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Heigl: Takes One To Know One

6/28/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Heigl launched a verbal attack on our pap yesterday -- adding more points to her recent diva behavior.

Too bad there were no writers around to give her better insults.


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Oh please... The pap was just asking what everyone is thinking.. well, the people who actually know who this chick is. A lot of people thinks she purposely did that Emmy stunt to tick off the writers and producers of Grey's Anatomy -- and get let out of her contract.

Izzy used to be my favorite but I am SO over Heigl now. She has the worst attitude.. ugh. Her poor husband.

2310 days ago


She was lucky that she was given a REALLY great character on a REALLY great TV show, because her acting skills are minimal, at best.

This girl has burned more bridges in Hollywood. She's going to end up just like all the other actresses that thought they were too hot for their TV show -- you watch.. She's another Caruso, Shannen Doherty, Suzanne Sommers, Farrah Fawcett-type.

2310 days ago


The extra chin makes her look so cute.


2310 days ago


Look, if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. I wish I was paid a gazillion dollars to memorize lines. I'd gladly welcome the paparazzi. This bitch is a diva. Someone needs to slap her off her high horse.

2310 days ago


She was quite good in knocked up and 27 dresses, she knows how to act and is a beauty, her beauty will last long due to her bone structure. This is someone who can make many people jealous except for the fact she needs writers to look good, being an actor, thats all it takes.

2310 days ago


Movie star= pushed by media, usually overrated.
Actor= can act
Just clarifying myself. (My defs anyhoo)

2310 days ago

calling it like i see it    

She had tanked her career. She let her ego and attitude get in the way and now she is finished. We DON'T need another diva acting wannabe running around the streets. She bit the hand that fed her and now it's game over. She deserves what she gets. Maybe next time she'll think before she puts someone else down for her mediocre acting. TEAM PAPS on this one.

2310 days ago


How this woman made it into that industry is beyond me? I literally cannot stand her and that ego of hers comes from a place not understood by many. She is unworthy for you to even place her on TMZ - send her back into obscurity, please.

I mostly love her yellow hair, weird body shape, non acting skills and her unusual husband.

2310 days ago


The word she used is appropriate for the morons that stalk the celebrities. In fact it is a kind word for them. They have no intellect whatsoever.

2310 days ago

love them    

what a mean bitch, you people put her on a pedal stool, and now her real colors or showing, she can't keep that big mouth closed, and what hippycrites are you posters complaining about paps, HELLO!!! you are looking at a gossip site. DUH!!! she never was nice, not just to paps, but to any one, she really needs to go away now for good.

2309 days ago

Media whores    

Why is this chick still in the media?
She's a flash in the pan celeb that just won't go away! Who is keeping her career alive?
I'm serious... somebody has to be helping this chick out.

2309 days ago

Gossip Girl    

She's a dork. She has too much too soon, and doesn't know how to handle it. Plus her husband looks like Greg Stanek.

2309 days ago

carroll cole    


2309 days ago

None ya bizness    

I like her on grey's anatomy, sometimes, but I have noticed her bitchiness coming out, and for what!! All her movies were wack and most of the time everyone hates her on grey's anatomy. So she needs to be checked!!

2309 days ago


Soon enough they'll kill her character off & we'll never see her again. Can't wait!

2308 days ago
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