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Samantha Ronson: Supermodel?!

6/27/2008 9:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's dj and Lindsay Lohan gal pal Samantha Ronson (left) at a event last month -- and British supermodel of the moment Agyness Deyn, whose birth name is Laura Hollins (right).
Sam and Agyness
Apparently, somebody's been getting style tips from watching "Benny and Joon," Charlie Chaplin films and Madonna's "Open Your Heart" video.

We're just sayin'.


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Dang, I never finish my sentences, I meant.........I am on the 3rd or 4th bj for 5 bucks today and am on my 9th poo hole drilling. A bitch has to work.

2222 days ago

rminva comparison!! Agy wins hands down...

2222 days ago


Samantha Ronson is so ugly. She looks like she's been on a 10 day binge. Why does Lindsay hang out w/her? The other girl just has a horse face. They both make Brooke Hogan look attactive...

2222 days ago


butch lesbians like Samantha are disgusting. I wonder what her sister thinks of her?

2222 days ago


Oh, and Ronson looks like she's in dire need of a bar of soap.
Like those girls that wear dirty clothes out of the hamper cuz nothing else
is clean. I can just imagine what her house looks like-over flowing ashtrays, old food containers, filthy clothes piled all over, empty booze bottles. I can smell the cigarette smoke from here. Loofah away!

2222 days ago


17. Sam is way hotter than that "model". Sam has a certain sex appeal that makes straight girls consider switching teams. At the very least, I'd let HER eat ME.

Posted at 8:44PM on Jun 27th 2008 by Well...
Thanks for the visual. I just threw up.

2222 days ago


Um one a heroin junkie/ crackhead/ coke sniffer and the other is a model. They look nothing alike.

2222 days ago


15. I Might Be Wrong But It Seems To Me that I Have Seen This Style outfit (For Not Saying Absolute Same Clothes) On Macaulay Culkin few years Ago...

When I see Samro...She make me Sad.... It's As She Doesn't Want To Grow up Like She Wants to Keep A appearance Of "Orphan Little bohémian Boy" (she's 30) and She's bad About herself (She's 30... lol yes, i Know I'am repeating)... It's Smell Like a... " Mulholland "Lynch" Drive" Spirit... lol

It's Not Because You're Lesbian that You Can't Be sexy Or "female" this is not forbidden... (Look At Portia de Rossi - She's sexy!) Or at Least, Sam, try to Go From boy To Man like Ellen DeGeneres... Lol.

Posted at 8:28PM on Jun 27th 2008 by Shirlaine D
Please tell me what type of narcotic you're on. I must get some.

2222 days ago


neither are all that, but the one on the left sure could use a shower!

2222 days ago


'cause they're both wearing a black hat?...
slow news day much?

2222 days ago


Sadly Samantha Ronson looks like a cocaine addict. The huge bags under her eyes, terrible complextion, flared red nostrils and flat glassy eyes are not normal for a young girl in her 20's.

2222 days ago


can someone please tell me what's so amazing about Agyness Deyn that she's the 'it' girl right now?? seriously...i don't get it.

2222 days ago


Again with this SamRo fellow. OK, so if he is NOT the dude that whipped the kid's ass from desperate housewives, why are you giving this guy so much attention? I think this sad little boy needs some methodone.

2222 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Hey, didn't know who the heck Samantha Ronson was til I came across her music on MySpace and she is fabulous! I'll take real talent over looks any day!! Looks get you in the door, but its talent that keeps you inside. Samantha has the longer career ahead of her...and she is not a young 20...btw. Did you know that the "dirty" look actually starts with a shower, blow dry and then the product is added to the hair to give it "the dirty" look. Why would anyone want to look dirty? Well, why was there the period of "Heroin Chic?" She isn't ACTUALLY is a look she is going for! It weeds out the shallow people who only concern themselves with a person's appearance! I do it with guys...not by looking dirty, but by intentionally NOT wearing make-up. I want the guy who is going to want me in the morning...not just for the night before!

2222 days ago


ew, are you kidding?
not even close.

2222 days ago
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