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Lindsay's Illegit Sister -- One Mo' Lo?!

6/27/2008 7:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now we may know why Michael Lohan was hanging around Lindsay Lohan's set yesterday -- to butter her up before today's bombshell dropped about her so-called mystery sis!

Michael wasn't too happy to talk about his possible bastard daughter from an affair back in 1995 -- when he was still married to Dina -- but it's definitely time to get outta L.A. and get a freakin' paternity test already.


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Never 1st.

2273 days ago


what kind of broad want to would bang this jackass ?

2273 days ago


let's just hope this one doesn't have the obnoxious "ali gene".

2273 days ago


It's one thing to bash Michael or celebs that choose to be in the spotlight, but you are calling an innocent 13 year old girl a bastard child? Why are you going out of your way to hurt her, she didn't ask to be born into this situation. This is just sad.

2273 days ago

Me, myself and I    

He said he won't know if he's the father until after the paternity test, but if he was - he would take full responsibility for his daughter. What's wrong with that?

At least TMZ didn't let the mother's name go out over the air. I presume to protect the child's identity. TMZ isn't all bad.

2273 days ago


Wow. You are so incrediblely cool. Only a really cool person would call an innocent 8 year old little girl a bastard and think it was alright. Who cares what you say about the dad, but come on.

2273 days ago


TMZ you should (yet again) be ashamed of yourselves, If he did indeed father another child, its not their fault, how dare you call them a bastard!! You guys are low.

2273 days ago


TMZ, thanks for showing more class than Michael Lohan by bleeping the woman in question's name. If Michael is so concerned about his ex-wife and children finding out about this child through the media, then why did he choose to blog about it?


2273 days ago



Why do I have to feel so bad for the Lohan girls? (And brothers? Are there brothers?)

Every day that goes by makes me more and more convinced Lindsay never had a chance. Her family treats her like a freaking meal ticket. Samantha Ronson, take that girl and run away!

2273 days ago


I agree with # 3 & 6. You guys continually strive to hit an all time low which I find hard to believe looking at your in-bred looking crew.

2273 days ago

Illinois person    

I have to agree w/#3, calling a little child a "bastard" is really low. However, don't know why daddy dearest feels it so important to tell Linds, guess no one told dad she's broke. Daddy needs to keep his pants and his mouth zipped up.

2273 days ago


Definition of bastard: the illegitimate offspring of unmarried parents.
And if you look up illegitimate you will also find: bastard: the illegitimate offspring of unmarried parents.
Therefore, technically she would be an illegitimate bastard daughter. I don't think they meant it in the way you guys are taking it. I think you are just unclear on the true meaning of the term "bastard child".

2273 days ago


This is to the young girl that may be his daughter: PLEASE, PLEASE don't act like Ali, who is so full of herself. Ali, you need to act HUMBLE, not so conceited like you are so great... Maybe that is why those girls are mean to you. TRY TO BE HUMBLE, WILL YOU?????

2273 days ago


#10 uh 1995 would make her 13.

2273 days ago

Fernando Valenzuela    

bastard daughter? geez you guys are like school in summertime.....NO CLASS!!

and like I'm sure all of the idiots working at TMZ had both mothers and fathers.....

2273 days ago
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