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Jamie Lynn to Mom: Help Me With My Baby!

6/26/2008 12:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Lynn Spears may not need a conservatorship (yet), but the new mom still wants her parents to help with her baby.

TMZ spies tell us ever since the unwed teen mother gave birth last week, she's been staying at mom Lynne's Kentwood home -- which Britney paid for -- called Serenity. We're told even though JL and baby daddy Casey Aldridge bought a home in nearby Liberty, Miss., Jamie has decided to stay with Mama Spears because she's realized it ain't so easy raising a child ... especially, when you're still one yourself.

As far as Casey's living arrangements, we're told he goes back and forth between staying with Jamie Lynn and little Maddie Briann, and his folks' home. An adult mother's work is never done.


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You all that post negative words about Jamie Lynn are NUTS! First of all, I just had recently given birth to my first child Jason Alexander and I too felt I needed my Mother around to show me how it's done. I waited a very long time to have a child after receiving my PHD because I wanted to be prepared for it. And guess what? I was scared out of my mind. Your life completely changes no matter how old you are. I am so proud to see Jamie Lynn live up to her responsibilities. And if needing or wanting your Mother around, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! No one is perfect the minute you have a baby, the perfection comes as you grow, love, and learn with your child!

2218 days ago


I had my daughter when I was 24. My husband was in the Navy and in the middle of the Atlantic when she was born. I also had a C-section and still was able to take care of my baby myself. It was my decision to have her and I was responsible to take care of her, not pawn her off on her grandparents.

2218 days ago

waa waa cry babies    

I thought it was normal for moms or other members of the family to help new mothers out for the first couple of weeks. I know my mom helped me and I was 24 and married four years when I had my first baby. In fact, I had help with all three of mine. You all need to cut this girl a break. Nothin' wrong with a little help.

2218 days ago


Shes not the first girl to have a baby at 17 and be unwed and she wont be the last so give her a break. Its human nature to go to your mom or want your mom when your in over your head.

2218 days ago


A newborn is NOT hard to take care of. I had one at 20 on my own. Changing diapers is easy, Nursing is easy, changing clothes is easy, bathing baby is easy! What's so hard here people? Sure you may get tired but suck it up! Take a nap when the baby sleeps. They don't get difficult until they are 8+ and can talk back!

2218 days ago


I find nothig wrong wth her asking for help and commend her for mother for helpng her. I find it horrible how people can make such judgemental comments on someone they don't even know. I say congratulations and good luck with you new baby.

2218 days ago


Um, my sister recently had a baby. She is married and has a three year old too. SInce a C section was performed on her she can't drive or use the stairs for two weeks. You dumbass people out there who have not had kids are talking about somethin you obviously know nothing about. Jamie Lynn Spears probably needs the same help as my sis since she did have the same surgery. THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE SUCH STUPID CRAP!!!! Give the girl a chance before you start slapping her down. She may surprise you.

2218 days ago


The mom's home has a name?!?! Oh Gawd! I think I'll name my home too. How about Pacific Sunset? or is that an Amtrak line? These people, I'm telling you!

2218 days ago


Oh my gosh! God forbid a mother help out her daughter when she becomes a new mother. Teen mother or not, this is the NORM.

2218 days ago


Well, I think anybody who has their first baby, needs help, needs a break, needs to sleep, of course there are some Mom's out there that didn't have any help, but I know they wish they did and she is not a bad person for having her mother help her, that's what Mom's are for, not to raise the baby but to help guide thier daughter/son in the right way to raise their child. Any GOOD Mom would do that for her daughter/son.

2218 days ago


It is tradition that the mother helps her daughter out at least the first week to take care of a brand new baby. My mother helped me out for at least 3 days the first week for both of my girls. I had two c-sections, and it is hard at times having a toddler and a brand new baby. I had to go back to the hospital, because my c-section got infected.

2218 days ago


Lots of new moms (first time and repeat moms) need help from family the first few weeks. Even if the help isn't needed the grandmothers like to help out and start bonding with the baby too.

2218 days ago

Big Bear    

My wife and I had 3 children and we required no help from anyone. We both took turns with everything and we were able to bond with the child without other people present. We love our folks but they did not have our children. We had our children and we take care of ours. I cannot stand people who run to mommy and daddy the first time something comes up. My wife and I have been married for a long time and we raised a pretty darn good family with zero outside help in our home.

2218 days ago


Oh please, people, what young girl having given birth by C-section doesn't need or want the help of her mother?
This is a non issue
Hardly a woman alive who has her first child doesn't need or want the assisstance of her mother when first arriving home
from the hospital with a new born and after surgery
That is what a C- section is people. SURGERY
Give the girl a break
There are a lot of unforgiveing people throwing in their 2 cents

2218 days ago


Also, has anyone TRIED to keep the grandmother away when a new grandchild comes into the family?? Has anyone thought that maybe Lynne wants to help out? It is a tradition of sorts in some families. I don't think people are trying to say that JL can't take of her own baby, just that it's a lovely thing to have your mom be a part of those 1st weeks. To those that did it on your own with no help-Bravo. No need to attack someone because of their choices. If someone wants to lend a hand & help with the newborn-I say come on over!!! Moms, dads, sisters:come get to know the newest member of our family!

2218 days ago
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