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The BET Hot Mess Awards

6/25/2008 12:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A whole bunch of people got arrested last night at the BET Awards -- by the fashion police!
BET Awards: Click to view!


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Shirlaine D.    

The Guests (Of This "Huge Ceremony"= They Are Not Here For Nothing!!) Have The Means For Givin' Us More "Class" And Make Us Dream By Their Outfit (And For Appealing A Stylist Who's Worthing Its Salary)...

I Don't Dream...

You can Tell Whatever you want It's Not A Matter Of Color (Easy Pretext) But Really Something wrong with the "Good Taste discernment"...

But It Seems That We Can't Buy The "Good Fashion Taste"

Color Or Not, Rich Or Poor, You're "in" Or You're "Out".

This Is Out!

This Is A Fashion Horror Festival!!!

2281 days ago


Mudpie you such a hater...don't be jealous you no talented b**** probably got brutha and hating on the sistas...and tell me what does nails have to do with anything? like the lady said go get skin cancer from the pale face wanna be..

2281 days ago


I really enjoyed last night's award show. Most of the people were looking good and I'm so glad there were no sound errors and crap like other events. I was hoping to enjoy SWV, EnVogue, and TLC, but Keys was standing front stage and singing over my homegirl coko and the girls... oh well :(

2281 days ago

oh snap    

what's that big black girl name on the tmz show why didn't she attend the bet awards she would've looked a hot tranny mess lol

2281 days ago

oh snap    

rihanna chris brown were they only ones that looked good at that awards solange needs to sit down with her wigs and powered eyebrows

2281 days ago

Ogden Schmidt    

Because BET is a white-owned station that only caters to the lowest common denominator of(naive teens)African Americans. When BET was Black owned it carried only classy, intelligent shows that anyone would be proud to watch. When MTV/Viamcom bought it early-to-mid-1990's it's like they had an agenda. Degrade the network and the people. Against numerous consumer complaints, the (MTV)BET killed off all of their classy, intellectual shows and resorted to only denigrating shows, (violent gangster rap videos, showing pimp characters, all females had to resemble prostitutes or strippers, all shows were anger-based, all males on the show have to look and talk like they'll murder someone at any given minute. When MTV/Viacom reduced BET to this format, they completely lost their adult audience. Now only young people too naive to understand are feeding on this trash and unfortunately it is shaping them. There are statistic to prove the growth in violence in demographic that nurse on the (new) Viacom-BET. Despite countless pleas to the company, they are forced to stick with the only format that the MTV Corporation (Viacom) will fund. is just one of campaigns aimed at trying to get BET back to a reputable format, like the one when all knew and loved before the MTV/Viacom take-over. BET is NOW only watched by naive, influential young people and giving them the impression that gangsters, pimping and hoochies are how they should act. Parents do their part but kids are more influenced by trends in the media and this white-owned BET (MTV/Viacom) is destroying generations of impressionable young people with its negative images. They flatly refuse to show anything positive, despite the countless petitions and complaints. No other teen network in America would be allowed to force feed a steady diet of such influential trash to their young people. Only BET and the majority of BLACK hate this (new) BET. TH3 TRUTH HAS SPOKEN.

2281 days ago


Just as in any other awards show, there were winners and losers. Many of these performers consider themselves to be artists and use their dress to express themselves. I see people in the streets, at work and everywhere else, everyday that wear things that that shouldn't. Everything isn't for everybody. And just because they make it in your size, doesn't means it's for you. There wer esome terrible, terrible outfits and others who looked fantastic (Alicia Keyes, Rhianna, En Vogue, Ne-Yo, Usher, etc). Stop painting with a wide brush, there was a little of both.

FYI... Lack of fashion skills and fashion sense knows no racial boundaries....just like stupidity.

2280 days ago

white people stop    

Let these Nation of Islam blacks think they are superior. I believe I read in a previous blog that the reason blacks are better than Whites is because they can dance, have darker colored skin, and naturally larger lips. Well, if that is their world view, why would you lower yourselves and debate with someone with that kind of third world intelligence?

It's funny cause these are the same hypocrites who go to church every Sunday and worship Jesus, a White man. HAHA, lol. Yeah, I said it.

If you haven't noticed, all the black people who are so defensive about the comments TMZ made on the outfits are that way for a reason. Anyone in their right mind knows TMZ rips every celebrity under the sun, but only the ones with a chip on their shoulder need to scream racism at the drop of a hat.

This saying goes to all the "victims" as well as the Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons, Barry Obamas, and Louis Farrakhans....

"He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else." -Ben Franklin

2280 days ago


what are u talking about nic, you have mtv what eles do u want

2278 days ago


Im black my own self and i [DO NOT] like black ppl cant talk to them,cant hang with them,cant look at them because they ghetto and i jus hated when they be blasting with that hip hop/rap trash disturbing the peace and i cant stand when those black boys be haveing there paints to the ground and think that somebody like to see there boxers thats not cute thats nasty thats is why i do not like black ppl

1452 days ago
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