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The BET Hot Mess Awards

6/25/2008 12:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A whole bunch of people got arrested last night at the BET Awards -- by the fashion police!
BET Awards: Click to view!


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BET. Sure doesn't stand for "Best EnsembleThreads".

2219 days ago


When is the WET awards on? I looked but didn't see a listing for it. Oh that's right they don't exist because that would be racist. Only black people can carry the race card.

2219 days ago


I only liked Jennifer Hudson's outfit. The rest is totally ghetto.

2219 days ago


I bet there would be better ensembles at the WET Awards. Oh ya, that's racist to have only White Entertainment Awards. Silly me, what was I thinking???

2219 days ago


I BET there will NEVER be a WET.

double standard crap

2219 days ago


TMZ, you really should change your name to, "Black Entertainment Zone"! That is what you have become and am just about done. Just facts!

2219 days ago


We had a pet racoon, and he liked to collect the bling too. It's all about Halloween.

2219 days ago

Not Looking Good...    

To # 8. who said " i wish some one drop a bomb at the awards!!!!juggalo" Dude you really ought to be more careful what comes out of your mouth....It is people like you whose houses go into forclosure and bad things like floods and disaster happens to, and also the ones that are close to you...Think about it dude...think about what you wish for others....Karma is a bitch and shows up in different forms....

2219 days ago


Frt-Huse Von Dograpist
I will forgive you for making such a retarded statement.

2219 days ago


The fact that mainstream television, movies, and music in general is overwhelmingly WHITE makes your arguments and sarcastic remarks like WET, NAAWP, etc. look STUPID, CHILDISH, IGNORANT, and PETTY. BET was created to provide entertainment to a market that was SEVERELY lacking representation (and still is). Some people would like to turn on the TV and see a family that looks like them, whom they can relate to. I love how some of you get on here and say blacks are lazy and should stop looking for handouts, yet when blacks become self-sufficient you then start complaining about them excluding YOU (how ironic). It's obvious blacks can NEVER win with some people, despite these self-denying hacks claiming up and down that they're not racist.

2219 days ago


MTV is dominated by black music and blacks win plenty of awards at their music awards. What is NAAWP?

2219 days ago


Grow up with the racial crap!! There are people of all colors who wear crappy clothes!! Stop the HATE! GEEEEEZZZ!

2219 days ago


It's one thing to want to add news about black pop culture but why is it starting to be all TMZ covers? The other day TMZ had maybe 6 updates and it was all black news. It's not like there was nothing to report, Perez had 2 pages full of things that were going on. It's not even positive black news to draw in the black crowd, so what exactly is going on here?

2219 days ago

Blinded by the light    

#6 Frt-Huse:

Yes there are the VH1 and MTV channels and awards. It is not all white - I see a lot of Rap artists displaying there videos on these channels AS WELL as winning quite a few awards at VH1 and MTV awards.. Do they play white artist videos on the BET channel? Has a white artist ever won anything at the BET awards? If I were to have a White Pride tattoo on me I would be called a racist and probably get my ass kicked. Why is it ok to see Black Pride and Brown Pride and the people with those tattoes are not called racist? Please....enlighten me.

2219 days ago


Hey TMZ, show the pictures of the people that looked good last night....the program was great and we only had to look at one white face, Fergie (and she brought it).........the BET awards show raised the bar..we are talented like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2219 days ago
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