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Tim McGraw Lays Country Smackdown on Fan

6/25/2008 5:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don't mess around at a Tim McGraw concert -- or he'll pull your ass out of the crowd and have you tossed out!

At his concert last night, Tim spotted a over-sized, rowdy fan in the front row -- and proceeded to grab a hold of him, pull him on stage and threaten to punch him with a cocked-back country fist!

UPDATE: Tim's rep tells us "While Tim was performing at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn, Washington last night, he watched a man rush to the front of the stage. This overly aggressive fan attacked a female fan and Tim witnessed this incident. Tim called for security, but when they could not respond quick enough Tim and several crew members removed the fan from the audience where he was then turned over to the local authorities."


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I have no problem with Tim McGraw or his music so this has nothing to do with jealousy or bitterness but this is clearly a staged and faked incident. Don't take it personally, but come on folks.

2310 days ago

cj migliore    

Good job Tim! More men should publicly stand up to ignorant hicks like that fat jerk! More guys should stand up to protect battered women!

2310 days ago


Wonder what they (Tim and Faith) would do if some REAL country people decided to bust their ass!!!

2310 days ago


Tim was protecting a woman. Apparently he was hitting her. I say go Tim show him the country attitude!!!

2310 days ago


I have seen Tim perform about a dozen times over the past 10 years and seen Tim and Faith together once. I used to love Tim and to see him in concert and I even loved watching them both- I paid $250 for me and a friend to go to that one and our seats were over 600 yards away and we needed binoculars just to see them. I couldn't take a picture at ALL. Yes we were that far away. Same for Alan Jackson shows, which I've been to about the same number as Tim's.
What I can say is after all this money spent on their shows over all those years I went on a fluke to a Chris Cagle show since a friend won tickets from the radio... yes he isn't a huge name in country music or has TV commercials or all that crap they load on the "famous" people; hence the Brad Paisley candybar thing over and over. Back to the Cagle show: It was free due to radio, but we also got to meet him, talk to him and be in the front row and he was never rude to anyone, but I've only seen the guy once, but will be at another show very soon.
All those times I saw TIm and Alan it was at least $100 or more a ticket and that was for the crappy seats. For the seats where you can see without binoculars; those were over $300 each on Ebay. It is insane and you never come close to ever meeting them, a handshake, nothing. I went to that Cagle show a month ago and met him, front row, really high energy guy, had a blast and got a hand slap, guitar pick and could see a performers face without the binoculars. I had to have looked like a fool going with them since I could see.
Now I'm not in anyone fanclub since I am too old for that stuff, but there's more than Tim out there who may be a caring guy. The Cagle show I went to he had 3 people I could tell thrown out and did it discreetly, not yank a person on stage, he didn't draw his fist, just called into security through some ear things he had on and they were taken care of, but these people were either completely drunk or were taping which isn't allowed at any show.
I commend people who do the right thing, but with Tim and Faith; I don't get the excitement at all after that show that was smaller and more personal, like the artist made the people there be a part of the show. I have never seen or heard of Tim taking a phone from someone at a show and knowing who the caller is, but that man knew his fans. i was impressed regardless since the next poster will comment on his girlfriend assaulting him recently- I don't need anyone's opinion on that since I am literate and can read.
I do commend Tim if it wasn't a setup, which after all those years of shows I have never seen him handle anything in that manner, but he's not the only person to stand up against abuse. He did the right thing and when does doing the right thing make this comment section into Tim being comparable to God or something; or the others who are dogging him and his wife? I used to really like Faith as well until at the one show I saw her perform and she forgot the words to the song she was singing. How embarassing and as a "paying customer" of over $250 that night I was not impressed and left there feeling like I'd been used out of my money. What happened to the good days when it didn't cost but $40 to see either Tim or Faith? Hell any of the big headed singers out there today??? It isn't right and I have every Tim and Faith CD. I have now replaced them from my car with Chris Cagle's CD's.
People don't have to have a BIG name to have a bigger heart and that kind of protection from anyone would br appreciated
Tim is not that great; I wish his management or himself would realize that and actually give something back to the fans he's had all these years, but he's too big headed for that kind of petty stuff anymore.
"Set this circus down!!!!!!"

2309 days ago


too bad it wasn't a Papp

2309 days ago


i applaud him.. i wish there were more real men out there in this world like him... i think the world would be a safer place all together.. but instead we got a- holes like that guy he throwed out...

2309 days ago

proud Mcgraw fan    

The comments bashing Mr. McGraws actions dealing with a drunk, violent idiot and the subsequent "redneck" slurs have compelled me to add my own comment. I would like to commend Mr. McGraws actions, after he saw this brute attacking a woman in the crowd, and security did not act quick enough to intervene. Instead of allowing the attack to continue, Tim truly "manned-up" and did what I would hope any good samaritan would do and stop it himself. If he hadnt, the bruises I was shown sustained by a woman who stepped in to try and break the grip this pitiful excuse for a man had on another womans hair and was subsequently hit herself for her efforts, could have been far worse. I am not a huge country fan, but after this episode, I am definitely a huge fan of Tim McGraws!

2309 days ago

Porky PigAndFamily    

Tim needs to fess up and stop taking credit for something that did not happen the way he and he posse say it went down. As far as the two women, they were probably lying to get free concert tickets or a refund. Were are these women and why aren't they speaking out. I want thenm on national TV telling their story.

2308 days ago


Tim Mcgraw freaking rocks !!! ppl need to get off his A$$ .. Iam sure if would have been a security officer that threw the guy out it would have been fine and dandy but heck no because he is famous it gets a lot of stupid comments of how ppl dont like him.. whoopity do if u dont like him least he had the balls to stand up for someone who cuddnt defend them self ..

2307 days ago

Susie S    

Tim & his wife are BOTH way out of control ! I wish my friend could have been at that concert, herwould have found a way on stage and knocked the "STUPID" right out of Tim..
Someone needs to bring his balding head back down to earth, and a good punch would do the trick !
Who the hell do these people think they are ?? after all, They sing for their supper, lol !!!!!!

2304 days ago


My son, a policeman, was at that concert. Timmy grew up just down the street from me and my sons and they have always been good, close friends, so naturally, my son( who Tim had placed front and center) jumped up and started towards the "fan". According to my son, Tim had every right to stop and eject this person.

1007 days ago
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