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Amy Winehouse Officially Diseased

6/22/2008 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy WinehouseHuge shocker -- crack, cigarette and who-knows-what-else smoking trainwreck Amy Winehouse has a lung disease.

Winey's father, Mitch, spilled the beans on her hospitalization, admitting the 24-year-old has contracted emphysema -- the same disease Johnny Carson died from when he 79.

Mitch told the Daily Mail, "With smoking crack cocaine and the cigarettes her lungs are all gunked up ... She's got 70 per cent lung capacity."

Amy has been in the hospital since collapsing in her London home last week.


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That disease is the worst. My 49-year old sister died last year due to complications of this illness. Let us hope and pray that this young woman has the strength and will to turn her life around before it kills her. (Yes, she is messed up, but that doesn't mean that we should not hope that she can recover.)

2282 days ago

yadda yadda    

so all you judgemental a$$h*les that say she deserves this, what do you say to my father who has it and never smoked a day in his life? Karma, that's all I have left to say.

2282 days ago


Poor girl! What chance has she got, with a father who blabs such "news" to the media? Did he get paid by the tabloids? Any is another Janis Joplin. people are making as much money off her addictions and personal problems as they are making off of her talent. After she dies, the exploitation will get worse. This seems to be the custom when any celebrity dies young.

2282 days ago

A Dizzle    

They will make her eat a ham sandwich or something I hope. I do feel sad for her Dad who always seems to try and rescue her sinking ship.

2282 days ago


Clearly this woman is a danger to herself. She has a long history of substance abuse, irrational behavior and, now a chronic pulmonary disease. Time for her competence to be assessed and, after a guardianship/conservatorship is established - she should be hospitalized and treated until the psychiatric disorders are as much under control as possible and her physiological pathologies are well controlled.

That ought to take a couple of years.

I won't miss seeing the UBER Keith Richard's female's photo in the paper nor her obit. Medicine can save this woman. Time for us to leave her alone and let her be treated.

2282 days ago


emphysema is not a disease you contract like a cold - its almost like heart disease it devlops because of repeated abuse to the lungs

2282 days ago


Amy is a human being, have some sympathy and mercy. It's sad that her dad said she will keep her commitment to sing where ever it is next week because that will help her. What? He said she controls her drug use when she has a show to do. Please. Did you see her on that video clip the other week or so, she could barely stand up and speak., money, money. If she were my daughter, I would want her to stay in the hospital as long as she can to get stronger and get her lungs cleaned out as much as possible, if that's possible. I don't have much hope for this poor girl to survive long. She needs a miracle. But with people like that in her life, I don't know...Maybe there's a clue there as to why she started this horrific drug. God bless Amy.

2282 days ago


Emphesema at age 25!!!!!! Assuming that is the correct and final diagnosis - that is really bad news, even your average heavy smoker usually does not manifest the symptoms until much much later in life - so even if she smartens up, which is a big "if", she is not going to be living a long life and not a very comfortable one at the end. Somehow I can't picture her in a scooter with an oxygen tank. There's a good PSA for crack cocaine users.

2282 days ago


It is clear that Amy's emotional troubles have led her to lead a lifestyle so destructive to her health. It is a VERY SAD story. This is not the time to call names, but sadly, it's what you folks at TMZ do best. Why don't you look in the mirror at yourselves -- pathetic monsters that you are, earning a living by inflicting cruelty on others and inciting the general public to jump on your malignant bandwagon. You people are sickening. YOU, TMZ are the trainwreck.

2282 days ago

Psycho Kasparian    

Being an amateur of psychology I really think she was asking for it. Her looks, her manners, her lifestyle and apparent lack of personal hygiene make her a special category of talented (some people would disagree) of singer. I wish her well but I doubt that she will make it to her 30th birthday. Her parents neglected her since her early childhood which lead her to be an anorexic for a short while and a drug addict, not to mention the many sex Partners she had. Who knows she may even have an STD. I am not surprised of the psychological consequences. Very Sad indeed.

2282 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

It only took me two trips to emergency to break my 10 year addiction to hard liquor. July 8th will be my third year sober. All my love, thoughts and prayers are with Amy.

2282 days ago


One does not "contract" emphysema, it is a disease that develops.

2282 days ago


Victoria ~ You should hope like hell that no one EVER judges you, as harshly as you judge others!

2282 days ago


She is a true poster child for Not doing drugs...she used to be just beautiful, I wish her the best in recovery, and hope she has a good ending to her life story.

2282 days ago


she's 24 yrs old and has only 70% lung capacity!? wtf!? i hope this serves as wake up call to her and other smokers and drug abusers. it may be YOUR right to kill yourself, but it's also MY right to NOT have to pay for it in tax increases on public health care and premium increases on the private end. drugs are BAD for you! smoking is BAD for you! even ALCOHOL (tho, i also imbide time and again) is BAD for you, esp in excess. if you want to smoke and drink and do drugs, just kill yourself now and save us the trouble!

2282 days ago
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