this year, he fought hard and long with it and it was rough, I don't wish it on anyone even if it is Amy Winehouse.

2279 days ago


Poor girl! What chance has she got, with a father who blabs such "news" to the press? Did he get paid for it? People are making as much money off of Amy's addictions and personal problems as they are making off of her talent.

2279 days ago

Shirlaine D.    


1) We All Know That Amy Is mentally and Physically Bad Healthy (she's young, She's Bad Surrounded and easy to influence ... )

2) We All Know Also That There are resolution to Her Problem.... (As We Resolve Ours, She Can Resolve Hers)

3) We All Know That Everybody Is free To Do (In Legal condition) Whatever They Want

4) We All Know That Amy Goes Beyond... And She's Giving The Worst Example Ever And she doesn't care, She's persisting in her bad way And Nobody Try To Stop This, Even For Our Kids And Vulnerable teens Who Love Her song and/or admire Her!

5) We All Know that She Have Millions Fans And Detractors... And she failed to show Them a little respect cause she's now rich ... She's just care about her "Evil"profiteer Blake and her Crack...


1) Is This A Bizness Strategy, To Show Us The dégéneration of A young star?

2) Would The "product: Amy Winehouse" Be More profitable Once She will be dead (I'm not Wishing it) Like A Kurt Cobain?

3) Does Everyone Think It normal To Have her in TV/ radio/ magasine In This Pityful physical and mental condition?

4) When Will Stop This obstinacy Of believing That She Will recover Her "Full Of Meaning" A day by a miracle( The former Amy Doesn't Exist Anymore... And It Certain That She's Not In A way For Making Efforts)?

5) Is This a perversity To Watching her slowly death throes?Is This A consent For Having More Of This Kind Of "unhealthy junkies Artists" In The Music industry?

If someone Can just Reply (at least)To One Of These Questions.... Hope Will Appear...

2279 days ago


I feel sorry for her. She has in many ways been misguided. She's not a racist pig.....if you want to see a racist. Look at the potential Dem nominee for president.

2279 days ago
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