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Violent Surfers Shred Paps Over McConaughey

6/22/2008 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A group of surfers just got gnarly on a group of paps -- all over photos of beach king Matthew McConaughey!

Around 12 photographers were on the beach in Malibu Saturday afternoon trying to get shots of Matty hitting the surf, when an all-out smackdown was laid on the pappers by turf-protecting surfers.

One pap was hit in the face and we're told suffered a broken nose, while another was thrown into some rocks and had his camera smashed. McConaughey was not involved in the ruckus.

Police tell us a battery report was filed by one photographer but no arrests have been made.

A rep for Matthew has yet to get back to us.


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Ya know... I thought I had stopped laughing long enough to type.... but I was wrong *lmao*

Sorry TMZ, but... I just can't feel their pain and it has nothing to do with my fentanyl patch.

I will say that not all paps are jackazzes, but many... *many* do deserve to get their buts kicked. What did they think the surfers were just going to let them hang around? They're surfers... the paps were on their beach.

Broken nose and a broken camera? I think the paps got off lucky actually. Shoulda smashed all the cameras.

Seriously though... I think it's about time that citizens started taking their privacy back from shutter happy busybodies who make a living at selling photos of anyone they darn well please. I've actually been waiting for someone caught in a pic of a celebrity to sue the pap who took the pic for using *their* image.

2285 days ago


HEy, "pap 101. What's the matter, nose out of joint?

2285 days ago


Ha Ha HA TMZ...while I hated you yesterday...I love you today...THIS is the BEST story E V E R....Go Surfer Dudes!!!

2285 days ago


2285 days ago


pap 101...

Oversimplify much?

It's not just about simply taking photos of someone in a public place. It's about going to extremes and invading the privacy of others.

There's a huge difference between the vast majority of people who log on and look for news about celebrities. The majority of us would be quite satisfied with telephoto shots now and then. Yes, we post in the posts here at TMZ and other sites about the pics/video that are up. But do you not see many of us telling TMZ (and other sites) that we find their footage over the line? The ones that are saying "yay", laughing, or thinking that the paps deserved it are not the ones normally egging them on to get closer and closer.

And did the surfers just go to some random spot and beat up random photographers? No. The paps came to where the surfers were and the surfers considered it an invasion of privacy apparently. Besides, do we have an entire story here? No. We don't know how many times the surfers asked them to leave. We've heard TMZ's crew several hundred times now be more than a bit caustic. How do you know they didn't actually *start* the fight?

Sorry... but unless they were all just sitting pretty using please and thank you and all sorts of niceties that we know most paps are famous for *not* using, you can't possibly sit there and act like it was a completely unprovoked attack.

Besides... group of strangers walks onto a surfing beach trying to take photos without anyone's permission... kind of a dumb move, wouldn't you think? Surfers can tend to be a bit territorial at times.

2285 days ago


Damn hodads.

2285 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

Hey pap 101,
Maybe you haven't heard of the right to be left alone. SCOTUS certainly has, and now so have the paps-those intrusive, insidious, invidious leeches and sadists. Maybe more celebs will enforce their own Constitutional rights-by whatever means are necessary.

2285 days ago


Yeah Dude, i totally kick paparazzi ASS!!

2285 days ago

McCain sucks!    

Those malibu surfers are wimps, nothing more. i wish I was there.

2285 days ago

McCain sucks!    

I've ran across those mailibu surfers there wimps big time.

2285 days ago


Go surfers!! Good look paps finding a sympathetic court, jury and judge to hear your complaints in Southern California. Remember that pap that had his foot run over and how the judge all but laughed at his complaint against Britney Spears?

2285 days ago


28. how can anyone think this is right? just go around and start punching photogs? if anyone thinks any celebrity is going to appreciate you assualting a pap you're wrong. and while you all may feel great about this don't kid yourselves this is assualt and over what? people taking photos of someone in a public place. maybe next time when you or someone you know picks up a magazine or turns on the tv to see what lindsay or britney are doing there'll be someone there to punch you in the face. hypocrites!
Posted at 9:58PM on Jun 21st 2008 by pap101

ROFLOL - I LOVE YOUR RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION! It is so funny, are you a paparrazzi?
I have no problem with journalists, and I have no problem with photographers ... But paparazzi are a different story all together and its time there is legislation to lock these roaches up. I seriously doubt that the Surfers would have done jack shlt if the photographers had been just standing there and taking pictures. 99.9% of the time when you run into them they are not only stalking and following the celebrities they are provoking them and trying to elicit a reaction out of their prey. Preferably a negative or shocking reaction as the story and pictures will be worth more. This practice is not reporting the news it is fraudulently trying to create the news. Robbing celebrities of there money earned off there images and creating false images.

2285 days ago


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2285 days ago


We should all respect celebrities for all the good and important contributions they make for society. They give so much of themselves for so little in return. No group is more important to the progressive growth of society than celebrities. Without them, the world suffers. We all must do our part to guarantee their safety and do what we can to make their lives easier. They deserve our utmost admiration and respect.

2285 days ago

More important!    

12 photographers were on the beach in Malibu this afternoon trying to get shots of Matty

Yea, that says it all. So sad

2285 days ago
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