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Jamie Lynn to Mom: Help Me With My Baby!

6/26/2008 12:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Lynn Spears may not need a conservatorship (yet), but the new mom still wants her parents to help with her baby.

TMZ spies tell us ever since the unwed teen mother gave birth last week, she's been staying at mom Lynne's Kentwood home -- which Britney paid for -- called Serenity. We're told even though JL and baby daddy Casey Aldridge bought a home in nearby Liberty, Miss., Jamie has decided to stay with Mama Spears because she's realized it ain't so easy raising a child ... especially, when you're still one yourself.

As far as Casey's living arrangements, we're told he goes back and forth between staying with Jamie Lynn and little Maddie Briann, and his folks' home. An adult mother's work is never done.


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There is nothing wrong with having your mother support you after having a baby. HOWEVER, Jamie Lynn Spears is a kid herself. I stayed with my mother for a week after I had my son but I did all the child care myself, including making the formula, sterilizing bottles, changing diapers, washing diapers and getting up at all hours of the night. I was 20 years old and my husband was overseas. The whole big deal is no matter how much money that kid has made, she is still a kid. Her mother shamelessly pimped both her daughters out for fortune and fame and neither of them were ready for the price that came with it. Jamie Lynn has a long road ahead of her. If she thinks it is tough now, just wait until the child learns the word "no" and begins to walk and assert herself. And even that will be a piece of cake. Then the teen years will hit and God help her. There is nothing cute about her situation. It is sad. A child raising a child. And a mother with no common sense.

2274 days ago


Let me enlighten you half-wits at TMZ, who apparently have had no real life experience other than sitting in your little cubicles trying to crack each other up. Most first-time mothers have Grandma come and stay for the first week or so. Nothing unusual in this. In fact, it's very normal. I hate to break it to you, but you people are completely out of touch with normal living. It's almost sad. I don't see any promising futures for any of you.

2274 days ago


Seeing as that she had a c section, I could see where she would be staying with someone or having someone stay with her.

2274 days ago


I waited after collage and saving and planning for what is now my 14 year old daughter, at 31; I had a c-sec, and I tell you what I needed plenty of help. NO PARTY THERE!! Every new mother no matter how old or young needs a little help in the beginning. I do not approve of her being so young, but; it happened and now she will deal with it.. . I am so glad my daughter thinks it was gross for her to be so young, Thank GOD!! And my good parenting HA HA Like she listens to me nowLOL

2274 days ago

edmund kemper    

big bear;

that's some brutal harness;

but i hear you and understand.

more than likely, our little JL jumped all
on top of the jack little little jack horner.

she was about to get a good licking
and keep on sticking laying down.

let's all thank ms. JL for taking
a good one for the team !

2274 days ago


There are a lot of new mothers out there who had their own mom's come in and help. I look forward to helping my daughter when she has her first baby!

2274 days ago


Give the kid a break! I was 21 when I had my baby and lived on my own for a long time and I stayed with my mom for a few days after I had my baby. She took care of us while I recovered and she took care of the baby while I slept. That's what new grandmas do. Women who are in their 30's have their moms stay with them after they have their babies. It's not a big deal.

2274 days ago

Just my opinion    

My God TMZ, she had a C-Section....WTF?
It takes at least two weeks to recup from that...
I stayed with my daughter-in-law for 3 weeks, it was my granddaughter she gave birth to!!!!

2274 days ago


It doesn't matter how old you are, most new mothers want their mom's to come and help them out. There are a lot of teenag mothers out in the world so why is everyone picking on Jamie Lynn. We live in glass houses!

2274 days ago


I am still waiting to see the pedophile father arrested for being a child molester.

2274 days ago


You people really are dumb! The baby is already here so what do you do you call it a bastard, how would you like it if someone called your child (child of a moron) which you are..... my point is lets not blame the child she did not ask to be born but i for one dont believe in abortion So leave her alone and let her live and learn like the rest of us . I had my son at 28 and there there were lots of things i didnt know . So thank god for my Mom who is still helping me figure things out 16yrs later.

2274 days ago

Just my opinion    

48. I think you people make way to big of a deal out of the c-section thing. I had one not even 12 weeks ago now and I feel like I did before I got pregnant as well as look just as good. I was up moving around with some level of difficulty by Friday and I had her on a Tuesday. Within a week my doctor had cleared me to drive and perform normal every day tasks, but reminded me to still take it easy and don't lift anything heavier than the baby. My husband works crazy hours so he wasn't around much, so his mother came over during the day a few times a week for the first 2 weeks to do a few chores around the house and she would also bring over dinner so I wouldn't have to cook. I don't have a high tolerance for pain at all; I am actually kind of a pansy. I didn't want to milk the whole c-section thing because that is not who I am. I am an independent woman who is not afraid to ask for help when I absolutely need it. Believe me there were days that were harder than others, but I had the determination to do as much for myself as I possibly could which aided in my speedy recovery.

Posted at 12:51PM on Jun 26th 2008 by Jamie


Well good for you Jamie. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy in April and didn't have a baby to tend to and it like to have killed me to get up for 2 weeks. Everyone is different. I can sympathize with her and I UNDERSTAND that her mother SHOULD be there. If she wasn't, there'd be alot more trash talk from TMZ.....................

2274 days ago


I think she should stay with her mom for a couple of weeks. She kust had a c-section and needs to recoupe herself. There is nothing wrong with her mom helping out.

2274 days ago


If you are grown up enough to have sex and make a baby you need to suck it up and take care of it YOURSELF. I cannot believe all the stupid teenagers in the world. Use a condom!!!

2274 days ago


I had a c-section with my first child and I still took care of my baby without mom's help. I let my mom enjoy her grandchild and not feel burdened by it. But then again, I was 32 and my husband was 35 when we had our first.

2274 days ago
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