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I-Man -- I Was Just Being "Sarcastic"

6/24/2008 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don Imus just pulled out the S-card -- sarcasm -- to defend himself against charges that he's a straight-up racist.

On his radio show this morning, he said he was just trying to "make a sarcastic point" when he asked yesterday, about arrest-happy NFL player Pacman Jones, "What color is he?" As Imus tried to explain, "What people should be outraged about is that they arrest blacks for no reason. I mean, there's no reason to arrest this kid six times."

As the I-man himself put it: There you go. Now we know.


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To comment 55:
"I'm scared to death of Barack Obama, not Don Imus."

Are you kidding me? haha.......And what about George W Bush? That's the problem with America, fear!!!!! All these actions are based on fear. People are scared to death of everything that is different.

2279 days ago

same same same    

WHat is the big deal... Seriously WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL ABOUT ASKING WHAT COLOR HE IS! THERE YOU GO! ... THERE YOU GO! ANOTHER BLACK PERSON GETTING THE SHAFT... or WHAT if it means another sports star causing trouble.... BIG DEAL PEOPLE! SO WHAT Find somthing do do with yourselves!


2279 days ago


OMG, leave the man alone, Al Sharpton do sumthn else with urself

2279 days ago

same same same    

TO: caribbean comment 58. To comment 55:
"I'm scared to death of Barack Obama, not Don Imus."

Talk about inexperience! Obama selected not elected!

2279 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

His question had to be a rhetorical one. Mr. Jones' photo has only been plastered everywhere since the beginning of his string of arrests, and surely Mr. Imus--informed and reformed--has noticed it a time or two.

2279 days ago


The man should just keep his mouth shut about black people. It's a no win situation for him.

2279 days ago


Okay, this is crazy. No one can say anything without it being taken out of context. He is a shock jock people. If Howard Stern said it, it would get laughed off. The situation before was different. He is getting paid to shock. I agree with others on this blog, there are more important things to be concerned aobut that is hurting everyone - all people.

2279 days ago


Don may be a moron, he may be a racist, he may say really stupid things, but he has a protected right to say them. The minute we start telling people what they can and cannot say, in public or private, we are all in danger of losing that freedom. Ask Candian radio announcers and host how strict their limitations are. It's a slippery slope people! So, keep that in mind and change the channel if you don't like what you're hearing.

2279 days ago


Racism is Racism people who are offended by racism and truly realizes it’s evil should never tolerate it no matter it’s source but instead I see more people here attempting to excuse Imus’s comments passively justifying racism by pointing out someone else’s racism. Racism is sin and there is no excuse for it weather it is from
Someone like Wright or someone like Imus.

2279 days ago


This still a free country and IMUS has every right to say it like it is! Blacks don't like to here the truth about their brothers and all of the crimes they commit. It is what it is, stats don't lie. We need more people like IMUS speaking out and calling a spad a spad!

2279 days ago


White people, wake up! You need to stop acting like pansies! You have allowed this small mainly unitelligent race of people to control your lives and tell you how its going to be.
You out-number them 6-1 and are far more intelligent overall. Each and every ne gro in America would be living in some mud hut today hadnt the white man brought them over here and taught them advanced technology. They are incapable of learning on their own. They can argue this all day, but the facts are all there in the mother land.

2279 days ago


I think people are WAY too involved in all the race bull$hit. If you look at a black person crooked these days you are a racist and everyone hates you.
If you make fun of a white person, its all good. No one cares because white people are not "minorities." Well thats just bull$hit.
Grow up people and recognize that not everyone likes every one else and so what if a white guy doesn't like a black guy cause the black guy doesn't like him either. It doesn't have to be a federal case every single time someone doesn't agree with popular opinion.
For cripes sake stop crying already!!!!

2279 days ago


Hate him all you want, but don't judge what he said until you've at least listened to the entire context. Imus is a sarcastic person and if you just rely on soundbites of a tone of voice to judge what a person said, then you've already made up your mind and don't care about the truth.

2279 days ago


"7" what about the things in the white community that never gets reported? How you people by the silence of the media..there
are a lot things going wrong in the black arean, but you can bet somewhere their is a devious undercurrent behind the scenes
"the devil" and you know who I mean...

2279 days ago


Oh, and who the heck made Al Sharpton judge and jury for ALL black people??

2279 days ago
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