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Rod Stewart

Likes to Breast Feed

6/24/2008 5:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He's got seven children from five different women, but it's 63-year-old Jurassic rocker Rod Stewart that can't get enough of mother's milk!

Decked out in precious matching pink outfits on their yacht in Capri, Rod nursed on his 37-year-old wife Penny Lancaster's supple breast.

After his feeding, Penny changed Rod's diaper.


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Common trash. End of story.

2309 days ago


give it a rest losers... find a new job you bunch of morons.

2309 days ago


OMG that is SOOOO gross. We really did NOT need to see that TMZ.

2309 days ago


I know I like it, and men love to have their nips played with. Big deal people grow up.

2309 days ago


After reading that Harvey Levin is gay --- How would he like to have someone publish a picture of him sucking on -- well, WHATEVER HE's SUCKING ON? Can you imagine trying to UNSEE that?

2309 days ago



2309 days ago


At least Rod loves women, Harvey Levin is gay, and loves to choke on the Wang Pole everynight.

2309 days ago

blow me... slowly.    

I find it hilarious when all the haters and loud-mouths concentrate their hatred based on AGE. Every single AGE hatah is roaring towards old age like a freight train, yet they talk smack like it ain't gonna happen to them.

Are you all going to completely stop having intimate moments with other humans at 60 years old?

I guess so... seeing as the way you're posting such prudish crap, you've probably stopped having intimacies with other humans right now, at your current age. Or did you EVER have them...? Maybe there's something a bit deeper here... heh

Sex is not a dirty thing. Enjoying a quick kiss to your WIFE'S nipple is honest and genuine affection, something a LOT MORE OF YOU need in your own pathetic lives. A NIPPLE is JUST A FREAKIN NIPPLE you whacked out psycho-idgits. In this day and age, it should be no different than kissing an ear lobe (or other normally exposed area kissed by intimate lovers only).

How about we move human existence forward a level or two and do away with all of your mental malfunctions.

In case you hadn't noticed, we are the only animals in the kingdom that actually wear clothes and are ashamed of our sexuality. Howz my arse taste, prudes? You sick little closet pervs....

2309 days ago


well actually on one hand good for Rod but on the other hand.. yuck?

2309 days ago


I don't think the girl in the photo is Penny. She looks way too young.

2308 days ago


is there no privacy?

2308 days ago


Actually, I thought the girl in the photo was Katherine Heigyl. Are we sure this is Rod? Maybe Katherine is making a new movie and this guy just happens to wear his hair like Rod Stewart.

2308 days ago


I see NOTHING wrong with this picture. That chick has nice cans and Rod has all the right in the world to nurse off them. Keep pimpin, Rod!

2308 days ago


They are in private and they are married! Let them be! Many men partake of thier wives milk after the baby is born. All of those that say "gross".....yet you drink milk from an entirely different species of animal? You are victim to society and the pressures that come with it. Its an intense bonding and natural experience. It even talks about it in the Bible and has been practices since the dawn of time. It doesn't have to be sexual, just bonding!

2306 days ago

Leave Them Alone!    

He's enjoying a little fun with his wife - leave them alone, FFS. Not many NORMAL red-blooded males would turn down an offer like that (thank God!). Judging by some of the responses to this picture, something tells me a lot of you are leading a strictly SOLO lifestyle!

2279 days ago
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