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Anne Hathaway's Ex has Rx for Fraud

6/25/2008 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anne Hathaway's federally-indicted ex, Raffaello Follieri, is involved in yet another scam. She does know how to pick them.

The Follieri Foundation's website claims it hands out discount drug cards for free to the needy. We called a bunch of Manhattan drugstores and asked if they knew about the Follieri cards -- total silence. Oh, BTW, the company that partners with Follieri in the card project doesn't exist anymore.

Calls to the Follieri Group yielded a busy signal despite repeated attempts. The New York Attorney General's office wouldn't comment on its ongoing investigation of the Zach Braff-alike, who's waiting to make his $21 mil bail.

And today, in another crazy twist to this story, Follieri was transported to the hospital suffering from what his rep said was a severe sinus infection.


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This guy is a slimeball. Steal from the little people, I hope he stays there for years.

2276 days ago



2276 days ago

poor black bastard    

what color is he! ah there you go- i have spent a lot of time with anna, and she told me three week ago it was off. and the heat was on, we know how he plans to try to build a alibi of "he hands out thousands to the needy"in non trackable med's card..pony up

2276 days ago

poor black bastard    

oh! btw she knew...why did she call it off last week.. can't take the heat go to jail

2276 days ago


Stop calling him a Zach Braff-a-like!

He looks just like DAVID DUCHOVNY!!!

2276 days ago

oh snap    

he looks HOTT to me, i didn't know he was italian obviosouly anne know about this why would she break up with him the same week her movie comes out

2276 days ago


Ann is a typical Hollywood Whore that would run around with someone like this untill they get caught then drop them to make sure thier career stays clean when the truth is she was enjoying the money he was spending on her and she was giving him the fame by being around him and Bill Clinton and Clintons friends she should of know better but she played it out untill he was busted as far as I'm concerened she is a guilty as he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2276 days ago


Follieri is going to get more charges thrown at him for his non profit foundation. It is mind boggling that the foundation didn't file with the IRS and didn't file tax forms for years. He may get more money laundering charges and most likely tax evasion charges, if he was using the foundation as a piggy bank.

The guy looks like he has to make a deal if he doesn't want to spend years in prison.

2276 days ago


She is still with him. She loves him more than ever now. Her prince has been incarcerated. She is on fire for him. Of course her publicists told her to distance herself, and they came up with the story of the break up; how convenient....

2276 days ago


What did she see in this no good for nothing UGLY DUCKLING ? You can tell just by looking at him he's a wanna be !!
She has lousy taste in men !

2276 days ago


You liken him to Zach Braff when he really looks more like Rocco Dispirito or whatever his name is. He had the failed chef show on Tv. Give Zach Braff some credit

2276 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

He kinda resembles a young Frank Langella. Sleazy, but definately hot.

Zach Braff - c'mon!! that scrub has zero sex appeal.

2276 days ago


TMZ....really? He looks like Zach Braff? Not even close!! And you guys shouldn't make little smart comments about Ms. Hathaway, it's not in any way her fault. And she's not stupid...he had a lot of people fooled. Even himself, thinking he'd never get caught!

2274 days ago

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