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Carrot Top

Whatever Floats Your Bloat!

6/25/2008 5:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The transgendered love child of Ronald McDonald and Little Orphan Annie was doing just swell (especially in the face) during a night out in Vegas.

Carrot Top
SpyonVegas caught all the carnage at a Killers concert at Pure on Tuesday.


No Avatar


he is just yuck to me

2318 days ago


HGH or Roids....youmake the call

2318 days ago


Sooooo creepy looking! Ew!

2318 days ago


Carrot Top is alright, his plastic surgeon is Nucking Futs on the other hand...

2318 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

I remember when CT was just a scrawny, ugly kid. Now he's a beefed up, freckled, scary looking ugly kid.
Guess he got tired of being beat up for being a Ginger Kid.

2318 days ago

Black Teef    

Oh. My. God. It didn't seem possible that this freakshow could look worse...I was wrong. Wow.

2318 days ago


He is looking a little crazy these days. But, I'll cut him some slack because he really is a nice dude. When I was a bellman at a hotel where he stayed, he would always stop by to hang out for a few minutes and crack jokes for everyone. But I think he needs to get a new stylist.

2318 days ago


my aunt's friend had sex with him.... what was she thinkin!!!!?

2318 days ago


This is what Howdy Doody would look like if he turned into the Incredible Hulk.

2318 days ago


His plastic surgeon messed him up. Fugly-style.

2318 days ago


I really liked him when he was more scrawny and geeky looking. Now he looks all creepy plastic-y... uh, roids-y? It is just unnatural and scary. I agree with #6 and think he just got tired of being picked on and buffed up and then people still said he looked weird so he got plastic surgery and now he just looks horrible. While I always found his comedy not very funny I would never rule him out totally. I heard he was a very nice guy. I think he let what people like most of you say get to his head and now he has ruined that :(

2318 days ago


He looks like he's is on steroids. Really freaks me out to look at him too long.

2318 days ago


That guy's ugly!!!! Son of Ronald McDonald?

2318 days ago


CT looks like something that was cooked, eaten, pooped, flushed, used as fertilizer, vegetated, then eaten again, and pooped again. And yet there he sits with two gorgeous women whom he will more than likely have relations with shortly thereafter. My kids are scared of him, I'm scared of him, Hulk Hogan is scared of him. What is wrong with these two chicks? Maybe he offered to compensate them monetarily for the pose and we are all just mistaken. Let us pray for the rest of us who can SEE!

2318 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

Is there any possibility that he wanted to look like this (his plastic surgery)? Some people aren't wrapped too tight and they actually want to look like Barbie dolls or cats. I don't often have negative things to say about people but when I look at him I always think that he is what kids imagine when they think about scary clowns.

2318 days ago
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