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Malibu Surf & Turf War -- The Rematch

6/23/2008 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Private security was hired to patrol the beach where Matthew McConaughey surfs -- but that didn't stop another brutal beach beatdown from taking place yesterday between a band of violent locals and the paparazzi.

After a beachgoer chucked a beer bottle at one of the paps on the shore, an all-out brawl took place by the water -- ending with some badly busted-up faces and a lot of ruined camera equipment.

Though the L.A. County Sheriffs Department eventually showed up, no arrests were made.


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Hey you should no by now that in Calif. you can get away with anything!! The surfers were wanting attention.

2283 days ago


Surfers are territorial. Always been that way....Always will. And that's exactly the reason no arrest were made. Photog's got owned! GO SURFERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2283 days ago

This is Yuck!    

Don't you know, you don't MESS with surfer's on THEIR BEACH?? I love how the Pap Smears all say it's public property. Yea, tell that to the surfers who have been going there for years. Good thing there wasn't a female photog.. She would of gotten her A$$ kicked also.

This is just the start of it. Look for more beatings in the future...

2283 days ago


Awww, po babies, wonder how the paps feel aboput having their privacy invaded?

2283 days ago


Will someone please start a website devoted to Paps getting their due. Call it PapBeatDown.Com

2283 days ago


Hmm,...I can see the TMZ pitch tank this time. You know, the room they present the material they have and talk like a bunch of catty b!tches.

"OK, I have one,...there were a bunch of us on the beach acting like the parasites we are and we got our assses kicked by some of the skinnest surfers on the planet. Yeah,...we pretty much suck."

A man can dream,...

2283 days ago


I love seeing the paps get their cameras smashed, wish there was more of that. Now if there was more of them getting beat, that would be even better. LUV YOU SURFER GUYS!!!

2283 days ago

Charger Fan    


I said it yesterday with the first beach fight story, and I will say it again. You had better read the posts on this story VERY SERIOUSLY. This is a serious beatdown for you and the style of journalism you erroneously THINK the public wants to see. You have over 98% of the public - the ones serious enough to sit down and type - saying "yes, of course we are on this site because we like to see this stuff BUT we also all think you and your bunch of selfish, inconsiderate, impolitic, danger-causing douchebag photographers have GONE WAY OVER THE LINE too many times - and we don't want to see that behavior ever." I have been walking down the street with my kids in Santa Monica only to have a swarm of paparazzo idiots walking backwards en masse to follow a celeb and knocking over everything and everyone in sight. They will stand on your car, knock over stuff in a store, push over your baby stroller, etc.

No one wants to see violence, period, especially when your motivation to punch the idiot photographers is their lack of personal or public ettiquite, but until the Cal legislature gets a new law drafted (hurry up people), you heard the public fight back today. Harvey, read these posts VERY closely. There is NO WAY you ever anticipated the backlash you were going to receive on your own site, but that's where the public is feeling right now - they want order and respect back, even if it means there may be a few less pictures to see, SO USE YOUR STATUS and influence to do something good and self-legislate against stalkerazzi, or are you just in it totally shamelessly and for the money.

What's it going to be, Harvey, do you have any integrity left ???? I say no.

2283 days ago


.... ya know ,one of these days, one of those surfer kids is going to be out by himself and one or 2 or 3 papz will recognize him and i hope they beat the living f*ck out of him !!!! PAYBACKS A B*ITCH....

2283 days ago

patsy ramsey    

not fore nothing but its sad that the pap's dont get the police protection they deserve, after all pap's pay taxes. they probably pay more taxes then the beach bums throwing bottles and destroying HD camcorders worth $20,000 dollars

i guess police make their own rules on who gets protection, with no arrests apparantly the beach bums get all the perks

2283 days ago


one more thing, if getting your pix taken is part of bein a celeb then should a pap getting ass kicked part of his job? I think Yes.

2283 days ago


To Quote Carlos Mancia Are these f**king IDIOTS retarted, Stay away and you won't get your asses kicked, morons.

2283 days ago


Maybe the paps should stay away from where they are clearly not wanted. You people are parasites.

2283 days ago


i am totaly not suprised . a home on the beach there goes for 10 million or more . i am sure they got tired of seeing 50 guys harrasing thier nieghbors in thier own back yard ! not all those people are famous ! those guys may be rich , but they worked thier butts off to live in malibu or they worked thier butts off to keep what they have ! i feel sorry for the people in malibu who lworked so hard to get a home on the beach who just want to live thier lives that get told to get out of the way for jwanting to stand in a certain spot ! who try to go to a resturant only to find the parking lot is full of paps and they can't even park ! there are normal people in malibu ! one of my friends lives there she is not famous ! she worked her butt off to live there ! some of the storys she's told me have creeped me out ! everyone in that town suffers whether they are famous or not . she dose not live on the beach , but she has seen britney being harrased and other celebs .it's so sad .

2283 days ago

patsy ramsey    

you people who say the paps should stay away are obviously from iran. because here in america we go wherever we want doesnt matter if your a pap or a prostititue, thats what freedom means, god you people are sad who live in countries run by dicatators

2283 days ago
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