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Begs Judge

to Bone Out

6/26/2008 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wesley Snipes wants to leave the country -- he just needs the government's OK.

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Snipes is out on appeal after he was convicted of tax fraud back in April. Now he wants to travel to London and Bangkok to work on two films. Problem is, he needs his passport back from The Man before he can travel. So yesterday he filed paperwork asking for permission from his daddy (aka the judge) to go.

Snipes says he needs the work so he can get the money "to satisfy his civil tax liabilities." Too little, too late.


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9's MAMA    

Well, I ain't sure about that.

He may bail from there than face time.

2307 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

When he went to Hyde, there was nothing wrong with that but leaving the country? I would have to disagree with that. Like my opinion matters. LOL

2307 days ago


what color is he....

2307 days ago


black power!!!!

2307 days ago


Give me a break. Once he's out of the country you know its going to be hard for them to get it back here to serve his time. This is pathetic. HOW CAN HIS VISA BE APPROVED IN THE FIRST PLACE, HE IS A CONVICTED FELON BRITIAN.

He's a liar. He has millions stashed somewhere. And of course, like most liberal judges, this one will grant it becasue the judge is stupid enough to believe him that he will be back.

2307 days ago

Grace E.    

Now that the IRS and US government have sentenced Mr. Snipes for not filing taxes when are they going after the 20 million illegal immigrants who have not file taxes to the IRS or is tax evasion and not filing taxes another perk for the Illegal immigrant in the USA?

2307 days ago


"Bone out" ???

Sorry, I left my TMZ Lingo book in my other suit. Can someone help me out here? Bone out???

2307 days ago


You people are classic. Insert the race card because he is black. This is not the case here. This man has evaded millions and while there are other people in jail for evading just thousands, the only thing wrong with this picture is once again a celebrity is above the law. This has nothing to do with race, so keep it out.

2307 days ago

edmund kemper    

why is it always about
race with you people ?

2307 days ago


I vote we ban the term, "play the race card" from the English language for life.

2307 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

9. "Bone out" ???

Sorry, I left my TMZ Lingo book in my other suit. Can someone help me out here? Bone out???

Posted at 3:37PM on Jun 26th 2008 by Panama Jack

LOL it was a 90's slang term for "Leave". Next they will write something like "Snipes is trying to shake the spot". Again, it means leave.

2307 days ago


Ya know, this is sad that a person, any person goes to prison for evading income tax. There is NO LAW THAT SAYS WE MUST PAY INCOME TAX. Yet, we Americans allow our govt to put us in prison. If we don't start getting involved in our govt and laws, our rights will continue to be taken as well as our country being sold off peice by piece. Look it up, and see if you finrd a law that states you must pay income tax. Betcha you don't find one! We have just accepted this, like we did the war.

2307 days ago


Let this guy earn. Pay his fines and back taxes and move on.

2307 days ago


That judge BETTER turn him down.
There's no way you or I would ever get a break like that.

What? Is Snipes somebody special?


2307 days ago


Thank you Brattus for the TMZ lingo lesson.........I was really getting confused with ALL the slang TMZ has been using lately!

How ignorant does Wesley think people are? I guess, ignorant enough that he would never get caught if he didn't pay his taxes. If he leaves the country, he won't be back!

2307 days ago
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