Britney's Hot Lawyer is Back!

6/24/2008 2:54 PM PDT

Britney's Hot Lawyer is Back!

It's official: Britney Spears is sane again. The lawyer who quit Brit when she was crazy is coming back, hot as ever.

Britney walked into court today with Laura Wasser -- who, you'll recall, is the one who scored joint custody for Brit even as she was melting down. Wasser quit the case after Spears repeatedly ignored her advice. For Wasser to return, it's a signal that the Brit ship is back on an even keel -- kinda sorta.

As for the hearing -- the Commish awarded Britney overnight visitation with her JJ and SPF. Pack your PJs, boys!

The Commish said he was pleased with the progress made on both sides.


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Linda Hogan Can't Even Call 911 Right

It takes a special kind of person to call 911 and get reprimanded by the operator who is trying to help you. Linda Hogan is just that special.

Hulk's soon-to-be ex called the cops back on May 22, claiming the Hulkster was camped outside her house, when a court order -- she claims -- prevented him from doing so. According to the police report, Linda was leaving her house when she spotted Hulk driving towards it -- so she decided to follow him!

So when she called 911, and explained she was following the man she claimed was harassing her, the 911 operator scolded her, saying, "Ma'am, ma'am -- stop following him!"

The case was closed on June 2 and no charges were filed.

Shaq Attacks Kobe: You Ruined My Marriage!

You've never seen a Shaq Attack like this.

Shaquille O'Neal took the mic at a NYC club last night, unleashing a freestyle verbal assault directed at his arch-enemy Kobe Bryant -- blaming his former teammate for ruining his marriage and imploring him to "Tell me how my ass tastes."

After spending several verses shredding Kobe apart for losing in the NBA playoffs, Shaq drops the line, "I'm a horse, Kobe ratted me out, that's why I'm getting divorced."

The line most likely references a comment Kobe made during his infamous 2003 rape case, when he told Colorado police that he "Should have done what Shaq does ... Shaq would pay his women not to say anything." The two became famously bitter rivals after the incident.

Calls to Kobe's reps were not returned.

Violent Surfers Shred Paps Over McConaughey

Private security was hired to patrol the beach where Matthew McConaughey surfs -- but that didn't stop another brutal beach beatdown from taking place yesterday between a band of violent locals and the paparazzi.

On Sunday, after a beachgoer chucked a beer bottle at one of the paps on the shore, an all-out brawl took place by the water -- ending with some badly busted-up faces and a lot of ruined camera equipment. This followed a brawl on Saturday in which one photog had to use a tripod to defend himself.

Though the L.A. County Sheriffs Department eventually showed up, no arrests were made.

Celeb Shred Fest!

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Beach Bods: The Dudes

It's official! Summer is finally here, and the guys are already hitting the beaches. Luckily some have also been hitting the gym. Some of them ... not so much.

Crocodile Dundee: 'Memba Him?!

Paul Hogan became famous for playing the title role in the 1986 film "Crocodile Dundee." Guess what he looks like now!