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Plays the Feud,

Is Played Out

6/25/2008 1:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Way to represent, Ice-T.

The geriatric former rap star, embroiled in a nice YouTube diss war with Soulja Boy, officially handed in his street cred card last night with this embarrassing appearance on "Celebrity Family Feud."

For once the biggest mess in that family wasn't Coco.


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Ice-T is a joke! And he should be ashamed of himself for picking on Soulja Boy, he's a 17 year old kid.

2312 days ago


That was great! The first thing out of his mouth was p3n1s,

2312 days ago


Ice Tea needs to GROW UP! Solja is a kid, Ice is an ADULT and THAT is the difference!!!

2312 days ago

Kodi Bee    

I still love ice-t. Who cares about all the dumb s**t that gets posted about celebrities. Like this article is going to change my opinion.

2312 days ago

the truth    

OK before we judge Lets SEE what SoilJa is doing in 10 years Not in the Music Industry I Bet

2312 days ago


Ice-T is an accomplished actor now, not a rapper, he hasn't been for years. His rapping style was always OG, Soulja Boy is looking to score with everyone in America - thousands of young kids doing the dance, all races, all ages, nothing wrong with that. In a comparison of styles, Ice-T is right on, Soulja Boy isn't in the same ballpark when it comes to hard-core rap, and obviously that's not where he wants to be. Continuing to call Ice-T a rapper though, doesn't make a whole lot of sense, he's gained more popularity as Fin Tutuola on SVU, a great show, he does his thing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion - Soulja Boy is certainly not losing out on popularity by keeping the feud going - and wasn't Celebrity Family Feud for charity - how does that lose street cred for you, being a good person????

2312 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    


Go 'Way, "Ice T"

2312 days ago


What a fraud! Talking all gangster and stuff and then appearing of Family Feud. Year, your a real ghetto n***** Ice-Cube, er, I mean Ice-Tea

2312 days ago


LMAO that was funny. I can't hate Ice T, he is married to a white chick. He is one out of a handful of black people that isn't a racist.

2312 days ago


First off, it was for charity. Secondly, I didn't think he was that bad, but I will say his wife has the IQ of a thumbtack. If anyone's behavior was embarrassing, it was Raven's. I think she's a bit on the psycho side. Did anyone else notice the evil look she gave Al when she didn't win????

2312 days ago


That was funny. I missed that part of the show, but I thought the same thing during that question. Every single one of their questions could be construed sexually. I thought of almost all the dirty answers. Even Joan took a couple liberties there with the questions. I think that the questions are purposely done to be innuendo, but I just didn't remember it being that way because I was a kid when I used to watch it.

2312 days ago


This was for charity and thats what he came up with? I wouldn't want anything sponsored by someone with the intellect of a used diaper. Grow up, dude. You are embarrassing yourself.

2312 days ago


OMG, WTF is up with Joan Rivers? She needs to call Jiffy Lube Corporate Headquarters and complain about that lube job she was given. She looks like someone's rat science project gone way bad! Ice-T can act a little bit, he's gotten somewhat better since the show started, I quit watching cause he can't act! Stick to the rap!

2312 days ago


Ice T need to roll up off of Soulja Boy, He is only a Kid that has made it by way of Mississippi. Ice T is a has been in the Rap World. He is same rapper that wanted to kill all the COPS, now he playing one on TV. He is tried and so is his wfie, I don't have anything against black/white relationships. But, lets be honest, if 99% of the Rich/Star/Celeb black guys was not rich and did not have money, Those white women would not look at them.

2312 days ago


Personally, I was really shocked that the first question slash answer was this comment. The show comes on at 8:00, and there could be children watching. Granted his answer of "my d---" was bleeped, you could still watch his lips and see what he was saying. The show wasn't all that good anyway. Love Al Roker, and wish that the "families" could be a little more sophisticated.

2312 days ago
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