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Bill Murray -- Divorce in a Hurry

6/25/2008 7:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dayum ... that was fast! Bill Murray and his wife Jennifer have quietly -- and officially -- divorced, sans the drama we heard about a month ago.

TMZ has obtain court documents, dated June 13, granting the two a divorce. Bill's been ordered to pay child support, Jennifer will have custody of their four kids and gets to keep their two houses.

Hollywood is splitsville -- click to launchJust last month, Jennifer filed for divorce alleging, among other things, that hubby Bill was a sex addict who beat her up. A month later, the two are officially kaput.


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Easily Entertained    

In the state of South Carolina it is possible to get a divorce quickly. If there is sufficient evidence of any type of abuse, the case will be rushed through the system and heard before a Judge. Money won't buy you a quickie divorce here but abuse sure will.

2256 days ago


My brother in law who is not a celebrity, is going through a divorce. They said it will take 6 months to finalize, he is also in California. His soon to be ex has been living with anouther guy for about 1 1/2 months, dating him for about 3, she is pregnant now, and my brother in law has to use HIS health insurance to pay for that pregnancy because they are still legally married. I just hope since he has the two children they share CONSTANTLY, she is never around, never has them, that he doesn't end up having to pay child support on any of HER 3 kids. They don't have a house and he barely gets by supporting himself and the two kids on $700 every two weeks. Maybe Bills ex can give my brother in law an extra house of hers.>>

Why, Leeanne, should Bill's ex give your bro-in-law one of her houses? Why all the angst against people that have some money? This couple earned their money and we have no way of knowing how generous or stingy the settlement actually is without full disclosure of marital assets. Jennifer could have possibly been entitled to more than that.

I am sorry for his plight, and I wish your bro- in-law didn't have to pay for insurance premiums covering a child that is not his. Perhaps he can go back on the bio father for it later, but it sounds as if that is the least of his problems.

2256 days ago


#9, my ex and I sat at the ktichen table and decided how we wanted things split. He then went to his attorney with our decisions, they typed the paperwork and took it right to the Judge. He signed it in his chambers and it was all over. Of my three divorces that was the easiest. Not having kids also made it quicker. Hooray for MO! The CA divorce took a year after the it went to court!!

2256 days ago


I think it is true in a number of states that if you have abuse issues, it can be rushed through, just as Easily Entertained says. I know if the past four states I've lived in, such is the case.

And for the naysayers that begrudge the settlement, We don't know if it is on target, too large, too small, done in order to keep the kids in a fashion they know as their lifestyle or whatever. It could be anything. Jennifer wanted out so much, that she took those two dumb houses when she could have gotten XYZ.... Or Bill was so afraid of what she could do with the allegations, that he gave her everything she asked for while he goes and lives in LA in a flat and eats Lean Cuisines each night....

But the fact is that for most of us, a dollar is still a dollar. For these celebrities, that same dollar could be a grand to them, or even 10,000. Most settlements are a combination of good will, negotiation, percentages and what's required by law.

2256 days ago


Why is it that when a women divorces a man she's a gold digger? If she were only interested in his money, wouldn't she stay to get more from him?

Also.. why is it that everybody thinks that a stay at home mom doens't work? I left a good job with good pay and insurance to stay home with my child. My husband agreed to this before I left my job. He knew what bills I had then after about a year he decided he wasn't paying them anymore. My child does not have health insurance but my husband looks too good on paper to get help getting insurance through our state. He doesn't give me money for groceries, I have to work a few odd jobs from home (he won't pay for daycare) to pay my personal bills and buy food to feed my child. More often than not we are having hotdogs while he stops in town to eat at a diner before coming home.
My child is starting preschool this fall, part time because it's all I could get hubby to agree to pay, and his SISTER who has kids (raised in daycare of course) actually had the nerve to ask me if I was going to go back to work now that my child will be in preschool.
I guess the 24/7 child care, cooking, cleaning, laundry and everything else I do is nothing.
There are a lot of people who wouldn't blame me for divorcing my husband, at least I could get some help until I got back on my feet if I needed it.. but then if I got ANY kind of settlement I'd be a gold digger???

2256 days ago


At least ol' Billy Boy can move on now, make more funny movies, and possibly get another Oscar nod. But DAYUM!!! She got BOTH houses AND all 4 kids???!!! Must have been a divorced bitch on the bench.

2256 days ago


Usually, if a woman claims she has been beaten, and makes it sound bad enough, a judge can grant an almost immediate divorce. I grew up knowing a girl who got one in 10 days, because of this. She supposedly got a couple of her doctor friends to write letters saying it was in her best interest, because being married to him was ruining her health. That may be how she got it granted so quick from Bill. I don't know, cause I wasn't there. But seems if some of the charges weren't true, he would have fought them a bit more to keep her from slinging his name through the mud.

2256 days ago


Maybe he gave her both houses and a nice settlement so she could continue to stay at home with the kids like they are used to. Maybe he did this so the kids lives would be disrupted as little as possible because he loves them and doensn't want to see their lives turned COMPLETELY upside down. Maybe he is one of those guys who believes that the kids should be with their mothers and that's why she got what she did.
Maybe he did beat the heck out of her ona regular basis and finally figured out what a jerk he is and just gave her what she asked for out of guilt. I hope she didn't have to live in an abusive relationship, I hope that if he did hit her it was once and she got out.
No matter which way it goes.... she got what she got because a judge decided it was fair.

2256 days ago

Electro King    

None of you Murray supporters are addressing the claims of abuse; the physical, not just the sexual. If he wasn't guilty of these allegations, don't you think he would have fought them? I have absolutely no pity for Bill Murray. He is one of the luckiest SOB's in show business. Never has one man with so little real talent become so famous. Murray's problem is he started to believe his press clippings. I wish his now ex-wife the very best.

2256 days ago


How is it the WOMAN gets everything. Read the PDF decree. She gets the houses and ALL possesions. What a rip off!

2256 days ago

freckle face    

Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman. How do we know he beat her up? Sometimes our freedom is very expensive, but IT'S WORTH IT! If she didn't like sex why did she marry him? They must have done it at least 4 times. The kids will pay her back when they are teenagers. What goes around, comes around.

2256 days ago


All this means is that the parents care about their kids.

I will bet that they had been negotiating the particulars about custody, equitable division of the assets and residence for a long time. When they reached agreement, THEN they filed for divorce, and were able to rush it through.

2256 days ago


Sounds fair, he gets freedom, she gets most of the money and both houses. Who does the math on these?

2256 days ago


Sex addict: is someone who wants it 2 or 3 times a day, Doc. (#14). It gets old and scary. Plus they cheat outside the marriage.And, they're constantly surfing for porn. I hope he finds treatment .

2256 days ago


If they had no arguments about the division of marital assets..etc..then the lawyer submits the decree to a sits on his desk for 30 days..this gives both parties time for any disputes or change of mind...after 30 days the judge signs it and it is over...has nothing to do with abuse and i'm sure as long as these two were together if there had been any type of abuse the world would have heard about it way before now...

2256 days ago
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