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New Video! Surfers Bitchslapped First

6/26/2008 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The brutal beach beatdown last weekend has taken a new twist. Malibu dude in sunglasses threw the first punch/girly slap.

The video was shot by a lady whose son was taking surfing lessons. She was on the surfer's side of the beach just before the melee. That's when the papper unleashed his WMD, aka a tripod.


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HaHa. Thats funny. I have no sympathy for paps whatsoever.

2247 days ago

Diana Baker    

Just don't go there and take photos. There is nothing to take photos of any way. If you are not wanted - leave people alone!!!!!

2247 days ago

Lois Smith    


2247 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

word to the wise ; don't go snapping pics of folk at the beach !!!

1. their naked except for their bathing suits

2. their hot and sweaty

3. they have sand in their butts /

4.their cranky and hungry

2247 days ago


the photogo touched the surfer on the chest first then thats when the surfer slapped him... so it was not the surfer who laid the touch first....

2247 days ago


Public beach is for people to enjoy the beach. If that's not why you're there, then you are loitering or looking for trouble. Taking pictures of beach goers is both.

2247 days ago


The paps "started" it by simply being there. Too bad if they don't like it.

2247 days ago


Yeah, so how come one of the surfers in the far left (you can see him after the one guy slaps the pap and the pap swings his tripod), is bleeding from his left shoulder blade? Isn't it amazing how a video taped obviously in the middle of something can be construed as "the start". It didn't look like the start to me, it looked like it had started earlier and the particular incident is now being toted by TMZ as "the beginning" (surfer's fault) Way to go, TMZ! Skew the facts any which way you want, because you can! and people will believe it as the gospel truth, that is the funniest part.
The real truth? Let's see the video from about five minutes before this incident, from before it started until the end, then let US decide what happened, tmz. but that won't happen, because it might make the parasites oops I mean paps look bad.

2247 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I think the surfers should be commended for defending the privacy of Matthew, who was just catchin' waves like any one else who loves to ride the wild surf. No one can live their life if the paps are gonna stand there and stare and snap away without a care.

2247 days ago


The paps have no right to stick a camera in peoples face, I don't care if it's the beach, mall, or a McDonalds. Since the police won't stop them, well citizens have to do what they have to do....KEEP THE CAMERA OUT OF PEOPLES FACE AND ASS!

2247 days ago


PR from comment #4 is an idiot. It's a still image from the video, not a photo. Feel free to click where it says "play video" to see for yourself. Odds you can pause a video at any moment is 100% for anyone but PR.

2247 days ago


How crazy is this? Messed up, psychotic front of kids and families (one woman in this video was holding her baby) foul language, violence....all over a stupid celebrity? When you sell your soul to the devil for world-wide reknown, you sell your privacy also. When you sign up to be famous, you sign away your right to privacy by making your life public. The people taking pics had just as much of a right to be on that beach as any of those nitwits did. If you dont want to be photographed, stay in or go someplace private. And these f*cktards on the beach thought what? That they were protecting McCaughnehey? Who made them bodyguards?
There was no reason for this. It is not everyones exclusive right to threaten and physically harm anyone they choose to. I think they call that assault. The people on the beach need to get a real life and if ole Matthew wants a life he should quit being famous and putting himself square in the public eye.
'Nuff said!

2247 days ago


Brutal beatdown? Maybe brutal if you're a pansy. Photogs give no respect and they expect people not to get pissed off. If you can't take the heat, stay the hell off the beach.

2247 days ago


As much as I hate Paps, they were legally in the right. The majority of those photos were taken at a distance on public property. In the past, courts have stated that if you are a public figure, you are to have little expectation of privacy outside of your house. There is no excuse for vigilante justice. No matter what flawed survey is taken here, those surfers are going down in court!

2247 days ago


The pap swung a monopod not a tripod... one leg vs three legs

2247 days ago
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