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Mr. Big: Still a Lady Killer

6/23/2008 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mr. Big had a string of bad qualities -- commitment issues, emotionally unavailable, not as hot as Aidan -- but there isn't a negative thing we can say about the guy who plays him, Chris Noth, and his interaction with his DC fans.


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2291 days ago


Love Chris Noth, and it's great to see he's so good to his fans!!!

2291 days ago

Over It Already    

First, I have to say how OLD the entire "FIRST" thing is getting. Is it really that cool, or does it just tell us you're sitting at your computer screen waiting for the newest story to post? Get over it... we have.

Chris Noth is a fine actor, great guy and cool dad.... from what I can tell. Not as hot as Aiden??? Oh come on... we're talking apples and oranges... John Corbett is as fine as they come, but it's a different type of hot, right ladies?? I love the idea of Mr. Big. He doesn't really exist, but it gives us chicks something to think about...

2291 days ago

Trucker Lemonade    

Being 1st is the best. I'm always jealous that I'm not and so is everybody else. Stop fronting.

2291 days ago

Trucker Lemonade    

HA HA! Mr North is bitter as hell! Tryin to act like he don't care who's first! Dude's GREEN with envy.

2291 days ago


Noth is looking to old to be considered "hot".

2291 days ago


He always has been a super special guy!!!

2291 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

I always thought "Mr. Big" was more attractive than "Aidan" in the show. They were totally different characters in the series and Big always had my vote. As far as the real people...I like Chris Noth over John Corbett, too!

2291 days ago


Wait a minute Aiden was hot?????????????????? Perhaps you should switch to a HD tv!!!!!!! Mr Big is HOT and all his relationship issues made him even HOTTER!!!!!!! As a matter of fact aside from Mikhail Baryshnikov (who has his own sort of hotness) Mr Big was the ONLY hot guy Carrie ever dated!!!!!!!!!!

2291 days ago


Ugly and well suited to SJP's ugly character

2291 days ago


dear god, i'd do him! his gf is so lucky to have such a great guy! not only was he so nice to his fans, but he was pretty decent to the TMZ guy, too. and thank you, TMZ, for not hasseling him with questions and just letting him have a moment with his fans.

i think the reason why so many women liked Big over Adian was b/c they saw that Carrie and Big's relationship was based on MUTAL respect. if there was something wrong, they BOTH had to work at it to make things right. with Carrie and Adian, she was working to make HIM like HER. WTF?! if you gotta bust your ass and change yourself to convince someone else you're a good person, you're in the wrong relationship!

2291 days ago


Don't let this guy fool you. He came to Nashville a few years ago and was a total douchebag diva. If you had seen him here you never would watch him in anything else. Drunk...obnoxious....a puke.

2291 days ago


I loove Chris Noth but only in Sex in the City, I don't like him in the other shows, i don't know what it is that he projects in Sex in the city that makes him so appealing to me, sooo damn sexy, so manly, plus his name, Mr.Big, it makes u wonder, LOL> yummmmm yesss.

2291 days ago

Over It Already    

people will say/post anything for attention I swear. You ignoramus' just have to get your negative two cents in, as if you knew this man. And don't go doggin' Sarah Jessica Parker...
god, YOU dumba** people siimply AMAZE me with your utter stupidity and need to say negative things aboue people. You have your right to post... well THEN SO DO I!!

2291 days ago


Not as hot as Aidan? LIke, what planet are you from? Try Hot-TER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was, is and always will be!

2291 days ago
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