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Malibu Surf & Turf War -- The Rematch

6/23/2008 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Private security was hired to patrol the beach where Matthew McConaughey surfs -- but that didn't stop another brutal beach beatdown from taking place yesterday between a band of violent locals and the paparazzi.

After a beachgoer chucked a beer bottle at one of the paps on the shore, an all-out brawl took place by the water -- ending with some badly busted-up faces and a lot of ruined camera equipment.

Though the L.A. County Sheriffs Department eventually showed up, no arrests were made.


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The Papa-rats sucks. I hope they go back a 3rd time and get another beating!

2291 days ago


Get rid of every source for celebrity gossip and pictures and watch all these people cheering the surfers on cry like little b@tches.

2291 days ago


Great video, gives new meaning to PAP SMEAR, ha ha ha surfers rule, surfers kick ass, euro trash bitches don't belong at the beach, fight for right to keep jack off PAPS from the beach!

2291 days ago

Bruce Dean    

The surfers are an obvious bunch of wimps - a large group, too feeble to stand up by themselves, they only attack in a pack that outnumbers the photographers doing their job.

...and all of the wimps are laughable - hiding behind their computers and cheering the girly surf punk gang on while watching a video filmed by the paparazzi that they hate.

2291 days ago


Good, this will teach those paparazzi a lesson. This guys are lucky they live in the US, somewhere else they would be beat and shot at more frequently for bothering people with their stupid cameras.

Way to go surfers!!!

2291 days ago


Without the paparazzi there would be no tmz, or any other celeb sites, There would also be no rag mags. If your goal is to shut it all down why do you visit these places?
You can't have your cake & eat it too,

2291 days ago


I suppose this shows the extent of the distrust and disgust. People should not take the law into their own hands, nor should they HAVE to. The paps recognize no boundaries. Not personal space, not privacy, not public safety.

Violence isn't the answer and it should not have to reach this point before laws are enacted to protect the public and the pap targets' privacy.

2291 days ago


IM hearing through the grapevine that all ofthe major malibu and LA/VC surg crews hada meeting yesterday and declared "open season" on Paps in Malibu. I was at Malibu Inn last night and overheard a bunch of guys, old and young talking about making a bunch of calls to other surfers and locals about its time to puch these freaks out of malibu's beaches once and fo all as they are just tired of the paps pulling knives on people, vandalizing property, and taking up the limited parking in the beaches. Paddling out to take photos of celebs and getting in the way of surfing. They said that force is no "authorized" to take back Malibu and make it safe again.

2291 days ago


I have ZERO sympathy for the paparrazi. You do your profession disservice when you strategically edit video to paint yourselves as victims. I think you and your photogs are rude and most of your Q's are ignorant.

Don't get me wrong. I think Celebs are douchebags too.

2291 days ago


the paparazzi wouldnt even be there is there wasnt a market for these pictures. who are the millions of sheep that buy grocery rags?

2291 days ago

joan kaye    

The papparazzi are targets for resistance to their aggressive behavior with their cameras to get a scoop. Certain Hollywood stars invite their presence to keep their profiles in the tabloids but not everyone in Hollywood. I don't condone violent resistance against them for that only makes the situation worse especially if the police don't intervene and stop the retaliation. If I became perturbed with them invading my privacy, I would use a high power hose on them and their cameras and wash the whole kit and kabootle into the ocean.


2291 days ago


Good for them Maybe it will keep PIGS like you from harassing People. I understand that when you become a "celeb" you sacrifice some of your prvacy but you PIGS take it to a whole new leve. People are entitled to Some privacy while doing things they wish to do.

2291 days ago


Those are thugs. The paps are not breaking any law, the beachgoers on the other hand ARE breaking the law. In Europe you don't see any of this because they have laws in place to avoid the constant hounding of celebrities. They need to enact those laws here too. DUH!

2291 days ago


They need to put all these uneducated barbaric animals back on a boat to England. Typical behavior from this kind. They are dragging this country down.

2291 days ago


Take a hint.

2291 days ago
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