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Seal: Fat People Shouldn't Act

6/23/2008 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

According to Seal, there's only room in Hollywood for one fathead -- himself.

In an attempt to make a point to the paparazzi, Mr. Klum picked up a camera and went to the Malibu Country Mart -- where he told one photog who aspires to be an actor that he's too heavy to become a bigshot.

Apparently, he's never heard of Marlon Brando.


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Id rather be fat than look like seal anyday...he looks like someone just fried his least a fat actor can be funny and get work, seal would have to work in horror movies.

2257 days ago

Big Bear    

What the heck is that thing painted on your head?? The tat makes you look like an African tribal chief. Black tat on a black man makes me wonder what be hapnin.

2257 days ago


Ain't it a shame pounds come off easier than scars do, eh Seal you schlemeel? And while your at it....go back to shaving blindfolded with a chainsaw.

2257 days ago


Seal should shut up!
Ugly people like him shouldn't be allowed to act!!
He must like fat people cause his wife stays fat and pregnant!

2257 days ago


who is seal to talk about anyone's looks? he is UGLY and rude to boot! he has a big gap in his teeth and that ugly scar on his face. he has the money to get it fixed, but i guess now that he hooked up with heidi, he can save her money.

2257 days ago


This wasn't the original story. Why did you change the ENTIRE focus of your little fairytale, TMZ? Your original piece was about how you didn't follow Seal around and how he should stay away from places where you ignoramuses hang out stalking people. Now it's about something completely different.

2257 days ago

that's all    

Did his face get attacked by a school of piranahs? What happened?

2256 days ago


I like seal's music..But I Honestly did not know he was such a Grouch! which makes him look worst.
I wonder if he's like This with his fans ? I understand that the media could be aggravating..
But you just learn to ignore them, You can't keep acting like Oscar the Grouch from "Sesame street"..:P
and people will be Apprehensive to approach him.

2256 days ago


He thinks way to much of himself.......he is where he is today because of the coverage, NOW that he has "made it" he don't want to be bothered or troubled by all the "supposed" about people stop buying his CD's....I bet he would be looking for attention then!!!!!

2256 days ago


Brando, James Gandolfini, Vincent Pastore, John Goodman, Kevin James, John Candy, Chris Farley, Brian Dennehy etc...
Man with holes in his face should not be talking about anybody. If it were not for Heidi Klum few would even know who he is.

2256 days ago


LoL, Seal. I cold used your cauliflower cheeks as a grater for my heels. By the way, I'd stuff your wife :)

2256 days ago

marlon brando was HOT    

tmz - i have no qualms with bashing seal - but marlon brando was HOT as HELL in his day... just cause he got bigger when he was older doesn't mean that he started that way!

2256 days ago


He needs "Dermabrasion" for his Foul-Mouth just like he needs "Dermabrasion" for both his Pock-Marked Cheeks.

2256 days ago


Who is he to judge anyone. I hadn't seen him on television in years until he married Heidi Klum. Seal is far from the epitome of beauty (WHOA)...It would've taken Heidi Klum to clean up all that ugly off of his future offsprings.

2256 days ago


Seal is deformed for god's sake and he's ripping on some guy's appearance? Hello? Hypocrite much?
I really don't understand some people. If you do not want to be bothered why not try some other restaurant than Nobu in Malibu??? Or the Ivy???? And maybe not drive a conspicuous gold Bentley convertible that screams "look at me!". It's possible to keep it a little more low profile you idiot.

2256 days ago
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