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Tilda Swinton Is Some Kind of Wonderful

6/24/2008 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's lovely Oscar winner Tilda Swinton (left) at a men's fashion event in Milan on Sunday -- and "Some Kind of Wonderful" star Eric Stoltz back in 1984 (right).
Tilda Swinton and Eric Stoltz
One of them once dated Ally Sheedy, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Bridget Fonda.

We're just sayin'.


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tattooed white trash...    

Wow, you really have nothing to usual.

2314 days ago

Never inked up!    

Girlfriend dosen't need to look like that! A little time in the morning is all it takes. No one said she needs a ton of make-up but come on!

I feel sorry for you guys who have woman like this at home. The only time they think they need to care about how they look is when they are going to dinner, or somewhere "fancy".
Ladies, take care of yourselves aready! Most of the woman in the general public could look WAY better than they do with just a little effort.

Then they wonder why their men are checking out the GROOMED ladies, and hatin' on us for acutally taking a half hour to do our hair and make-up and put on something girly. Men like this about us.

Some of you should try it. Don't be a mess.

2314 days ago


She's a 'character' actress, so she has to be ugly.

2314 days ago


So sorry, I´m ugly, but Tilda is Ugly as hell!!!! and is too ugly as a boy!!!!

2314 days ago

Jerry Jarvela    

Tilda Swinton? I'd lick her feet.

2314 days ago


I guess her girlfriend doesn't like make-up.

2314 days ago


I think that someone in your offices needs glasses. Where exactly are the similarities between these two?
Let's see...
It's not the hair... 2 different colors
It's not the chin...
It's not the eye color...
It isn't the nose...
Not the cheeks, ears, or necks...
Oh wait... it's the eyebro... nope... that's not it either.

Umm... "Oh, my"... with what some say about make-up, she *is* taking care of herself by not wearing it. But that's not really the point. Why is it that some people think that a person has to put on *make-up* to look good? I admit that many women *enhance* their features when they wear it, but many women are just as, if not more beautiful when they don't. Personally, Tilda's not my type of woman, so I'm not commenting on whether or not she's beautiful, I'm just saying that I don't get why people need it to be considered so.

2314 days ago


I applaud Tilda. She has managed to build an enviable career by being totally natural. I think she's lovely. Not a raving beauty by any means, but scrape off the make-up, and who is? Why should she try to look just like everyone else when she's doing just fine by looking like Tilda?

2314 days ago


Tilda has beautiful skin....................a little and I stress little makeup would enhance her features!

2314 days ago


I love Tilda! She has natural beauty. No goofy basketball sized boobs, and none of that awful makeup for an "enhanced look". She loves herself, I hope she doesn't change how she carries herself.

2314 days ago


I think she looks great without makeup. She doesn't even need it to me. She has nice features and pretty skin.

2314 days ago


Now you white women know not too go out looking all pale and sickly like that..and her case..ugly too....damn glad I got some

2313 days ago


I like Tilda. But I think she can do better, especially since she's chosen to be in the public eye. Anyhoo, Eric is prettier. 23 yrs later, Eric is still prettier.

2313 days ago

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