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Dixie Chick Won't Beat Around the Bush

6/23/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If there's one thing Natalie Maines is good for -- other than playing a mean six-string -- it's bashing President Bush every chance she gets.


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Pretty sad that she has to invoke the President's name just to try to keep her own pathetic name in the press. Your career is over, honey. Go see if Playboy will airbursh you and put you on their cover. That's your only hope for another 15 minutes of fame.

2274 days ago

Granny Pants    

Say what you will, nobody in the industry will touch them with a 10 foot pole, ever.

2274 days ago


Natalie Maines Rocks! Y'all are just bitter cause she realized that Bush was a liar before everyone else did. Get over it already! Chicks Rule! Long live Natalie Maines. The smartest woman from Texas!!!!

2274 days ago


10. Maines needs to be sent to an islamic country, then we see how fast her fat mouth gets shut. Then she might start appreciating the freedom she has!

Posted at 5:48PM on Jun 23rd 2008 by chefkat


You people don't even realize what America is all about. FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!! Get it/?????.....just because you don't like what she says doesn't mean she needs to vacate the country. Geez....what a bunch of freaking idiots.

2274 days ago

Mike S    

Natalie Maines is the greatest! I love her singing, and I love her attitude. Her politics are great too! Dixie Chicks ROCK!

2273 days ago


It's kind of shocking that some would still be blind enough to back the worst President in history, but maybe not. Hindsight should be 20-20, but I guess there are those who like where this nation is headed. Natalie Maines should be given credit for being brave enough to speak her mind when she did.

Sort of like the majority of voters have as they recently have shown in electing Democrats like crazy...

2273 days ago

Mike S    

Natalie Maines is from a country where FREEDOM OF SPEECH is the cornerstone of our rights. And do you know what freedom of speech is about, and why it was considered important by the Founding Fathers? The Founders wanted a country where people truly are free (we've lost that, obviously), and especially free to speak out against their own government and/or politicians, including the president. If you think Natalie Maines deserves some sort of punishment or retribution for exercising her freedoms in this free country then you need to leave the country and find someplace that doesn't allow freedom of speech (try China, see how you like it).

Musically, I love the Dixie Chicks. Their last CD was phenomenal and even better than the one before it! And that CD was spectacular. Natalie is a great singer. The DCX make great music. Their last CD was the #4 best selling CD of 2006. "Not Ready To Make Nice" was a hit (downloads) and #1 on VH1 for over 10 weeks. Their tour was re-scheduled, and they lost some of their Nazi/Fascist fans, but they re-routed the tour and it was a success. I saw them at Staples Center in Los Angeles, and it was probably the greatest concert I've ever seen. When they were showing a preview for their movie "Shut Up and Sing" everyone cheered Natalie, but when Bush's ugly mug appeared on the screen everyone booed and hissed. What a magic moment.

When Natalie sang the bridge of "Not Ready To Make Nice," ("sayin' that I better shut up and sing or my life will be over" the crowd literally roared with applause. Another magic moment! Almost 20,000 people cheering for our civil liberties that Bush and his gang of criminals have attacked and eroded. Some people really do get it...and about 20,000 of them were at Staples Center that night. Go to YOUTUBE and look at other concert videos of NRTMN and you'll see the same reaction from the crowd. Thank God for the United States. Thank God for the US Constitution. Thank God for Freedom of Speech. And Thank God for Natalie Maines and the Dixie Chicks.

2273 days ago


Dumbpuck: Worst? Read post #43. You're obviously extremely young.

2272 days ago


Mike S: Yes, we do have freedom of speech in our country. However, Natalie chose to trash the president with her comments in front of her concertgoers in England. Whatever your political leanings, a musician of class and actual talent would never need to inject politics into a music concert. I'm not surprised that she didn't make that comment during a USA concert - she knows the makeup of her audience and wouldn't have gotten away with it - instead, she chose to be a coward and spew her vitriol overseas.

2272 days ago


Natalie SUCKS!!!

2272 days ago


The Dixie Chicks rock! Love all of 'em, always have and always will! There have been countless other celebs that have bashed Bush that went unnoticed but all of a sudden Nat says what other Texans are thinking, as well as the rest of the country, and she's getting death threats. THANK GOD HE'S ALMOST OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE AND DONE SENDNIIG THIS COUNTRY TO HELL IN A HAND BASKET. And to the idiots calling the girls all those horrible names, get a life, look at a picture, and stop being jealous haters! GO CHICKS AND OBAMA!

2230 days ago


Tell me this - are all of the people who are posting comments against this entertainer saying that they actually support the Bush administration and disagree with anyone who says something against him? Are you all saying that you actually believe in this war, enjoy the higher prices at the pump, find the economy comforting, like paying ridiculous prices for heating oil, food and watching your bills skyrocket while your income increases only the average 3-4%. I get that you do not like this music or even this person - but are you really supporting this president? I just have to know if all of the 23% of people who actually support this administration in the national polls are also the same people who dislike Natalie. In truth, I have really wondered how the heck to find that demographic. Once you have answered this, tell me - do you vote also or just mouth off against people who disagree with this presidency (and yes I support the troops up to and including my nephew whose life is on the line everyday).

2229 days ago

D L H    

Gee, I thought we had FREEDOM of Speech and Freedom of Expression..Thats ALL they did was express themselves,at least they didnt show up on the steps of the capitol building and burn the U.S Flag, maybe those are the people you should be attacking instead of a select few that just decided too use their FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION..GETTA GRIP PEOPLE, I HOPE THE DIXIE CHICKS ARE AROUND FOR A LONG LONG TIME..

2229 days ago


The chicks and especially Natalie are the ONLY good thing to come out of Texas! What a bunch of redneck, inbred, ignorant asses. How can you say you love this country when you don't support what it stands for!! Freedom of speech is what we fight for fools. When you deny them play time on the air waves and bulldoze their works of art, you support censorship and repression of freedom. Wake up little Susie, it's 2008 not 1950. We have an obligation to keep an eye on what our politicians do, we put them there. So if they act like asses and thus make us look like asses in the eyes of the world community, I for one want it called to attention. Come on 01/20/2009 THE END OF AN ERROR!

2229 days ago


Hey TK are you TK from FUTK? Any regrets man?

2229 days ago
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