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Lil Wayne -- Big Trouble!

6/24/2008 11:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne may have the biggest album in the country right now, but he's also facing the biggest of rap sheets!

TMZ TV breaks it down. Check local listings.


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Boulder Ballz    

1st bitches....

2273 days ago

john wayne gacy    

defendant please rise !

2273 days ago

JONASbros. are. GAY    

what a DUMBASS. and hes FUGLY. good for him =0)

2273 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Rap is a curse on our people

2273 days ago


That dude is screwed.

2273 days ago


I miss you weed, so much fun being out of it and escaping reality.


2273 days ago


No, closed minded people are, there are good in bad in every aspect of life. Get a clue, and maybe a xanax.

2273 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Bitch #2,

You're not first and shawcross was more relevent.

If you want to continue masturbating at least havr the decency to do it in private

2273 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    


Looks like Dr. Wayne's got YOUR prescription...

2273 days ago


Is anyone else having trouble with the comments pages? The page takes forever to load often locking up, I have to hit refresh over and over for new comments to show up. The red comment button will often say one number and the actual number of comments showing will be less. It's bogging my entire system down. It only started recently and is being caused by the ads on the comments page. Is everyone having trouble with it or is it just me?

2273 days ago


l o s e r

2273 days ago

gary wichard    

Lets run through the excuses: This was a set up, racist cops, profilin', it wasn't his, the drugs were planted on the tour bus so they belonged to none of the people(gangters and criminals, I mean rappers) on the bus,,,hmmm..which excuse (or all) will he use? He won't get in trouble though,,probably 24 hours community service and a $100.00 fine and there ya go, that explains it.

2273 days ago


I have a funny feeling he won't get time. Wouldn't it be his first conviction?

2273 days ago

Loud and talentless    

Let's see ... This idiot and PacThug Jones are wonderful human beings and it's okay that PacThug's posse went back to a nightclub where he had been "slighted," (ie: he beat women, spit on them,etc.) and shot and PARALYZED FOR LIFE an innocent bouncer? You can't say so much as a DISCOURAGING WORD about these 2 full-time felons and canker sores but a man who runs a ranch that takes care of autistic children and raises MILLIONS OF $$$ for their cause is the guy who is in the wrong. What a screwed up liberal media we have in this country! And now you have a chance to vote for a heathen, racist, Anti-American whose pals are either felons, hate-mongers or both? I'm sure the bus stops and county jails are filled with potential supporters ... Only ONE problem ... They aren't registered to vote. They never HAVE BEEN and NEVER WILL BE. Ask Bill Cosby. He'll explain it to ya.

2273 days ago


At least the Dud knows how to Party---NOT What a loser, have everything and throw everything away...booo hoooo sad4u

2273 days ago
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