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Malibu's Most Wanted

6/28/2008 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've been doing some digging, and turns out, the Malibu brawl last weekend was the tip of the iceberg.
Back in the day of "Celebrity Justice" (Memba Them?), we found a Malibu-based gang known as Malibu Locals Only (MLO). The gang had allegedly been assaulting college students and tourists that hung out on parts of the beach MLO considered its turf. One altercation led to a lawsuit against a famous celeb's son.

And there's more...

In 2004, Brawley Nolte, Nick's boy, was sued for allegedly being part of a Malibu group that beat a teenager from the San Fernando Valley so badly, he was left with permanent brain damage. That case was dismissed.

Cops tell us that MLO isn't officially considered a gang because they don't meet gang criteria. Yes, we thought that too. If this happened in Compton, we're thinkin' it might be another story.

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Who cares about this???!!!

2285 days ago


i surf malibu. i am not mlo. these guys i surf with dont seem mean. maybe there are some wannabe gansta/surfers in it. the guy that claims he drinks and parties for a job in one of the videos, what a fool. and there is a loud mouthed girl in there too. she is really annoying

2285 days ago

richard angelo    

what color are they ?

well, there you go.....

2285 days ago

Puter Boi    

Who cares?

The paps and TMZ got the beat down they deserved. The only thing missing was a bloody Harvey Levin himself laying in the sand begging for mercy.

The fact is that the paps and TMZ are out of control. They don't care who they hurt, unless of course if it is they who get banged up, Then they get all self righteous. The only thing that is important is who gets the money shot.

2285 days ago


I've vacationed there with my kids and never had a problem on the beach. They just hate you punk pap's. I hope they start shoving your camera's up your wazoo.

2285 days ago


Just can't let it go huh?!

2285 days ago


????? this is reported.............why? TMZ, drop it already!!!!! TMZ and X17 photogs got their assess kicked, who gives a rats ass about malibu or your photogs. Do your job that you chose and shut the F up already. Stop the whinning. another thing, from the looks of these photogs, where in the hell did you find them harvey? They should, by all means, stay behind the camera - NASTY looking. yuk!!!!!

2285 days ago


i cant wait until one they jump someone with a concealed carriers license and then run like scared little girls as the are shot at.

2285 days ago

nikkis mom    

are you trying to come up with some justice for your stalking paps! WHO CARES! People are tired of your stalking. Yesterday it was an 11 year old kid whose mom is famous - who was being stalked by your people. Why don't you parasites find another job

2285 days ago


The best way to get back at these posers is to put a camera on them full time. Post everything that shows them to be the white trash they are. Totally invade "their" space with any and every buffoon you can find, and keep the cameras rolling. I would volunteer if I lived out west. It would be so easy to ruin their little wannabe haven, and I would love to watch the reactions. Surfers do have the occassional legitimate badass, but most of them just gang up on people.

2285 days ago


tired of the rich thinking they own the friggin beaches....... BS Celeb's dont want their pictures taken stay in the friggin house....... Wahh wahh............ Price they pay for being famous... they get alot of perks and money for what they do... Dont feel sorry for them... They are crying all the way to the bank...

2285 days ago


Surfers are odd losers but I wouldn't call them gangbangers. They are mostly just a nuisance to swimmers and boogy board users.

They can be real aggressive though. I had one in Venice try to cut me with his board fin while I was in the water. His little friends didn't come to his rescue when I pounded him and broke his board on the land though, lol

2285 days ago


I'm sorry, but you're kidding me right? This story is fake right?

Please tell me there is no such thing as 'MLO' or I may not be able to stop laughing which could
lead to some kind of hernia.. LMAO!

Malibu gangs? LOL, holly jesus, what will they think of next.

Next you'll have senior citizens forming gangs down at the retirement home, RPOTO (retired peeps on the offensive)

2285 days ago


What ever happened to Gidget and Moondoggie?

2285 days ago


Gangs are bad, even affluent, spoiled gangs.

2285 days ago
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