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I-Man -- I Was Just Being "Sarcastic"

6/24/2008 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don Imus just pulled out the S-card -- sarcasm -- to defend himself against charges that he's a straight-up racist.

On his radio show this morning, he said he was just trying to "make a sarcastic point" when he asked yesterday, about arrest-happy NFL player Pacman Jones, "What color is he?" As Imus tried to explain, "What people should be outraged about is that they arrest blacks for no reason. I mean, there's no reason to arrest this kid six times."

As the I-man himself put it: There you go. Now we know.


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Blue Drew    

You think he'd keep his foot out of his mouth after his last debacle. Regardless, sarcasm or not, he is just a loose cannon that DOESN'T DESERVE his own radio program.

2312 days ago


Incredible...the racist lunatic clown Reverend Wright draws APPLAUSE while doing appearances, and Imus get's railroaded...once again DOUBLE STANDARD!

2312 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

There he goes again...covering his bony, old ass.

2312 days ago


That is exactly how I took it and explained it to my son before Imus even defended himself. Get a life and lighten up.

2312 days ago


Typical Imus! I remember way back in 1980 when the ATL child murder thing was happening, one morning he played "Another one bites the dust" after hearing another black child was found dead. THAT confirmed for me that Imus is and always has been a racist. A leopard can't change its spots and Imus will always be a redneck, card carrying member of the KKK, ignorant, old bigoted racist of a man!

2312 days ago

john wayne gacy    

that's a shame;

the true tragedy committed wasn't by the BOY
attacking or stealing in front of a church.

it's that the holy house of
worship detests competition.

2312 days ago


The truth needs no defense, Imass has some strange attraction to black athletes.

2312 days ago

john wayne gacy    


" we all need to come together and let color stay out "

well, it used to be that way.

but then that women who sat in the
back of the bus wanted it change "

2312 days ago


This is such B.S. Imus is a racist pig.

2312 days ago


If you want Imus to get applause like Rev Wright, have him speak at your next Klan meeting...Imus is a racist dog!

2312 days ago


As i said in the previous IMUS POST.....Unbelievable.....why can't the blacks/Afican Americans or what ever they want to be called....and i have a few choice words....just get over themselves. Always so quick to put their hands out for freebies, always taking..... never realizing that they need to look at their own race first! Black on Black crimes, black fathers of 10 children and they don't take care of any of them. Why isn't it racist when you BET, Black Miss America, The Negro College fund, etc., but let there be a White college fund, or a WET, or only whites competing for Miss America....Mr. Racist himself - AL or Jesse would JUMP all over it. I'm sick of being politically correct, I'm sick of having to 'watch' what I say because some 'crybaby' may be offended. Get over it and move on. Get a job, take care of your children, and strive for better life other than wanting takeouts from tax payers who work. There is life outside of the projects - BUT guess what...YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR IT...just like everyone. Why penalize someone who has worked hard through school, made straight A's, gotten a good job because they DID work hard.....????? Leave IMUS least someone has the guts to say what they feel - although I believe he was trying to defend the a$$....

2312 days ago


1st time he was wrong. THIS TIME - he was NOT. What have we come to. If this is not reverse racism then I dont know what is.

2312 days ago


Most black people hate Al Sharpton. White people need to stop giving him so much wieght.

2312 days ago


And black people are racist dogs so now what?

2312 days ago


I agree Imus wouldn't be so stupid to make a racial comment again. I believe he meant exactly what he said that the blacks were being targeted and nothing more. It amazes me the jewish race to me has been in history the race that has been treated the worse by far than blacks. Goodness they were nearly all gases to death by Hitler. Do you EVER hear those people cry, complain, NO. They picked themselves up and the just moved on and became sucessful people cause they WORK hard. No i am not black nor jewish but I commend them wholeheartedly for there outlook on life. Blacks need to get over themselves and stop being so sensitve.

2312 days ago
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