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F***, George Carlin's Dead

6/23/2008 2:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George CarlinBust out those seven words, it's time for a tribute. Legendary comedian George Carlin has died.

The 71-year-old Carlin died around 6:00 PM PT this evening at an L.A. hospital after being admitted earlier in the afternoon for chest pains.

A battle over his comedy -- namely his "Filthy Words" routine -- went all the way to the Supreme Court.


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To Freeman...I have to disagree with you. Some of the same people who liked his comedy...DIED!!! So, there is already an audience for him up there. Plus, who knows how the older generations would take his brand of comedy? Unless you've been up there, you cannot say whether it would be tolerated or not.

2282 days ago


I am truly saddened by his passing. As a girl in the housing projects of NJ we loved the comedy records and standup routines of Redd Foxx and Cosby and Pryor. But I remember vividly the first time I heard Carlin. He made me laugh so hard. He was the first white comedian I'd heard who had an "edge" to his work, but he also just made me laugh out loud till I cried. I loved so much of his work, but especially his routine about growing up in "White Harlem" He said he and his friends felt so much "tougher" calling it that since the real name as "Morningside Heights." He was such a master of language and societal irony. I absolutley adored him. A true GENIUS who will be greatly missed. Thanks for the laughter, George.

2282 days ago


damn you theists are annoying. he's not "up there" entertaining anyone. he's just dead. if you respected him like you pretend to do then quit "RIP"ing and praying for him. he wouldn't want it

2282 days ago


To #76: Sorry to disagree with you Julia, but I can say for sure that his style of "entertainment" will not be tolerated in Heaven. You see, I read the Bible.

2282 days ago

Me, myself and I    

55. #25, you fail to understand that Mr. Carlin was a master of language, that he was a gifted observer of the human condition, and that he was very, very funny. Perhaps you should get out more; i.e., get away from Texas.

Posted at 2:49AM on Jun 23rd 2008 by Jonggmaster

You are very funny to me, since I've lived the majority of my life in Maryland. I've lived my life, and I've never believed that George Carlin was any importance as a comedian. When someone is truly brilliant, you do not have to sink to the level of using curse words to be funny. Curse words are used for shock value. Shocking does not equal brilliant. I do not agree that he was a gifted observer of the human condition. I'm about to hit my 60th decade, so I've been around for awhile and have seen a lot of stuff. Texas has nothing to do with my thinking. In fact, I've traveled to many parts of the world. Carlin's brand of humor is very disrespectful to most of the world. If you believe that he was in tune with "the human condition", then I believe that your view of the world is very narrow.

Sorry, but I only have ten or twenty years left in my life.

2282 days ago


Come on you guys and gals. Carlin was funny. It's not for us to judge. Athiest, Christian, I don't know what he was. I know this, he was funny! He did have a liberal trashy side. He never offended me, because I am in touch with God's sense of humor! He also was a brilliant comic! Critics, laugh out loud, you know you want to!

2282 days ago


Via Con Dios George--You will be deeply missed.

2282 days ago

jim miller    

So long George. You have left a true legacy of attacking God and everyone in the world who has faith in Him. You have influenced millions of young minds in believing that degrading humans for their faith is appropriate and necessary. You have certainly displayed a great amount of integrity in the manner in which you have unapologetically lived your tragic ife. And now we are left without your wit and intellect to interpret for us many of life's great mysteries. Oh yes, there's your apostle, Bill Maher to carry on the cause.

2282 days ago


I was so sad to hear of his passing. He was such a funny guy. I didn't appreciate his "God" act, but he knows better now! I'd love to see the look on his face. God Bless, George and R.I.P. You will be missed!

2282 days ago


There aren't too many celebertaries that I would be sad about dying but this guy was a genius. A person who started a trend in his business. The best of the best and he will be missed very much by so many. He was one of the best stand up folks of his time and you will never see anyone better. Rest in Peace George and hopefully I will meet you one day. Its a sad sad day for the comedy world when one of their greats die. RIP buddy.

2282 days ago


I'll never forget - worship the sun. And Joe Pesci.


2282 days ago

Karald Aushix    

This is interesting. Some things his daughter wrote ten years ago on her mother's death. A diary of sorts. Puts him into perspective as a husband and a father.

2282 days ago


I'll never forget - worship the sun. And Joe Pesci.


2282 days ago


Diane T. in Texas, I undestand where you are coming from. BoB hope, Don Rickles, They were very funy without cuss words. Jack Benny, Milton Berle. Great, Great comics. But all that said and felt, it doesn't take away from Carlin's brilliance!

2282 days ago


George , You now know the truth if God really exsists, RIP my Friend.

2282 days ago
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