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Larry's Wife: Rehab On Line One

6/24/2008 12:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry KingLarry King's wife, Shawn Southwick King, has checked into rehab for an addiction to painkillers.

A friend of the couple told the NY Post Mrs. King was seeking treatment saying, "Shawn is in rehab for medication issues related to her chronic migraine problem."

48-year-old Shawn is Larry's sixth wife.


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I'm surprised she doesn't know that BOTOX can help migraine sufferers.

2283 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Larry King did everything possible to give her exposure so that she could make it as a singer. But the problem was, there wasn't anything special about her sound. And besides Sheryl Crow, who breaks through as a singer when she's middle aged?

Shawn has two young sons to raise. LDS people are not supposed to abuse any drugs. I hope her rehab works. Maybe she can say "hello" to Marie Osmond's rehabbed son. Wonder how he's doing.

2283 days ago


Can't believe some of the mean stuff being said about Larry King and his young don't know what this woman does with her time..but from what I've see of her, she is a devoted mother...The boys are cute but can tell there isn't much discipline going on in their house...

Whatever the woman was popping pain pills for, I wish only the best for her and hope they can do something for her while detoxing...

Now is a gracious way for Larry King to retire from his CNN program...he doesn't cut the mustard in his interviews any longer and makes statements and ask question that indicate senility or maybe stupidity..

2283 days ago


WTFH does being a mormom, living with a Jew, or mormon or whatever have to do with migraines.
Migraines do not choose a religion....
Sounds like the regular Tmz bunch of people sitting in here judging and criticizing any word, or anything for that matter.
It could be one or two people using different names and posting different thoughts because of some kind of mental disorder.

I do not know if you all know this but there was a person on here over the weekend on posts that claimed to be charles cullen.
Do you know who charles cullen is? A Serial Killer serving multiple life sentences in New Jersey.
Just google him and you will see.
I suspect it was NOT charles cullen because I think someone is just that F'up'd to use his name to try and scare some people on these boards. He has a real thing for Britney Spears and he posts under many , many names, you can just tell...........
There is no telling how many people keep posting different opinions under different names just to get everyone on the board in a tizzy.
Just be careful.

2283 days ago

its a black problem    

i"m surprised Cruise and Travlolta havent corralled these two yet for the L Ron Hubbard cure to all that ails you in this life.

Yeah, her being a Mormon, can you imagine the outrage in the inner circle of her family and faith of her marrying a jew? My god that might be the point where the Migraines began. Its no secret she married him to further her at the time, aspiring singing career. How depressing it must be for her to find out, he can do nothing for her, for though he is known in all circles, his influence is zero when it comes to "the business".

No wonder you never saw her in any was always him with the kids, never her. She might give strong thought to returning to where she came from---but I dont know if Mormons are forgiving people, they seem to hold lifetime grudges and women just dont count in that society at all, except to bore children. And in its original state, to be mulitple wives to one man.

I wonder if he will interview himself tonight and share and bare his soul on his and her shortcomings as he does to eveyrone else who comes before Larry.

he ought to ask Ed McMahon if he can borrow his neck collar.

Jerks the both of those Kings.

2283 days ago


She is pretty but she has a gigantic size is huge.

2283 days ago



2283 days ago

its a black problem    

He has had 7 marriages by 6 women, not 6 marriages. He has a son who is 50, he is as old as Shawnas Mother. What a loser of a human being Larry King is. He actually advocates multiple marriages so as not to "grow stale"....I hope he preaches that to his new sons as they grow up, but I doubt the Mormon Lady will let him.

He's the same way he was about smoking---he used to throw it into the viewers face, always having a lit cigarette going so he didnt have to light up on the air, smoked 4 packs a day and double dared anyone who told him to stop. Than he has a heart attack and quits on the spot and takes up the cause...why didnt you just keep your big mouth shut about it when you did smoke king? Just because YOU have a heart attack now you can condem everyone else? Same with your multiple marriages----now you have found THE ONE, and now multiple marriages shouldnt happen?

Jerk of a Jew

2283 days ago


Migraines are horrible and debilitating. I have several family members that get them. There are a couple good meds like Imetrex (sp??) that help some if it is taken at the onset. But not always. The sufferer gets desperate for relief.

2283 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

Don't know why it matters that he's older or their religion. that has nothing to do with migraines.

I've been hospitalized for migraines in the past and still suffer with them frequently. Migraines are so bad that you will take anything to get rid of them. You become desperate to get rid of the pain. One of my migraines was so severe and lasted so long that I actually suffered a stroke - at 23. Although I have never been addicted to the meds, I can see how she could become addicted.

I hope that all of you talking crap never have to experience the pain a migraine can cause.

2283 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

"but from what I've see of her, she is a devoted mother...The boys are cute but can tell there isn't much discipline going on in their house..."

"Devoted mothers" discipline their children, you mewling dolt.

2283 days ago


Well of course she's on painkillers. Wouldn't YOU be on painkillers if you had to actually have sex with Larry King?

2283 days ago


Black hole sun, won't you come...


2283 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

She was deceived! She thought Larry was a Mormon before they got married, because he told her he had 5 wives. Maybe there's a reason she gets a blinding headache and nauseated when Larry comes to bed naked!

2283 days ago


I suffered with migraines for years until I started taking advil and tylenol together when I think I'm going to have a migraine or at the onset of one.

2283 days ago
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