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Dixie Chick Won't Beat Around the Bush

6/23/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If there's one thing Natalie Maines is good for -- other than playing a mean six-string -- it's bashing President Bush every chance she gets.


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Natalie for President    

I find it amazing that so many people can hate a person for telling the truth. Oh, it was that she said it overseas that bothered you? What about this fool Obama campaigning there? Is that okay? RIGHT ON, NATALIE!!!!!!!

2267 days ago

Natalie for President    

Oh, and as for Toby Keith, he should thank his lucky stars for Natalie Maines and the wars in the Middle East, or he'd still be in obscurity. What an opportunist!! And you folks fall for his flag-waving-for-profit, LOL And his singing sucks, too.

2267 days ago


Not loved in NY either!! A wake-up call is needed for those of you think she has a lick of sense.

2267 days ago


Premise: Let's suppose the Dixie Chicks were alive and performing in the late 1930'0.
After Pearl Harbor 12/7/1941 and FDR's massive imprisoning of Japenese American's, German American's and even some Italian American's as well, plus the way our Nation talked aboutJAP's, NAZI's, FACIST's, and the all out war we waged on them; would theDixie Chick's have been as insulting to FDR as they are to GWH?
And if they were would they have been seen in the public or would they have disappeared?
Just a little food for thought for those who were NOT around in those "Days of the Greatest Generation' and the hardships we all faced (ALL nationalities in ALL countries!).
Jobs, food, housing, rights, ans safety did not exist anywhere.
Sorry, but I do not support anyone who denegrates the USA from any era, race, or national origin.
To me they prove their caring is reserved only for themselves.
Like others have said, "Go to a 'not so nice' country' and try to live by their rules without any $ or fame to 'protect' you and maybe, just maybe you will survive and come back a changed person. With a new and reborn attitude about what World Peace potential will really take to accomplish.
One person at a time, followed by one group at a time, followed by one nation at a time, and only then might all nations actually become Peace oriented!
May God send His Son Jesus Christ into the World and find that most of God's Children have accepted His Plan for Peace and Oneness with Him.

2267 days ago



2267 days ago



2267 days ago


Regardless of the Dixie Chicks' feelings about President Bush, let's remember the real offense, THAT WHEN AMERICA WAS TERRIBLY ATTACKED AT THE PENTAGON, THE PLANE THAT WENT DOWN IN PA, AND THE TWIN TOWERS, THE DIXIE CHICKS WEREN'T INTERESTED. THEY BASHED AMERICA AND BUSH. WE NEEDED TO BE UNIFIED AND THEY DIDN'T CARE ABOUT THE INNOCENT PEOPLE KILLED AND MAIMED. I've lived in TX and the people there are great, as is the rest of America. We haven't had a major attack in the U.S. because of Bush's policies, so they can call him names, but he's protecting their backsides also. And, the Bush policies have stopped many attacks. This isn't about First Amendment Rights, this is about an American group going TO ENGLAND TO BASH AMERICA DURING OUR DARKEST HOUR. I haven't spent one dime on them, Linda Ronstadt, Barbra Streisand et al. And it feels good!

2267 days ago


If 40,000 in Houston Texas attended a rodeo, Natalie was right, but in addition to being ashamed of G. W. Bush, they should all be ashamed of themselves wonder GW left CT for TX, in CT he's a proven dope, in TX, he's one of the smart ones...! History will show why it's not PC to use the word "retard" least about a President.

2267 days ago

Jan Huibregtse    

America DID NOT lose their right to freedom of speech just because Bo Bo the Clown became President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2267 days ago


Natalie has a right as an American citizen to speak her opinion...such are the the privileges of living in a free and democratic country...we may not like what she says...but just the same it also gives us the right to voice our opinion on her and/or her opinion. I may not agree with ALL she has to say but The Chicks admittedly are a stellar group of musicians...sorry..but they are..face it...and I will continue to buy and listen to their music. As for Toby Keith...I can't help but love him...and his music....he's just an AWESOME supporter of our troops....I can't believe that he or ANYONE else "loves" war....but face it folks...we are in this for the long haul...we might as well support the men and women who are out doing their job fighting for freedom.
God Bless The USA & Our Troops!

2267 days ago

sandra hayes    

These women need to go to another country....tooo bad they wernt in the world trade center!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am not from Texas!!!!!!!!!The rest of thecountry can't stand them either!!!!!!!Don't forget WHO is dying for their free speach.....FREEDOM ISN'T FREE.........

2267 days ago


These girls are both ignorant and not especially bright, so they ought to stick to what they know and quit mouthing off. Most people would be too embarrassed to publically opine on subjects they know nothing about. But our media regularly encourages our mostly not-too-cerebral celebrities to do just that. From the Dixie Chicks' perspective, if they can't get publicity for their music, they can get it for their dumbass opinions and airing their dirty laundry (affairs, divorces, vulgarity, shcoking disrespect for elected officials and their own fans, etc.) in public. But they really have a lot of nerve calling their detractors and former fans "rednecks" when it is the Dixie Chicks that fit the stereotype of poorly reared and uneducated southern white trash to the proverbial "t". Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

2267 days ago


My my my... Aren't we ladies. Nasty foul mouth ladies! Shame on you . May you always be remember ,not by your music,but by the failer of your mouth to respect the position of the presidency. We don't want to hear your stuff we just wanted the music. Now, its not wanted either.

2267 days ago


We have soldiers who die everyday for her right and our right to speak. She does paint a picture of herself through the language she uses to communicate her thoughts, though. In my opinion, a person uses the vulgarity she uses when they don't have self-control or sufficient vocabulary to express one's self. I also believe that she loses credibility with the majority of the educated public every time she chooses to express herself the trashy way she does. But hey, she's the one who's got to live with the consequences of what she does and I am thankful that I can choose to not listen to her. It is too bad that she is a part of the Dixie Chicks. As much as I liked their music, I stopped listening to her and the group when she made it evident that she couldn't be a positive role model for my kids. Our country needs educated kids who understand that they can communicate their thoughts and feelings effectively without expletives.

2267 days ago

Educated Women    

As for the comment that "if you make fun of the Dixie Chicks you are jealous" . Whast is there to be jealous of, a band that received the most negative fame for bashing our countries President or that they are the most hated in many states. I am all for women getting to the top in this country and for them to be role models for my daughter. The Dixie Chicks before this could have been viewed as good role models but once you cross the line and public embarass your own country you become a bad example. I am a republican and I didn't like the Clintons being in office but I would never have allowed my daughter to say anything disrespectful about them. Bill Clinton was still our President. I think that these girls were just not brought up right and were never taught to respect people. I know that President Bush has masde mistakes during his presidency but he is only a human being and is not infalible. There has only been a few past presidents that have had to face so many major problems that this president has had to deal with. So for those out there that find fault with the way things that Presidents past and present do for the betterment our country, please consider running for this office or keep you mouth shut. As for the Dixie Chicks I will never buy another CD not because they are not talented but because of the type of role models they have become.

2267 days ago
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