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Tori Is One Bad Mutha

6/27/2008 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First it was doling out soft-serve ice cream, then hot dogs, now it's shopping for motorcycles. New mom Tori Spelling is officially a normal mother's worst nightmare!

Less than three weeks after her latest spawn was born, Tori and husbore Dean McDermott went out shopping for Ducati motorcycles on Thursday. Baby's first accident waiting to happen!

At this rate, it won't be long before little Stella Doreen is up ... and running with scissors!


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Make It Right!!    

Her public statement calling Dean's wife a "b*tch and that is why men have young wives so they can give them lots of babies" is highly insensitive to a woman who just adopted with her husband (Dean) as she could not bear more children, and it is offensive to all women over the age of 35 (like myself) who may struggle with fertility when a child is really wanted desperately. She was shamelessly cruel and hurtful to all women over 35 who may struggle to conceieve with their husbands!

2311 days ago


On the preview to her show they were getting thrown outta their house. what a wack job.

2310 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Well, lets see, what has Tori done that justifies picking on her? How about stealing a woman's husband? It's ok that Tori did it but not ok that Angelina did it simply because you never heard of Tori's and Dean's spouse's but you do know OF Jennifer Aniston and as a fan BELIEVE her to be a sweet girl next door type. Yeah puffing on all those Marlboro red cigareets she is always chain smoking! And this crying poverty and being kicked out of their home was all a scripted story plot because it plays well to you, the audience who believe this PR machine called Reality TV. Just as Denise is using Reality TV to change her image, that is what Tori did as well...only it is working better for Tori than Denise because after all, Tori's dad was Aaron Spelling and she knew who to hire to plot and script her show! And saying she was raised badly by her parents and wants to do abetter job than her parents did...that is so hurtful to both her parents!

2310 days ago

Fan of Jill    

You guys need to lay off. I doubt she would ever do anything to put her kids at risk. She seems like a nice gal and a great mom.
Is Angelina getting all the vaccines required to travel all over the world - what's the impact to the babies?? Brad Pitt has a Ducati yet you're not calling Child Services....I usually enjoy TMZ - but you just turned into a JOKE

2310 days ago


Good grief TMZ, you people are complete idiots. First, there is nothing wrong with Tori and Dean and they seem to be pretty cool people that love their kids. TMZ sits here and write sh*t about a mother that is looking at motorcycles, riding a motorcyle, having a motorcycle or whatever else you want to say, that it makes the woman a bad mother!??! HELLO you fu*king idiots - don't you think the rest of us NORMAL mothers are doing the same thing and therefore you are insulting us as well!?!?! I have raised four wonderful kids into four great adults. I rode motorcycles before them, when they were younger and even now I still ride. Guess what?? All my kids ride too. And they are smart and safe about it. So I guess that means I was a bad mom and now my kids will be bad parents because we ride motorcycles!?!?! Get a life TMZ, you guys really suck bad these days. AND you're p*ssing off the people that support your website!

2308 days ago


You guys are rediculous and take things way out of control. I happen to love Tori and Dean's show and think that they are good parents. Keep it up guys, hope to see another season of your show and congrats on the new baby.

2272 days ago


I've noticed time and again if someone does something where they're not over the top cooperative with the paps, next thing you know, it's all out hate on this site. Tory seems to be very cooperative, yet, on certain occasions, like when she's with her child, she has asked that they don't get too close. Next thing you know, she's all over tmz for eating ice cream and hot dogs and her husband buying a m'cycle, who BTW should not be labeled as boring.

2272 days ago
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