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Crazy Drunk Cher Fan a Little Too Zealous

6/25/2008 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don't you know you can't touch the Cher! An overzealous fan got a little too close for Miss Thing's comfort early this morning in Nashville, and cops took him down.
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Cops say 36-year-old Calvin Houghland was drinking a bit too much last night at some place called "The World Famous Tootsies Orchid Lounge" when he started harassing Cher and, at one point, tried grabbing the 62-year-old diva. More importantly, what the hell was Cher doing at The World Famous Tootsies Orchid Lounge?!

That's when cops kicked Houghland out of Tootsies, telling him to get lost. He was arrested around 1:00 AM after he kept going back to the club. He's been charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct, and is currently cooling his heels in the slammer awaiting release on $3,000 bond.

UPDATE: Thanks to our legal and business affairs department, we are now aware that Tootsies is some sort of legendary country dive. Our bad.


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this is wrong...    

#26 Missing London,,,,,,,if you miss london so much go back to it. You don't have the right to call yourself an american. True Americans appreciate what our country has to offer and appreciate the freedom we have here. Sure our country is not perfect but It could be worse try living in Iraq where women arn't allowed to show there faces or get beaten up just for having an opinon, at least here there are working women that has the right to vote and speak your mind and marry whom every you want to and wear whatever you want to......I've said it before and I will say it again.....if you don't like it here than move someplace else and stop crying about how bad you got it here!!!

2276 days ago


Keep laughing Eastender. Soon (real soon) your ass is going to be underwater. London town is going down. Start building an ark and take all your talented artists with you.

2276 days ago

Shia is a man now    

Is she recording an album in Nashville? Now that might be fresh....

2276 days ago


Umm just so you "cool california" people are aware, Tootsies is one of the most popular singing "dives" in Nashville. Every famous singer good or not sings there while in town. So even if you "hip/trendy" writers think it's funny to knock it, try doing some "research" if you know what that is before you knock a lengendary place.

2276 days ago


Mr. Londoner, HEATHER MILLS, need I say more. I will-Johnny Depp!!!!!

2276 days ago


We were at the bar Cher was at before Tootsie's - The Blue Bird - and it was great - teeny bar with a singer-songwriter round-robin going on. While the crowd didn't ignore Cher, the focus remained on the performers. I'm glad - cause they were great.

She and 3 other people came in just a bit late, didn't have a "roped off area" or anything - just a table by the door - and they left as soon as it ended. A few folks took pictures, but that was it. No one even approached her. I'm really not much of a Cher fan (although she was hilarious on Will & Grace), but she looked great - until she smiled. Or tried to smile. I miss the old Cher bit-crooked-tooth-smile.

2276 days ago


I love Cher 2 death & always will!!! Its sad that people act the way they do. If there is anyone id wanna be like its her.

2255 days ago


Live cher alone what the hell did she ever do to you!!

1346 days ago
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