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Winehouse Needs Her Amy Juice

6/27/2008 4:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy WinehouseWith the London heat and humidity in full effect, Amy Winehouse made sure she stayed hydrated on Thursday -- with whiskey and vodka!

After a busy week of passing out in her home, being hospitalized, diagnosed with early signs of what could be emphysema and visiting her husband in prison, the weaved loon stopped off for some much needed nourishment ... in the form of miniature bottles of liquor.

Between the cigs, alcohol and other treats, Amy's got all the essential popwreck food groups covered.

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No Avatar

John Q Public    

I think Hollywood has gone to the dogs. In facts the dogs would be better than what we have now days. This generation of so called stars are nothing more than a bunch of druggies, and drunks. they only seem to care about the publiscity they are getting, and to see how much trouble they can make to get in the papers, and on the news. all that wasted time could be put to better news. I watch reruns rather than any of the new trash they are making now. I'm seventy four years old and grew up when movies were movies, and the stars didnt make public all their problems. JQP

2286 days ago

Jane Q Public    

I totally agree with John, (am older also). But, same thing goes for the SPORTS field, drunks and druggies, of course with the exceptional few good examples. .

2286 days ago


With a name like Winehouse you just might be a boozer. Its a good thing her name is not Hohouse. She should give up the smokes too.

2286 days ago


I feel pity for Ms. Winehouse. It is an unfortunate side effect that is within the nature of SOME artists. That is the fine line between greatness and insanity. I fear that she is in a suicidal spiral and will be successful unless she obtains some very long term in-house treatment. Unfortunately, the "in-house treatment" places are now big money makers, so the health of the individual is not always managed properly. I do not see a good outcome for Amy. And that upets me because she is a fresh, genuine, and a near-great talent. It happened to Janis, Jimi, and countless others. I hope she's packing her bags for rock'n'roll heaven.

2286 days ago


I don't know why people in the industry put up with this trash. I think Amy Winehouse should drop off the face of the earth. She's what, 24 yrs. old?, and her major claim to fame is being a drunk, drug addict and a racist. And now Lagerfeld has chosen her as their "girl". Talk about rewarding bad behavior. What fashion statement is she going to make? "Spring for the heroin addict" (how to dress up those rotten teeth...)" The only time I've ever seen her perform, she's been high, and frankly, she's no musical artistic genius. Plus, she has no respect for her audience or her stupid "fans". I do not feel sorry for her, the only thing I feel right now is that all her sponsors ("enablers") should drop her like a bad habit, and then maybe she'd wake up. Nah, I doubt it...I don't think she's got enough brain left....

2286 days ago


I find it insulting AO Hell has to refer to this thing as a "songbird". When one thinks of a "songbird", you think of a thrush - a robin - a song sparrow - a cardinal. A beautiful creature of nature. Not a diseased walking corpse. It's an insult to birds.

2286 days ago

garybertz !    

Yeah 74 year old dude ... I think your boys dean martin, red skelton and jackie gleason, all have done the same sleazy tricks for publicity as amy winehouse, yet they were far less talented at 24 years old. It's happened in every generation and your generation has not escaped. The fact is... all these people despite their lifestyle habits, have found a common thread in humanity. The world would not be better without them. Back off ! and go eat a granola bar with water.

2286 days ago


Why not ignore most of the so-called celebrities? I like Amy Winehouse, but I'm not responsible for what she does. Someone mentioned the Rat Pack, but didn't bring up the fact that what Dean Martin drank during those shows was apple juice. It was an act. But, any celebrity with a problem is front page news according to papparazzi. If they want to be left alone, then leave them alone. How long can they surrive without the puppyazzi?

2286 days ago


What a abusing POS.

2286 days ago


I so agree with everything whocares stated earlier. Bravo!! I wanted to add that the 2 Winehouse CDs in this home, and the 2 my daughter had are trashed. I just wish Intervention would call her!! What a waste. Lets as a public take a look at why our "real" younger generation is so messed up look at who their EXAMPLES are !!! They see the real parents working their selves to tears just to stay 1 paycheck ahead, and bam! they see Winehouse and the Athletes pitbull fighting, and raping and figure, thats what is cool -- Where did this turn of events come from, and when do we get back something to be proud of again in this Country? Remember the WAR we are fighting? Enough of Britny, Lindsy, Amy, how about what some of the real heros in this country are going thru to live again, with much less and much harder, how about an In Touch magazine for them?

2286 days ago


I turned half a Century in Jan. (!) & have slowly been witnessing the decline of youth, manners & class. Sure, the old timers that I ALSO enjoy had their faults but at least they also had talent. My Dad is probably rolling over in his grave . If he were to see all the trashy crap that seems to be everywhere. Winehouse/Brit Twit/Lohan/Paris/Miley & the others are creepy & a waste of time. I'm expressing my views that we SHOULD have more CLASSIC RERUNS with Gleason/Dino/Benny/ Ed Sullivan/Skelton & some of the old game shows/funny ads & nostalgia. My Cousin is a few years older than me but we try to reminiss about the "good old days". Those memories are with us forever. I don't mind living in the past (rent seems cheaper/people respected others & kids obeyed authority. How times have changed. VERY Sad.

2286 days ago


Amy will be DEAD in a year at the most !

2286 days ago


TMZ is garbage and Its about time they were dumped.

2286 days ago


it has nothing to do with artists, (as mentioned in a former post).
humankind is afflicted with addiction.
she is an amazing talent with an addiction
i would be surprised if soon we won't be reading her obit
actually it would be a miracle.

2286 days ago


I was so surprised when I clicked on (SONGBIRD) AW is anything but a songbird, a useless alcholic & drug addict. Who in the world even cares? (Except her father, that I feel sorry for). She is beyond disgustingYukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

2286 days ago
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