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Dixie Chick Won't Beat Around the Bush

6/23/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If there's one thing Natalie Maines is good for -- other than playing a mean six-string -- it's bashing President Bush every chance she gets.


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You haters are idiots, not every person in Texas and Nevada hate the Dixie Chicks so don't generalise. Their music is great, but you disagree with Natalie speaking out against the President at a time when everyone was scared and uninformed with what was going on. There is nothing fat or ugly about them.... Lemme tell you you'll be fat when you have a kid too. And now most of the US are doing what Natalie did in 2003, questioning whether Bush lied to us all (IMO he did). And the Dixie Chicks are better off without you uneducated, unintelligent rednecks people as fans.

2282 days ago


My god some of you are so ignorant! Natalie and the chicks were RIGHT!!!! And i wish you would let it drop cos I'd say they would love to instead of being asked about it everytime they're approached by the paps. People calling her ignorant or stupid are total brainwashed hipocrits..wake up!!

And "sun-spots"..they're called freckles.

2282 days ago


I hate her and I know sooo many people who do as well. If she would have kept her fat ass mouth shut, she could have been REALLY loaded! Too bad she screwed it up for the whole band!!!

2282 days ago


I love you Texas. There is no reason that this annoying person should reflect how great Texas really is. I wish she would crawl into a whole and go away. The only reason she is around is because she says controversial things.

2282 days ago


They asked her about Bush. She didn't bring it up.
And hello? Age spots? They are called freckles. Get a clue.
Chicks Rule!
Thank God Bush will be done driving our country into the ground soon.

2282 days ago


Shut up & breed you ugly butt.

2282 days ago

Amazing T!    

Good for her!
Go Natalie!

2282 days ago


she makes these comments so people will pay some sort of attention to her. sounds like an unoriginal broken record, and i love the way the bush-haters (pres bush, that is....) jump up & down like trained monkeys every time she utters her "profundities". glad she is in cali, you guys can have her.

2282 days ago


she is a no talent waster. #10 hit it right on! the dixie chunks need to experience an islamic government!

2282 days ago

Amazing T!    


2282 days ago


Natalie Maines is an idiot. And a hypocrite. She squealed like a pig crying like a baby about her first amendment rights allegedly being trampled on and then turned right around and criticized bitterly people who criticized her. See how that works? People who criticize her are evil anti free speech terrorists but she should be able to criticize whoever she wants without consequence. It's called a hypocrisy. Yo, fatty, there is no constitutional right to have your music played on country radio. I know this may be a newsflash, but it's not there-I looked it up. She's just plain dumb. Listening to her reasons for being against the war(namely, Europe doesn't like us!)was painful and embarrassing. Natalie doesn't know an effing thing about Iraq, our history with Iraq or Saddam or our history with Europe for that matter. I used to be a big fan but with each successive moronic statement from her, her massive hypocrisy and blatant self victimization-I just couldn't stand it anymore.

2282 days ago

Amazing T!    

only a few more months till November.....we're all counting down the days.

2282 days ago

Amazing T!    

I don't care about the Dixie Chicks, but I support her stance against the worst President of all time!

2282 days ago


Love her and love the dixie chicks. Let the countdown begin. Less than a year and Bush can go back to that lame ass state and hang with all the loser ignorant people that reside there.

2282 days ago


Yes, some Texans love the Dixie Chicks, I do.

2282 days ago
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